Effects of Obesity – Top 10 Obesity Problems Explained By Dr.J.S.Rajkumar, Lifeline Hospitals

Effects of Obesity – Top 10 Obesity Problems Explained By Dr.J.S.Rajkumar, Lifeline Hospitals

Hello, I am Dr.Rajkumar from Lifeline Hospitals. And in this segment, I am going to be enumerating to you, all the various problems that could happen because of obesity. To learn more about your problems to know whats wrong with your body and how you can set it right, get advice from us by subscribing to this channel. In this segment, I am going to be talking to you about the various problems that can beset your body if you are overweight or obese Let me start by telling you that the number of people who die every minute across the world due to cigarette smoking are exactly one fourth the number that who die every minute because of obesity This fact that obesity kills four times as many people as smoking was released by the world health organisation Now how does obesity kill people in such large proportions. For that we have to understand what are all it causes from head to foot. Lets begin at the head level. Patients who are obese can have severe headaches from a condition called Benign Intracranial Hypertension or a higher pressure in the brain They have a high incidence of strokes or Cerebrovascular Accidents causing them to be paralysed either one half hemiplegic or even worse Patients who are obese also have a high incidence of heart attacks or Coronary Vascular Events The average heart event in a patient who is obese is three to four times as frequent as in a non obese counterpart. Because of this, the average age that obese people live is 12 to 15 years less than their age and sex matched counterparts Look at cancers, some of the commonest cancers in the world like Breast Cancer, Colon Cancer, Esophageal Cancer or Gullet Cancer and Pancreas Cancer are much commoner in the fat or obese group than in the non obese group Apart from these, there is a bevelling array of diseases like Obstructive Sleep Apnea or OSA Severe snoring at night, nearly stopping the breathing several times every night Feeling sleepy through the day like the proverbial fat boy in Charles Dickens immortal Pickwick Papers The Pickwickian Syndrome, this is otherwise known as OSA. This is very very common in people who are fat. There is a high incidence of Lung Failures and this is one of the commonest causes of death in obese people when they are admitted to hospitals. Fractures of bones, when a combination, the unholy duo of obesity and thin bones is a very very common complication and often times a factor that leads on directly to death of the patient. Lets look at Knee Joint and Hip Joint replacement. We know that statistically people who are more than 15 kilograms above their ideal body weight have a much higher chance or risk of requiring replacement of their knees or replacement of their hips, during which time they could develop another complication thats very common in fat people, namely, Deep Vein Thrombosis or clotting in the veins of the legs This could then lead to a horrible condition called Pulmonary Embolism which is also a common cause of death Thus, heart death, lung death, brain death, kidney death, bone death and cancer death all these causes, increase causes of mortality or causes of death are much commoner in the obese population and this is the array of diseases that you could be subject to if you are obese To learn more and in the following segments you will hear about this please do subscribe to our channel to understand how science and technology can come together to help you live a healthier, happier and a longer life.

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  1. I am 31 years old and my weight is 13 .54 stones . I am obese.. i have dry sinus , i have anxiety depression i have low blood sugar problm i have high bp prob . I feel dizzy and numbness in my left arm amd leg high heart rate.. scarry thoughts .. fear of death.. i can not sleep very well i have breathing problem… i live in a village in Pakistan.. we dnt have gym or doctors near to our home. I am trying to lose weight but i dnt k ow how to start my day i mean what should i eat?? And what not?? Plz plz plzzzz help me 😰😰😰😰😰😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

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