my primary interests for many years has been in pain
signaling in the gut and I’ve focused that research on two types of illnesses. One is the irritable bowel syndrome and the
other is an inflammatory bowel disease. pain is one of the major symptoms its particularly troublesome because it’s
often young people that are affected and it can have a huge impact on their
ability to function and our treatments for these
conditions have not been particularly successful so we really need new
approaches GIDRU is a very unique and exciting place to work because it’s a
multi-disciplinary group and that brings together the expertise
of many different individuals and make more rapid gains in our areas of interest we’ve been involved in trying to
translate our discoveries into new patient therapies we have strategically designed a new model- if you want- for our
research unit to create a human research laboratory that we can embed into our teaching hospitals. This would allow us to carry on translational-type research and at the same time not interfere
with busy patient care that that’s going on. We recently have been
funded to increase our infrastructure and capacity
to allow us to do this type of translational-type research. We’ve entered into a very exciting era of multi-disciplinary research. No one investigator now can have all the
expertise to move their research program forward it really requires people working in
teams, both clinicians and basic scientists in order to move those ideas from a single cell
through to new therapy for a patient

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