Dwayne Johnson: ONE OF THE BEST MOTIVATION EVER (The Rock 2018)

Dwayne Johnson: ONE OF THE BEST MOTIVATION EVER (The Rock 2018)

97 thoughts on “Dwayne Johnson: ONE OF THE BEST MOTIVATION EVER (The Rock 2018)

  1. Doing it already
    The companies just lost everything except one concert

  2. Be the hardest worker in the room, Make every second count, Have faith, It all start's with today. I'll remember that!

  3. Easier said than done is a struggle on a daily basis when you grew up as a kid being told you nothing that every dream you had was worthless you have to struggle like everyone else otherwise you are not doing the right thing when you grow up like this as an adult is hard to break free is a struggle everyday

  4. This video really is a big help and really speaks to me. I’ve always been picked on while I was still having a lot of body mass on me. People hate difference, and try their best to exile that person who seems different. I made myself a bet to workout just to make them approve of me, eventually I got my body mass down to size and people started wanting to hangout with me but as I got older I realized something. I understood that these people hanging around with me can’t be called pals because To them I’m still different but even at that discovery, I kept working on myself . I built myself up to be better, to achieve something greater than yesterday. It became clear that this whole sh*t I did wasn’t really because of them. I don’t want to be like others or compete with others for their life. I wanna be myself and aim for my greatness. And this video gave me the boost I needed.

  5. bro I'm an druger ones before 4 months now in Saudi came for work , I have workout ground workout in martial arts after I addicted im 90kg now good height now I'm 26 Running iam from India , as I mentioned I was in Saudi I will go to India next year begining I came here to quit drugs and earn some money to pay my family debts ones I go to India I will be 27 starting my question is can I start again as I quit martial arts and boxing classes 5 years back due to love failure , can I work again my fitness please anyone answer. I won't do drugs no more

  6. Montages make everything seem easy. Get fired up, cue the montage… SUCCESS! You don't see the pain, the down days, the moments of struggle, staring at the face in the mirror wondering how you're going to go on. Those clips all land on the cutting room floor – but it all happens. When you're at your weakest, that next step forward is where you grow the most.

    It's easy to be the hardest working person in the room right now.
    What's hard is being the hardest working person in the room right now, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, every day, all day without fail.

  7. The Rock is the perfect example of how positiv thinking, discipline and hard work can make you reach any goal in life. No dream is too big. The most important thing is to keep your #focus !

  8. I was gonna shrug off my ab workout by watching some YouTube, stumbled onto this and I realize i don't have to be a lazy fuck I need to get this done

  9. I woke up this morning to work my last day of work(company shutting down) this was the first thing on my feed…. I needed this! Thank you

  10. If you are already here watching a motovational video you are in the right path an already with the advantage of the right mindset.
    Not everybody dreams this hard, with so much passion. We are a certain breed. The hard workers, the achievers, the doers. Stay strong brothers and sisters. We will see each other on top!

  11. I wonder if Dwayne is on steroids. I said I Wonder? I don't say he is but if he isn't then Dwayne's got some pretty damn good genetics.

  12. Wood you DWayne Johnson be supportive of mental illness Carrie fishers 🤔daughter has a sickness mental health programs overmedicated can't think straight can't hold a job🤔 who have mental illness that a crime ⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️ exploit erratic complicit provisional programs they are all over country go public 🤔 does celebrities know about this blame🤔 your therapist for not properly treating you lawsuit 🤔remember they are complicit rehabs to alcoholics Charlie Sheen.👉🏻 now you DWayne Johnson you struggle with depression mental health programs deserve the death penalty 🤔 for over Medicateing people who have mental illness don't depend on the system anymore 👍 I have the solution don't worry about it 🤔 now you know why you struggle with depression 🤔 tell everyone about this save lives 🤔 I have the solution 😁

  13. The rock is the greatest it's time for me to get back on the horse so to speak I am tired of being lazy it's time to take action

  14. "Just because its never been done doesn't mean it cant be done" nice quote bro
    I can make it too!! I mean we

  15. This is so inspirational. The key to happiness and making a difference in the world is becoming a big strong man with hard weightlifting, steroids, and proper diet. Being big and strong is most important thing, tattoos and also bleaching teeth for big white smile also important. Like Idiocracy movie, big muscle and strong is important and can become president of US of A.

  16. This was amazing to listen to during my morning run. Find a winning routine and do it every day and stop wasting the time you have in front of you. Just start, and do SOMETHING.

  17. I had my dreams taken away from me, my whole life, bullied no one knew, your videos inspire me, make me feel better, make want to do better in life, that’s what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna show everyone what they made fun of.

  18. Get in and get TFO. Focus, don’t talk, don’t stare and google at people, do your thing and get out….. that’s alpha

  19. Getting into shape for cosplays I wish to do in the future. As well as my heart doctor appointment in October. Going to do my best each day 3 miles of cardio. I do plan to get in a gym when I move out on my own by winter to. Really, these videos help…thank you for the upload☺

  20. I wanna ask you, how much of the reality are we seeing? we get montages of success but that is not life and you're stupid if you think you're always going to be motivated, always ready, always strong and never failing or weak. don't fall into the trap of thinking your life must be a montage of motivation and success. Christ gives the strength and peace one needs, not oneself.

  21. Just by watching this video, you have become a rare breed. A breed that works until they make it happen. We don’t give up, we don’t let go, we keep fucking going until it happens. Congratulations on becoming one of us! Now get out there, and outwork everyone! Don’t let anyone beat you! And of course, be the hardest worker in the room. I will see you at the top, when both of us have become successful, and people are wondering how we did it. They won’t believe us when all we say is hard work and determination. Now crush your workout!

  22. 4 am… cardio at 4:45 sounds naughty… I lift harder than anyone in the gym, not the strongest but I outwork everyone… but I only need to workout 3 days a week to be extremely sore… To think, if I lifted 6 days a week, and added a 4:45 cardio… What then.. what ? Im already working full time… 1 to work, hour home… 4 meals of 50 grams of protein a day.. so in other words I have to double my routine, then double it again. I say ok… ok, I give in.. Now I just need someone to explain it to my wife please hahaha

  23. great video ….but what is the name of music please in 1:40 i know it is from ReallySlowMotion but i looking for it and didn't found anything ,,,,can someone help me ???


  25. Not to take anything away from most of his advice but people who can function long term on 5 hours of sleep a night are rare and can do so because of a particular gene they carry. For regular people to do this would be very unhealthy.

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