I really like the opportunity to get to
know my patients and spend a lot of time with them. Bariatric surgery is one of
the fields of surgery where you meet your patients upfront, you spend six
months with them before the operation getting to know them, getting to know
their families, making sure that surgery is the right fit. You do the operation
and then we follow them pretty much for the rest of their lives. We really have
to treat the whole patient. A lot of times when you’re seeing someone for
bariatric surgery it’s not as simple as a routine general surgery operation.
There are a lot of other comorbidities involved. Many of our patients have
diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, or they’re struggling as females
to get pregnant. There are a lot of other comorbidities that go into bariatric
surgery so when they come in for the first visit I typically spend anywhere
from 45 minutes to an hour with the patient really getting to the heart of
what they’re interested in treating. For a lot of people it’s not just about
weight loss. It’s about the fact that they wake up and take as many as 10 to
20 different pills every single day for all of these comorbidities. So we work
together in a team approach. I have two registered dieticians, my coordinator, a
nurse practitioner and wonderful residents and interns who are constantly
in my clinic working together as a team to make sure we’re addressing all of
these concerns not just the weight loss concern. We really really push education
here. I think that we have a phenomenal group of young women and men in our
residency program and also in the medical school and it’s one of the
reasons that I wanted to come back to Augusta University is in addition to it
being a world-class center providing excellence and operative care, I also
love teaching and I love interacting with the residents and students each day.
You have to think about your overall health benefit that you’re getting and
it’s not just losing weight it’s the overall health picture and how much
healthier you’re going to be in the future because of this decision.
I always congratulate my patients when they leave the hospital because I know
what a big decision this is. This is a surgery. You’re trusting your life in the
hands of our residents and our attendings and our nurse
and we do everything we can to make this a fun and enjoyable experience and like
I said, I congratulate them when they leave because it really is probably the
biggest decision that a lot of them will ever make.

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