Eating Healthy But Not Losing Weight? (Why Eating Healthy Is Preventing You From Losing Weight!)

Eating Healthy But Not Losing Weight? (Why Eating Healthy Is Preventing You From Losing Weight!)

in this video I’m gonna show you why
eating healthy is preventing you from losing weight what’s up guys
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this okay here’s all you need to know 80% of your body composition is
determined by what you eat you can’t outwork a bad diet it’s true
abs are made in the kitchen but here’s the problem
healthy eating has kind of become this highly subjective thing for a lot of
people so people always come up to me right Carlo I work out all the time
exercise seven days a week and I’m eating healthy but I’m just not losing
weight and if you watched last week’s video I talked about how working
out is actually preventing you from losing weight and if you haven’t seen it make
sure you check it out but then I asked them okay you’re eating
healthy what do you eat and then they’ll tell me they eat this and then they eat
that and then I’m like are you kidding me how is that considered healthy so
I’ve actually compiled the top 5 healthy foods that are preventing you from
losing weight number one is low calorie and reduced fat versions of foods I
can’t believe I still have to talk about this it’s 2019 and people still have a
fat phobia we’re still scared of fat and cholesterol right we still order you
know skinny vanilla latte we still get fat free yogurt and skim milk which is
honestly just water pretending to be milk we buy low-fat cheese which tastes
like cardboard and basically like there’s still a lot of low fat and
reduce calorie versions of foods and if you’ve never bothered looking in the
back of that label here’s how food manufacturers make food reduce fat or
low calorie right so they take out the fat which means that they have to
replace it with something else otherwise it’s not gonna taste good so cuz because
fat is what makes food taste good right think about like steak you know I mean
fat is like the best part so every time you take off the fat they have to
replace that with something else and that something else is sugar fat free
food and low calorie foods are laced with sugar
and it might not say like actual sugar in the back right did you know there are
56 different names of sugar it’s called like maltodextrin or like sucrose or
dextrose or fructose like I said 56 different names that you and I can’t
even pronounce and the other thing about low-calorie foods are honestly calories
are completely made up your body doesn’t count calories like you have no
calorie counter in your stomach what you do have though is a physiological
response every time you put something in your mouth so it doesn’t matter if it’s
fat free or low calories your body will still respond to it in one way shape or
form which is actually a perfect segway for healthy food number two is diet
sodas and artificial sweeteners in general but what we’re gonna focus on
diet soda in this particular video here’s the thing with diet sodas they’re
highly highly highly addicting right raise your hand I used to be addicted to
to diet Coke and Diet Pepsi or whatever diet version of whatever pop you like
again your body doesn’t count calorie so it doesn’t matter that it’s zero
calories honestly it’s just as bad if not worse than drinking regular pop and
I’m not even advocating that you drink regular pop you should just not be
drinking that stuff period all you need to know about zero calorie soda is
that every time you drink it right it doesn’t matter that it’s zero calories
like I said but it does trigger an insulin response in your body which
means that your body thinks that like you’re actually ingesting real sugar so
what your body does is every time your insulin goes up your body goes into fat
storage mode and if you’re in fat storage mode you cannot access your body
fat for energy you just can’t okay cuz it’s either
you’re burning fat or you’re storing fat and if you’re somebody who drinks Diet
Coke you know or pop in general three times a day guess what you’re gonna be
in fat storage mode all day long this is why you can’t lose weight even though
you’re drinking diet coke you think it’s like zero calories and it gets a free
pass guess what it doesn’t diet sodas as well actually does something really
really bad to your body it destroys your gut microbiome and it leads to obesity
and diabetes and all sorts of disease and here’s honestly just think about it
this way okay do you know anybody do you know anybody who has attributed drinking
diet soda to losing weight no like usually the people that need to lose the
most weight are the ones that drink that drinks
soda because they think that it’s better for you it’s just not it’s honestly the
biggest lie one of the biggest lies in the history of nutrition and think about
it this way right like nothing that tastes that sweet gets a free pass in
your system it just it just doesn’t your body will still think that you’re
ingesting regular sugar when you drink diet sodas long story short it is not a
healthy alternative okay your only two other options here are soda water which
is just fizzy water or just regular plain old water number three and I’m
gonna get a lot of flack for saying this but hey I’m all about speaking the truth
here is fruit that’s right fruit you see fruit for some reason gets a
health halo from a lot of people right it gets a free pass because it’s you
know some people think that like oh it contains natural sugar as if there’s
anything natural about sugar and the thing with that is like if you think
about you know back in the Paleolithic days right our ancestors would encounter
seasonal fruits right so it’s not available all year round but in today’s
society you can get any sort of fruit all year round you go to your grocery
store and you can get berries all year round you know avocados and banana
and apple and what-have-you all year round it’s available but the number one
problem with fruit especially if you eat it in excessive amounts right is that
fruit contains a type of sugar called fructose and if you consume fructose in
large amounts that causes a lot of problems in your body okay so again I
talked to somebody right and they’re like Carlo I eat healthy you know I
snack on apples I snack on fruits all day long I’m like well that’s why you’re
not losing weight you eat too much fruit so again fruit contains fructose and
fructose can only be processed by your liver so your liver turns it into usable
energy called glucose right so glucose gets stored as a glycogen your body
can’t process fructose on its own so the problem is if you eat a diet that’s high
in carbs right so the average American honestly eats anywhere between three to
five hundred grams of carbs which is just mind-blowing if you ask me so if
you eat a diet that’s high in carbs those carbs once it enters your
system gets converted into glucose and then that’s what gets used as energy the
problem is your body can only store up to 2,000 calories worth of glucose
anything on top of those 2,000 calories gets stored as guess what body
fat no your body just doesn’t burn it off so the problem with fructose right is
that your body your liver is the only thing that can process it you create
this system where your liver gets overwhelmed so your liver has to convert
all this extra glucose into glycogen and then it also has to deal with
the fructose it just gets overwhelmed that’s how people get fatty liver
disease and it leads to diabetes obesity and all sorts of other you know horrible
diseases out there and the other problem with fruit again going back to the
Paleolithic times like this is the fruit that we eat today is vastly drastically
different from the actual original form of fruits back then right so I’m gonna
show you a couple pictures here look at this banana it looks vastly different
from what we eat today same thing with watermelons you know
oranges or bred are genetically mutated to be sweeter same with apples right
they have like all sorts of different types of oranges these days and it’s
like so much sweeter than how it actually was originally and this whole
thing about like oh you need you know five servings of fruits and vegetables that number is completely arbitrary like that number is not based
on any science at all and while we’re in the topic of fruits right so if you’re
somebody who likes to drink juice you know I still see some people right they
drink orange juice and or you can buy like orange juice containers you can buy
like these little orange juice bottles from like you know these fancy juice
places and It’ll say oh it contains five or seven oranges and people just drink
this stuff thinking that it’s good for them you know what I mean but who the hell
eats five to seven oranges in one sitting like juice is just as bad as
drinking a can of coke like you’re better off just eating the
fruit itself or you’re just better off ditching fruit in general if your goal is
fat loss you guys if your goal is fat loss you should not be eating a lot of
fruit you should be eating minimal amounts of fruit and you should just
stick to berries for example number four are meal replacement shakes so we’re
talking like Isagenix or slimfast or you know any of these big companies that are
selling meal replacement shakes or even protein shakes in general yes I get it
it’s convenient right so you just grab this powder you mix it with water you
shake it and then oh you know it’s like meal in a shake kind of thing
yes it’s convenient but there is absolutely nothing healthy about meal
replacement shakes I mean think about it if you look at the back
of it right it contains high fructose corn syrup again one of those 56 names
of sugar that I mentioned earlier it contains vegetable oils which is
highly highly highly inflammatory and the problem is it’s not satiating at all
right like you drink this stuff and then an hour later you’re hungry again
and they’re often laced with preservatives and and chemicals and
ingredients that you and I can’t even pronounce
protip for you like don’t drink your calories stick to real foods here you
guys number 5 and this is probably the biggest one of them all is that people
consider grains to be healthy like healthy whole grains and i’m putting air
quotes on healthy here when it comes to whole-grain you guys and honestly you
know I’ve read a book out there and this super famous scientist says that modern
agriculture is humans greatest mistake and I’m gonna explain why I’ll do my
best but before I do that we need to go a little bit into some ancestral history
here right we need to look at some facts so we have been around for 2 and 1/2
million years I mean that’s a long time think about it like it’s 2019 and we’ve
been around for 2 and 1/2 million years ok so put that into context we’ve been
around for 2 and 1/2 million years modern agriculture started 12,000 years
ago ok if you do a little math I’ll do it for you
that is 0.8 percent 0.8 percent of human history yet for some reason our entire
diet evolves around eating healthy whole grains think about that for a second
through brilliant marketing by food companies we are now led to believe that
we need to be eating grains all the time so we’re talking about breakfast cereal
bread whole wheat bread white rice brown rice pasta chips bagels you name it
we’ve base our diet now around something that’s only been around for 12,000 years
yet we’ve been around for 2 and 1/2 million years ok so what did we eat for
the last 2 and 1/2 million years well we evolved to eat plants and animals our
genes our bodies evolved to process plants and animals we did not evolve to
eat grains there are essential fats and protein like omega-3 and omega-6 that
you can only obtain from your diet mainly fish and there are essential
amino acids that you can get from animal products but there are no essential
cards carb consumption is not required for human survival and I know
I’m gonna get a lot of hate for that but that’s the truth and the thing with
grains is they contain something called anti nutrients if you’ve never heard of
it before right namely the big ones are lectin phytic acid and everyone should
know about gluten these days so anti-nutrients reduces the absorption
of vitamins and minerals from a meal important minerals like iron zinc
calcium and magnesium you know if you’re suffering from heartburn or GERD IBS IBD
if you have any sort of digestive problems that is most likely caused by
eating too much grains and even healthy whole grains right whole wheat versions
of food are suspect here all you want to think about when it comes to grains is
once it enters your system that still gets converted to sugar and I don’t want
to go down too deep in the rabbit hole here when it comes to talking about
grains and I’m gonna make a separate video all about it but all you need to
know you guys is again there are no essential carbs you can get all the
nutrients that your body needs to obtain optimal health from plants and animals
and you know what I get it I don’t want to come off as somebody who doesn’t
enjoy himself here I eat treats you guys every once in a while
but I believe in the 90/10 rule so 90% of the time I try to avoid sugar
processed carbs refined carbs and again I build my diet around just plants and
animals nutrient-dense foods and the other 10% is when I incorporate these
five healthy foods that I just mentioned earlier because again you know you have
to live a little you know what I mean but at the same time these five foods
that I mentioned are not healthy at all so if you’re somebody who eats these
foods you need to adjust your diet accordingly okay the next question then
becomes how are you actually supposed to eat if you want to lose weight because
let’s be honest 80% of your body composition goals is determined by your
diet you can’t just freestyle this part do
you have a proven plan that you can follow to help you with that I want to
give you a free copy of my lean body blueprint this is how I melted all the
fat around my stomach and turn it into a six-pack without going on a crazy diet
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