Dr. Jason Fung – ‘Therapeutic Fasting – Solving the Two-Compartment Problem’

Dr. Jason Fung – ‘Therapeutic Fasting – Solving the Two-Compartment Problem’

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  1. Every time I hear him I learn more. And just to reinforce his message. I reversed Type 2 diabetes through low carb and intermittent water only fasting. Also I had under active thyroid and I am now off the thyroid medication and my levels are normal ! In the UK (maybe world wide ? ) Type 2 diabetes is diagnosed as 48+. Pre diabetic 42-47. Normal is 20-41. In October 2017 my HBA1C test showed an underlying blood sugar level of 65. By June 2018 it was down to 40. It went down to 37 by December 2018. It did go up is 39 on July 2019 when I stopped the fasting. I am now back on fasting and feeling great ! I want another test in October to make sure there is nothing else wrong. This man is my hero ! I have non alcohol related fatty liver disease. I am hoping that this is reversing as well, but the doctors are reluctant to do another scan. My moods have improved as well, also my capacity to learn, and my memory has improved. I wish I had known about this years ago !

  2. Can anyone explain why there's such a difference between fat oxidation and carbohydrate oxidation between days 21 and 22 at 25:00?

  3. I have been on Keto about 3 months. (Historically I was a big eater and drinker) I just completed my first extended Fast. Five complete days fluids only. I couldnt believe the lack of serious Hunger Cravings. Next time 7 Days!

  4. Also I fasted on water for 2 weeks several times and NO, energy do not increase. You getting weaker and weaker every day.

  5. I did a couple of multi-day water fastings. Works like a charm and isn´t that difficult. Plus, your brain clears up significantly once Ketosis kicks in.

  6. If you fast, the great industrial food industry will get less profits to pay their CEO's millions in revenues by the end otf the year. So, it is not recommended.

  7. I stopped watching this video at about minute six, due to the offensive cursing! I am frequently surprised that seemingly intelligent people will insert unneeded/unwanted cursing, into an otherwise thoughtful, helpful, video.

  8. I always said I wish there was a pill that would substitute for eating in order to lose weight, not having to think about food. As a Muslim, I have never had any trouble with our yearly 30 day sun-up to sun- down fasting. Keto plus fasting is my longed-for magic pill!

  9. Mylife has been horrible for the last 10 years of having diabetes. From depression to trying to drink myself to death for years. Been in and out of hospitals with sepsis,utis, gross stuff happening to my body. Leaving ally friends and family out of my life so they don't see my like this. I thought life was over. Then I saw a guy named David goggins on Joe Rogan podcast. He's a real life superhero I say this people he's saving mylife one day at a time. One month ago I said to myself I want to live. I was 275 iam em now going to the gym twice a day and doing intermediate fasting and iam now 245 working my butt off. It's a struggle I fall off once in a while then I remember what David says people only are using 40% so I go at the gym tell I can stand it's working thank you to these people like Dr. Here and David goggins, Joe Rogan for giving my another chance in life.

  10. Great information, except for the part where he implied that cockroaches and insects are NOT running the world. The policies and proclamations coming out of most national capitals do not seem to be biased in favor of human beings.

  11. Medical science has become a scam in much of its practice. Let's spread the word and help the real doctors! Let us isolate the salesmen disguised as doctors!

  12. Not easy to starve yourself. So now we are back to blaming the victim. What happened on fast day 382 that he didn't go to 383? How is restricted calories different than fasting? What about the inability to control appetite, my fault? Okay I get the compartment partition problem but what about hormones re appetite? I hurt, if I don't eat and I have pain, I could go for the record at 383 cays. Lets go….but how do you keep me from breaking my restraints and eating a nurse? Fat people should not have hunger and that ya'll don't address that bothers me. Lawson di Ransom Canyon any analyst could find me. Peace.

  13. this guy is really good… i love his simplistic way of comparing a refrigerator and a freezer… and it makes such perfect sense…

  14. will fasting every other day also help lower my blood pressure. I am looking for natural ways to lower blood pressure without medicine

  15. This explains how I was able to lose so much weight a few years back. My eating window was only 4 hours long. From 2-6 pm. I lost over 100 lbs in about a year and a half.

  16. Thanks GOD for the YouTube channel and the messages from Dr Fung regarding fastings the best cure for diabetes.
    This is amazing knowledge for the ones who have an ears to hear.

  17. thank you dr fung for this wonderful information about health.. i tried this because of my health since i gave birth to my baby and he's died after i gave birth beacause of my higblood,increase also my sugar and difficulty of breathing now i get better almost 4days fasting and i will continue this lifestyle because i want to live long and wishing again to have another baby in the future now i realized health is wealth tlaga lalo n pg namatayan ka ng anak dahil sa wlang desiplina sa pgkain kya ako ngkaroon ng highblood now i suffering heart disease but thank you dr fung now i feel better because of you.. love from Philippines 🙂

  18. People that are not on keto and diabetic or pre-diabetic need to watch their sugar levels carefully the first couple of weeks! I thought that's one thing he should have had in the video. Before on keto I almost passed out while driving I'm a second or third day of a fast, needed to get carbs fast, didn't know any better at the time, chose a candy bar.

  19. Dr Fung said "Right" 152 times in 36 minutes. That's 4.22 times a minute. He threw in a few "like" and "ok" used in the same way he was using "right." It's unnecessary and extremely irritating. Other then that it was an interesting talk. 🙄

  20. THNX FOR SHARING, Mmmm, I am too thin and had always the opposite problem than the fat people have! But I cannot have breakfast at the breakfast time! So I eat around 12:00 or 13:00 hs every day and then have 2 meals, and if I get hungry again I try not to do it after 20:00 hs., and if I do not eat bread, milk products and suggary stuff I feel just great! If I eat bread it will charge me with 3 days of deep tiredness, JUST 1 PIECE OF BREAD OR 1 CAKE!! It is too expensive, so I am not eating it, milk products and suggar included, and grains, nooooo, not anylonger!

  21. I have often heard proponents of fasting talk about cavemen diet and the fact that Hunter gathers would have had periods of enforced fasting, but the truth is there was shortages of food for many people in the western world right up until the mid twentieth century. I am a farmer and I am Irish and I know that food shortages were common all through the nineteenth century even leaving aside the devastating famine of the 1840s. There are also times of the year when farmers stores were bare. Complete food security is something new and even today is not a reality for everyone on our planet.
    Thanks Dr Fung

  22. Metabolism nonsense. Yes a person who loses 200lbs will need less calories when they weigh 150 lbs. Metabolism slows down .it's not a bad thing. Yur not going to be able to eat the amount. Get over it.

  23. I've never believed in "weight loss diets". They don't work. It has to be a lifestyle change, a new lifetime way of eating. I have gone back to the way we ate when I was a child and weren't so "good-off" as most of the people where we lived. 2 meals a day on weekends and during the summer, during school it was 3 because we got lunch at school, little to no sweets, no processed foods. One Sunday a month everyone fasted from Saturday night until 6pm on Sunday when we had a small meal. My family made their own bread, made meals from real unprocessed food and we cooked with lard and bacon fat!! Now I've found that the Ketogenic "Diet" is basically the same thing that I lived with as a child and am doing now. The only thing I have changed from then to now is I'm not eating grains and cooking with bacon drippings or lard again instead of Crisco and using real butter instead of margarine which I did for decades after leaving home. Strange how things come together sometimes. Although, unlike in my childhood where I didn't have an addiction to sugar, I struggle with that craving very much every so often these days.

  24. Hello, I was just wondering if someone suffering from lupus can be heal with water fasting? If yes what king of water fast do you recommend? Thank.

  25. I have now changed my medical practice to include intermittent fasting as a way to manage overweight & obesity, diabetes & fatty liver. I'm met mostly with skepticism by most of my colleagues. It's disappointment. We've been treating these medical problems incorrectly (promoting low calorie diets) and it's high time to change.

  26. For me i am good to fast for a while, but after a workout, or a long day of work, I'M REALLY HUNGRY. any tips for that? also, i feel like if i am working all day, i need food to give me energy to work, or to replenish myself. is that logic fair? or am i just making excuses?

  27. I LOVE Jason Fung and agree 100% with his arguments, but I gotta day he says “…right?” wayyyy too often during his talks. When he talks like that, he’s pretending that your agreement with his argument is a foregone conclusion, RIGHT?

  28. He is spot on with 99% of this, but he is definitely wrong about burning muscle with fasting. I do and most people do unless genetics are good at avoiding that.

  29. Carbohydrates are addictive. It is so hard to get away from processed, carbohydrate food, but it can be done. As an experienced low carb dieter and intermittent faster I know the dangers of carbs.

    Carbohydrates cause hunger pangs, protein and FATS do not. Start on a low carb diet meat, fish, cheese, etc for four days or so to achieve ketosis. Once in ketosis it is easier to reduce food volume because hunger pangs aren't as bad and don't last long. Then start on intermittent fasting. Start fasting after supper, sleep through the night and fast during the day for as long as possible. A busy schedule will make it easier to overcome the lunch and break habits. Instead of eating for lunch, go for a brisk walk.

    Distraction techniques work if the habit and compulsion to eat becomes overwhelming. But avoid carbs, eat proteins and fats. Take multivitamins. After a week start eating greens. A great substitute for pasta is cabbage cut into thin strips as a base for meatballs or bologniaise sause, or use whole cabbage leaves for lasagne.

    No one is perfect or superhuman, so expect to fail. Be gentle on yourself. Pick a new date and start again. It gets easier over time.

  30. Fascinating… until he brought Mohammed, Christ and Buddha into it. What a BS statement in otherwise excellent presentation.

  31. Greetings.

    I've read many positive comments, and congratulations to all whom are benefitting.

    If I may say this very respectfully…as "fasting" is a common talking point.

    Does not the "Holy Bible" talk about fasting?

    I'm not pushing any agenda…only in my opinion there's many "Truths" in this beautiful book.

    Have a great day/week ahead.

  32. Okay so low calorie is bad and slows the metabolic rate. So what do we do?? Doing the fasting this is awesome but that’s just less calories?? Right so how is this going to not slow it down? What do I do? Do I try to get a bunch of food in the time period? I’ve been doing the 18:6 fasting. But sometimes I end up just eat OMAD. But I’m just eating 600 calories sometimes. Is that bad??? Am I going to screw up the metabolism right is it just going to work out fine since I am only eating the one time?? I love the fasting idea I just feel like he doesn’t tell you what to eat to keep it away??? Anyone? Did I just miss it?

  33. Well i been eating once a day for 30 years, and carbs make me feel sick and guess what my Lipedema just keeps growing. For me eating once a day is like other people eating 3x a day. Its so normal for me that it makes 0 difference to the way i feel or my body. I really wish they stop generalising and saying it works for everyone. There are people who have a Fat disorder which is genetic and no matter what they do it wont go away, because they have sick fat cells.

  34. I’m glad I saw this, I’m going to keep this simple equation in mind and fast more often, but I did lose a lot of weight a few years ago but my legs was already kind of skinny but that weight lost left them looking like toothpicks. All my fat is around my waist, are you saying that was fat that I lost on my legs and not muscle. I just have to be more disciplined and patient. I know counting calories is useless. I’m 67 and diabetic and RA, the steroids I take is keeping my sugar a little high. I love the simple way and illustrations you use. Jesus fasted for 40 days and that’s my leader. Great inspiring talk. Thanks

  35. I used IF to lose 3 stone I went to see the doctor after reversing pre diabetes and guess what he told me "EAT MORE" not eating isn't practical. lol

  36. If you loose wight your body needs less calories then before to maintain itself. It doesn't mean that you're slowing down your metabolism (temperature goes down etc).

  37. I would appreciate some help here from the specialists in intermittent fasting. Dr. Fung says that less calorie in will decrease metabolism and our body will adjust to the less calories coming in. When we dont eat, would that not slow the metabolism even further? Please help me understand. Also do you not feel hungry when you fast for days? Thank you for helping to answer these layman questions !

  38. A doctor I had recommended keto. Went so far as to print quite a bit of literature and links to various research. Said it saved his life. And frankly, after losing 50 pounds myself, I can say he was right.

  39. When you start out fasting you will get agitated, and even feel a little sick, because most people are used to eating 24/7. Once your body starts to adjust, after 16 hours you will start to get less cravings, and you will get less hungry as your body is now programmed to burn fat for energy. When you feel like having a snack drink a little water that should help some. The you start to get slightly more clear minded. People in for example america will have more problems, since they are used to sodas, alcohol and hamburgers and other snacks. They are basically addicted to the sugar.

  40. What if you fast for 24 hours but eat a meal of 3000 kcal each time when your basic metabolic rate is at 2000 kcal? You will still gain weight right? And also, what about when people want to gain weight (muscle)? You still need to count calories right?

  41. Hahahaha — I love this guy.

    He has an irrepressible compulsion toward honesty in a Germanist society which, of course, despises anything but strictly superficial facade and then brutally piggish lyinf, bullying, and coercion when that, also of course, fails.

    Best of luck, Dr. Fung — you're going to need it in the utterly corrupt, blue-eyed, bratty West.

  42. If you are morbidly obese can you expect to lose weight pretty immediately? I thought so but it doesn't seem to be the case, I've tried a couple times for a month and nothing happens.
    *I do the 16:8 approach…am I just so insulin resistant that it's going to take a long time?

  43. Thanks for info Dr… I am not fat and maybe a little skinny but if I don't eat at certain times, I sometimes tremble… Does it mean I am insulin resistant? I am just trying IF to stay healthy, not to lose weight. Thanks in advance.

  44. Fasting for 24 hours every 2nd day and giving up toxic grains sugar and dairy saved me. The cravings have eluded me and I’m so happy.

  45. The 1300+ dislikes are 'doctors' and pharmaceuticals prescribing drugs to 'reduce' insulin levels 😂 … nope not me thanks.

  46. Hi if you�re reading this, Just enjoy life, smile more, laugh more, and don't get so worked up about things

  47. By far the best, most straightforward, science-backed conversation about why conventional dieting never works.

  48. For me when I fast 3 to 10 days i am always very tired , my body just wants to lay down. Also I get terrible heartburn, sometimes I even have spit up and out the extra stomach acid ,the only thing that helped was to drink purified water that has nothing in it.

  49. Hey, I would love someones help–
    I am using Dr. Fung's 'Therapeutic Fasting – Solving the Two-Compartamental Problem' as a source in my English 102 research paper:
    1. If I regularly go to bed about midnight and don't eat until 2-3pm the next day, is that 'technically' beneficial fasting?
    2. I would love to know any questions you all have on fasting in general? Comment them for me : ) maybe I can do a deep dive and answer them in my English paper!

  50. It’s Vedic practice to fast, Buddha rigorously promoted it- till my grandparents they fasted; then India got “modernized” .

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