Dr. Lee Examines Barbara’s “Upside Down Heart” | Dr. Pimple Popper

Dr. Lee Examines Barbara’s “Upside Down Heart” | Dr. Pimple Popper

[KNOCKING] Hi, Dr. Lee. Hi, how are you? It’s nice to meet you. It’s nice to meet you too. Welcome. Thank you. What are you coming here for? You look pretty darn good to me. I actually have a
lipoma on my back. And I’ve had it for
about nine years. All right. And I was actually a
much bigger girl then. I’ve lost– You look teeny tiny now. I’m not teeny tiny, but
I’ve lost 130 pounds– – Wow–
– –in a year and a half. –that’s wonderful. Yes, but the lipoma
didn’t go away. Yeah, they usually don’t. And I still feel like there’s
one thing that’s on my back. Yes, I see what you’re saying. You want to get that
last thing off your back, literally, right? I really do. OK. Well then let’s take
a look here and see what you’re talking about. All right. Oh, I see your
little friend here. What kind of work do you do? I’m a teacher. I’m a second grade teacher. OK, and I see it’s
kind of in the middle upper back so I can [INAUDIBLE] It is. In fact, I had a child ask
me if I was a hunchback once. I was like, no, I just
have a lump on my back. Oh, man. Do you mind if I
lift your shirt up– – No, go ahead.
– –and take a look at it? It’s like you have
an upside down heart. It is. Or a butt cheek. Yeah, actually
yeah, you’re right. It could be a butt cheek too. What I really like about
Barbara is her fun personality. She really likes to joke a lot. But I can tell that
this lipoma really does bother her deep down inside. Interestingly, lipomas
don’t change size according to weight gain or weight loss. They really are
independent of your weight. So it can be frustrating when
somebody loses a lot of weight and they see that their lipoma
has stayed the same size. You know, I’m a little
concerned about this lipoma because of its unique shape. It’s sort of like this
upside down heart, and it’s right in the
center of her spine. It’s quite large. Why is it this shape? Is it trying to turn a corner
and avoid some structure?

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  1. This is gross so warning if you are squeamish (idk if it’s actually gross idk)

    It looks like a water balloon LOL

  2. What is the deal with these short clips? I get all into the case, I’m wondering what will come out, it’s color if it’s fluid, tissue type and feel if it’s tissues of some type. Just has I’m into Doc giving her curiosities, it come to an end!!!??? No further information about when the show will air, no NOTHING!!! Why? What is REALLY GOING ON??

  3. When I was in second grade, I would be all over the teacher for questions answers and help, but for a lump? I don’t know.

  4. Way she waited sooo long time ?! It's unbilivible and she is a theacher ! Haw she went outside in summer, to swimming or something else? And this doctor is not fair only to explain us without to see what she did ! Haw finished this operation ! We are interested in finally results 👺👇🤗🤕

  5. These teaser videos are ridiculous. I don't have access to TLC, so I guess I don't get to see the popping and removal. Bad policy. She should change her name to Dr. Bump Examiner. Was a big fan, but no more.

  6. How come we’re not seeing the whole process???? We’re only getting a couple of minutes and then nothing ????

  7. Hey Dr Lee. I have something on my back and I have had it since birth. But I am to young to come in so you can check it out. Please respond to me because it used to drive my crazy. And it starts to hurt when people touch it now. So please reply. Thank you! Bye.

  8. Now that you have the videos for sale you’re not not going to show the results on YouTube

  9. I've been watching these videos for a very long time now and it is frustrating that she is on tlc now and you don't see the results of what happens and how she helps them. I understand it makes money for her but I'm ready to just unsub so I don't even get theses in my feed

  10. I agree that this video is a tease. I'm sure it was removed but where is the video for it being removed???

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  12. I opened to watch and got 1:58 of introduction. Did you remove the video? I see comments from others but I have nothing.


  14. It’s great that you have a TV show. However, not everyone has Cable service. Your YouTube clips were my nightly ritual. Please consider posting videos on YouTube again!

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  16. Why do American women talk in this slushy little girl voice. Just grow up to be a woman and stop thinking that your still a teenager dang woman

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