100 thoughts on “Doobie Brothers – Long Train Running HD (Live)

  1. The most powerful version from one of the best rockbands I'ver ever heard. It's always the same….the elder they are, the better they play. You can't compare it with todays stuff….this will always be one of the best songs ever!

  2. ……..hows about the little bit of steve miller near the end , at 03:30….

    …..aahhh, that sound of that HARP, give me more of ittttttt!!!!!

  3. …..aaahhhh..can`t get enough of this tune……….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. About FECKING time that idiot Jann Wenner put THESE GUYS on the ballot for the RR Hall of Fame. What an amazing performance. YES!!!!

  5. Best band ever, also in the Netherlands. No one seems to agree with me, but I think things went down when Michael Mc Donald entered…

  6. Can somebody tell me what concert and year this was done? I would like to get this exact version of this song on a cd. Thanks, Mark.

  7. The sax solo blew my brains out all over the place !!! Not a single body hair didn't stood up at the end !! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  8. its amazing that we had the Doobies and many other talented bands back then!! god we were spoiled . now we have nothing!!

  9. I heard records from everyone since back in the 50s and, but for the Beatles, I think these guys may be the best band I ever heard (songs and musicianship).

  10. I saw this tour with the bald guy from Air Supply ripping it up on the keys. What an awesome show! He doesn't do much in this but he and that sax player are deadly. I remember looking him up when I got home. Air Supply??? Really?

  11. Just recently rediscovered Doobies, Three Dog Night, Chicago and the Guess Who. What happened to music. The 70’s were the best!

  12. Saw them Saturday in Savannah,GA. OMG IT WAS AWESOME! My Daughter and I jammed our hearts out! She was raised listening their music. Thanks for such a great memory!

  13. No one can rationalize to me why Pat Benatar is ahead of the Doobie Brothers in Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Voting! VOTE DOOBUIES EVERY DAY UNTIL JANUARY 10th!

  14. Wow! Outstanding performance from The Doobie Brothers! I don't believe I've seen this song done as well as this performance. Very very well done Doobie Brothers!

  15. Somos assim, curtimos o melhor som. Fazíamos amor quando uma garota tinha que ser conquistada. E um artista tocar no minimo 3 instrumentos. Hj basta um karaokê, e por o pinto pra fora kkkkkk

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