Dr. Rodrick McKinlay –  Gastric Bypass

Dr. Rodrick McKinlay – Gastric Bypass

– My name is Rod McKinlay, I’m a general and bariatric surgeon here
at St. Mark’s Hospital. The gastric bypass we’ve done a significant amount of research on. We’ve partnered with some
of the PhD researchers at the University of Utah
and had some landmark papers published in the New
England Journal of Medicine looking at long-term mortality benefit from gastric bypass, specifically. And one paper that was published, actually it’s been about 10 years, was one of the largest of its kind, looking at over 8,000 patients who had bypass surgery with a
control group of 8,000 people who were of similar size
but didn’t have the surgery. And looked at a 40% overall
reduction in mortality among those who had gastric bypass. It was even higher if you looked at diabetes-specific mortality reduction in those who undergo
gastric bypass surgery. So we really do have quite a
bit of data on this operation. And clearly, there are
some complications we know about with it that we handle. If something could go wrong with a bypass, we’ve probably seen it
and taken care of it, and generally speaking,
people do very well. But the sleeve and the
duodenal switch do add other considerations, the sleeve, again, being a little bit safer when it comes to reducing intestinal complications, and the switch being even more powerful as far as avoiding weight
regain in the future. (upbeat music)

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