Dr. Aajay Shah –  Obesity, Diabetes, Pre Diabetes

Dr. Aajay Shah – Obesity, Diabetes, Pre Diabetes

– Hello everyone, my
name is Dr. Ajay Shah. I work for Oakland Hospital
in Marshall, Michigan. I’m their full-time cardiologist. We are recording these videos to educate and guide you in taking care of yourself. Today we’re gonna talk about obesity, pre diabetes and diabetes. Obesity is becoming epidemic and pandemic. The whole country is
getting bigger and fatter. The world is getting bigger and fatter. To give you some statistics,
now obesity is about 38% of population. That’s four in 10 people. It used to be only 10 in
100 just 25 years ago. So everybody is becoming obese and fat. If you define obesity based on BMI, which is the body mass index, and I want all of you to measure your BMI. You can do it in an online calculator or you can call our office
and we can calculate the BMI for you. BMI is dependent upon your
height and your weight. Once you calculate your
BMI, you know exactly where you stand in terms of your health, whether you are obese or not. So BMI about 25, BMI about
25, 25 to 30 is overweight. BMI about 30 is obesity. If you look at the
statistics, BMI about 30 which is the obesity, is
about 38% like I said earlier. BMI about 25, BMI about 25
which is overweight or obese is about 70% of population. So 70% of population
is overweight or obese. We cannot afford this. Not only it’s costing us
a lot of money obviously, but it’s also costing of
our health, our lifespan. This year, 2018, is the
first year where a child born this year will actually live less than their grandparents who
were born many years ago. So I think to me it’s a major concern that actually with all
the medical advances because of obesity, now
we’re gonna live less. Not only are we gonna live less, but we’re gonna live less healthy and with a lot of disabilities. We know now that after
65, most patients are on at least three or four medications. Most patients will have one or
two surgical procedures done. And root cause, or main reason for a lot of these issues is obesity. Obesity’s been associated
not only with heart disease but diabetes but also with cancer. And also obviously having arthritis and many knee replacement. Obesity also can cause sleep apnea. The major reason I worry about obesity because obesity can lead to
pre diabetes and diabetes. Pre diabetes is a condition
which is a precursor or condition which comes
just before the diabetes. And pre diabetes can be defined based on five criteria. And I want you to listen carefully for those five criteria and see
how many criteria you match, how many factors you match. So in terms of pre diabetes, if you have high blood pressure, if you are treated for high blood pressure, if you have a waist diameter in a
male above 40 inches, in a female above 35 inches,
if your triglyceride, which is a type of fat in blood above 150, if your HDL, which is a
good cholesterol below 50 for female and below 40 for male, and if you have a blood sugar above 100. If you have three out the five criteria, you are pre diabetic. Pre diabetes is a condition where insulin, the hormone which
regulates your blood sugar and fat metabolism is
not working properly. And in pre diabetes
insulin resistance happens which eventually loses its action. And in that condition,
blood sugars has to go up and body starts accumulating fat. Once a pre diabetes sets in, many patients unless they lose weight and exercise, they will eventually become diabetic. An diabetes is again a multi
system, multiple organ disease. It affects the whole body. It affects heart, it causes heart blockage and heart attacks. It causes strokes. It causes blindness. It causes kidney disease and dialysis. It causes neuropathy. That means your neural
endings can become inflamed and you start having numbness
and pain in your feet. It just multi system,
multi organ condition. We need to definitely reverse it. Fortunately, pre diabetes and diabetes is completely reversible with just simple lifestyle modification. If you exercise regularly,
just 20 to 30 minutes four to five times a week,
more would be better obviously. If you follow sensible diet, which is not very hard thing to do,
and my high recommendation is whole food, plant based diet. Obviously we all love our meats. And meats are good in a limitation. Meat gives us a good flavor
to a food, gives us protein. But at the same time, most Americans eat almost four times more meat than we typically would recommend. I want you to read a
book called China Study which is obviously an
extreme in having everybody become vegetarian. But its worth reading the book to see what meat can do to you. Meat can lead to a lot of
different type of cancers. Meat bears a lot of saturated fat which leads to strokes and heart disease. So obviously not I want
you to become vegetarian like I am. You know I’m vegetarian since I was a kid. So for me it’s easy thing to do. I don’t have any emotional
connection to meat because I did not grow up with meat. And I understand my patients
sometimes they remember eating hamburger with
their dad, and then when they eat hamburger, it’s hard for them to give up because it’s said it reminds me of how good time they had spent their time with their dad. So I understand that. But at the same time, when
it comes down to health, some of the changes has to happen. So my recommendation is try to have 10% of your calories from meat. So for example, if you
eat 2000 calorie diet, not have more than 200 calories from meat. And that’s typically a small
condiment in your plate. So if you eat at dinner, have a small side of meat dish but fill up your plate with green vegetables, plants. Have some fruits every day. Have some small amount of nuts. Drink plenty of water. The author I highly
recommend for all of you to read and look it up on YouTube or buy a book on him is
Joel Fuhrman, F-U-H-R-M-A-N. He has many books on how to live healthy, how to eat right, how
to reverse the diabetes. And according to him,
there are five foods group which I tell all my patients now. So I’ll say it now for all of you. And those five foods, the
acronym stands with GBOMBS, G-B-O-M-B-S. G stands for green vegetables
(mumbles) vegetables. B stands for beans. O stands for onions. M stands for mushroom,
typically cooked mushrooms. Other B stands for berries,
and last S stands for seeds. So I try to incorporate in my own diet and I tell all my patients
to have these GBOMBS, all these five food
every day in your meals. If you follow this simple advice, not only you will lose
weight, you will avoid a lot of complications. You will live long. You will live healthy,
but you will also prevent the pre diabetes and diabetes. Many of my patients have done it. I have done it myself. And I highly recommend
all of you to do it. God gives us only one life. Let’s take care of it. Our office is always available. I’m always available. You can call our office, come and see us. And whatever needs to be
done, we’ll do it together. Thank you.

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