49 thoughts on “Eat More Calories in the Morning to Lose Weight

  1. what about for longevity? i think that most people would agree that breakfast is the easiest meal to skip, for keeping calories low to optimize lifespan

  2. This info seems to coincide with the nutritionfacts's video showing that breaking intermittent fasting in the morning works better than breaking it intermittent fasting after midday in terms of weight loss

  3. I read this in your "How not to diet" book and started doing this and I've lost 2 pounds. I stop eating at 4pm (I go to bed around 8pm) I grew up hearing "eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper". You said this in your book also. You're the BEST!

  4. Genius Dr Greger 🔥! Thank you so much for your work… really interesting subject which I’ll start to apply in my daylife immediately!! 👍👍

  5. Yes! You must eat proper food for breakfast I don't even think it's just calories sometimes a smoothie bowl is high in calories but doenst sustain you because it's liquid food and you feel hungrier quicker and need to refuel. I always have presoaked gluten free organic oats for breakfast it's got a ridiculous amounts of your daily allowance and makes me feel fuller for longer. More info on my channel.

  6. It would be extremely helpful if you would do a video for those of us who are night workers. I'm already WFPB and I cycle 32 kms a day but I still have health problems and I can't get my weight down.
    Thanks for the hard work, you've really made a big difference in my life.

  7. So we should eat the most when we are least hungry (8am) and eat the least when we are most hungry (8pm)?? Therefore we should spend our lives in constant battle with our biology?! The problem with these studies is that they are trying to figure out how to make humans healthy in the disease promoting milieu of modern industrial "civilization". Rather than conclude that humans should abandon industrial civilization in order to be healthy

  8. Take home message: if you're not overweight and don't have weight problems, feel free to eat when you're hungry or whenever you prefer.

  9. It is so refreshing to listen to someone with common sense and the knowledge to back it up
    Everyone just keeps intermittent fasting, not eating till later in the day and than eating the bulk of their calories before bed, just because they read that intermittent fasting is the way to go.
    I am so glad you made this video!

  10. If I'm a night shift nurse, waking up at 3pm and going to sleep at around 8am, does that mean I should eat when I wake up but stop eating at 7? Thank you.

  11. So, the whole intermittent fasting where body builders don't eat all day (16hrs from bed time to dinner next day) to keep lean is all wrong. Happy to hear cos I love my large WFPB breakfast 🙂

  12. I'm wondering how the results would be different if the study would have been conducted in a 50%/50% female male group ? And I wonder also if female hormon cylce is also related to weight wain / loss , if there are any studies, as if there is a chronobiology through the day there maybe is there though the menstrual cycle? Also the same through the year cold / hot months? I know it's so hard to conduct this studies in controled enviroments but it's just so interesting.

  13. Any runners out there who can’t do this? If I eat a big breakfast, I’m going to have an unpleasant run 🤢🏃🏻‍♂️

  14. I never liked this concept of king, price, pauper: I can't eat a lot in the morning. I get (junk) food cravings at night regardless of how much I ate and how hungry I am. So is there no way to be healthy without stuffing our queasy stomachs in the morning and staying the unsatisfied cravings at night?

  15. Funny how google search is infested with information about how eating breakfast doesn't increase your resting metabolic rate.

  16. Can't I stop you for a second and point out Buddhism was right? I mean, not the question they were asking: but completely right regarding diet.

  17. It seems to me like it works in these controlled situations, but in reality, at home, you have the whole fridge at disposal. If I start eating as soon as I wake up, I will continue eating the whole day cause the moment my stomach is empty, it asks for more. If I start eating at 12, I have 3 meals. If I begin at 9, I will have to eat more often. In the morning I'm not hungry compared to evening. To me, it looks like this approach asks for binging.

  18. Nice video! It is so interesting to know that if you eat food at different times you can gain weight. So interesting! Thanks for the video. Your videos always inspire me to keep posting on my channel.

  19. Well, If our hi her peaks at 8 am, doesn't that mean that that's the biologically adequate time to eat(especially for people who aren't overweight)?

  20. This stuff on chronobiology is blowing my mind! Thanks nutrition facts for the latest in nutrition research! 😄🙏🏼

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