Domino’s Pan Pizza–Running On Empty–Food Review

Domino’s Pan Pizza–Running On Empty–Food Review

Hello, everyone. This is Running On Empty – Food Review. So first off – complete different setting. Not by much – I’m actually just on the opposite end of the table, and my computer and everything else is on the other side. But today, you know we’re back. I’m only gonna be doing food for, uh – the next couple of months just so I can replenish my stock of energy drinks. You know, I was taking a little break from videos for the past couple of weeks. You know, I figured: You need one every now and again but now I’m switching to food for a while. So today we will be reviewing The new Domino’s “Pan Pizza”. So we’ll have to see how that’s going. So first, let’s pick out a slice here. How about, neh, how about this one here? As you can see: thicker crust, you know, thicker dough just like the, uh… I guess you could say a deep dish pizza. However, this one has almost no crust whatsoever. You could see where actually they did put it in the pan here. But, uh… There is pepperoni on the pizza, obviously. That’s what I got. Yeah, I said “Light on the sauce,” but there still looks like a decent amount of sauce. You know, something to add to flavor. You know, but… Got the pepperoni on it, also. Can see the glistening, you know, grease that’s on it, as well. Looks like a pretty tasty pizza, believe it or not. Nice and thick. The pepperoni looks like it’s – looks very nice. Nice bake on the crust. The cheese looks nice. Sauce looks nice. I’m expecting a lot of good stuff out of this pizza, so let’s give it a shot. It’s very good. It’s pretty doughy, but I don’t mind that. You know, if you’re really big into thin crust pizza, I don’t think you’ll like this that much. But if you like regular pizza, maybe even- a little doughy deep dish pizza, Then you’re gonna like this. I guarantee it. The flavors here combine very well. Pepperoni has a great taste to it, the sauce as well. You know, the cheese is very nice, as well. Very well, not under-cooked, not over-cooked. A very good pizza. Let’s just reverse and try the crust, here. You know, believe it or not the crust- it does look a little burnt here, but… You really don’t get that flavor, so, I mean… I think they did a good job with it. You know, honestly not a burnt flavor on the crust, at all. Yes, I mean… Did a good job with this pizza. I’ll give that to them. Very good. In my opinion, this is better than the, uh… the deep dish pizza. The big thing with this is saying “Oh, we got the hand-crafted dough, you know, what not.” But I think they really did a good job on this. Very good flavor, flavors combine very well, you know, doughy but good. That’s what I’m saying. You know, very good bake and what not. Now what I also have – First off, also, they got the new black box for this – What I also have is the Classic Breadsticks, here. Classic Garlic Breadsticks, here. Here they are. And I got some garlic sauce with them. So, I actually had a few in the car, here. But, uh…Let’s just see if they’re any different because I haven’t had these in a while. Look at this, they rip right in half now, apparently. Or that’s just the way I ripped it. Gotta dip it in the sauce. It’s also very good. A little crispy, but… good. You know they got, like, the garlic powder or whatever that is. You know, the seasoning on it. And the garlic sauce combined goes very well with it. A good side dish. You know, softer than any of the Pizza Hut bread sticks here. But no, it’s good. If you’re looking at this, I did have a lot more than in the car, but it does come in, like, a loaf, practically. So, no, that I think it – I think, you know, they’re much softer than the Pizza Hut bread sticks but still a good little bake on them, with their dipping sauce. Overall… I’m gonna give this meal…I’d say about… an 8/10. Just because I don’t give 10 out of 10s But regardless, though, I think they did a really good job with the pizza and the bread sticks here. And honestly… Next week, I’m probably gonna go back and get another one of these pizzas. Cause it’s that good. You know, it smells really good. Tasted even better, so… In my opinion, I think they did a good job with this. Some may agree, some may disagree, but…everyone has different taste buds, but… I think they did good here. Alright then. This is Running On Empty – Food Review. Next week, who knows what I’m gonna be doing, but- I’ll try to get a video up. Regardless, though… This is… Domino’s new Pan Pizza, pepperoni, and a Classic Bread Sticks. That’s all for now, and I’ll see you next week. Take care.

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  1. How am I here in 2018..reviewbrah you have evolved into an elegant Starbucks water drinkin, minimal accent speakin fast food connoisseur who makes Taco Krill Oil shake in their boots.

  2. gee, reviewbrah, it seems you went down a completely differnent path, it being deep dish and all.. I know, let's order it in peppeoni form. that's something my viewers have never seen me evaluate yet! right?

  3. Just saw an old episode of Tosh.o…
    I guess you are pretty famous right now..
    Did you get better better suits by now?
    We are all damaged by the way…

  4. 1. Your jacket looked perfectly fine
    2. Those who mocked and bullied you were losers looking to make themselves feel better by tearing you down.
    3. There is a time to be nice, and there is a time to not be so nice. When some nobody tries to hurt you, destroy them.

  5. Does dominos still sell this pizza? I feel like with extra pepperoni it would taste good and reheated on a pan would taste even better.

  6. yes I love the deep pan pizza's need to try this minus the pepperoni of course as I am vegetarian..not been to Dominos in ages. Pizza hut yes but not dominos …it is about time I gone back to dominos…you look younger here. of course you would it is 2012.

  7. See the modern world doses not accept the kind but logically the first time you wanna is the way to do it

  8. if you're here because you find reviewbrah's google image result searching "kid in oversized suit"..
    i beat you here.

  9. this dude is very unique, i can see why he's well liked. there's definitely an appeal here. how many of us were this well spoken, dressed, presented, making a career out of doing something we love at 16 or however old he was here? not many. people like what they don't have. same reason people were enthralled by people like michael jordan or robin williams. we acknowledge that they have special gifts that are extremely rare and we would like to have access to that…to their minds in a sense

  10. This man is the original godfather. The sawssy accent, the style, the class the charisma, the put together demeanour. I’d fuck him, I like his way

  11. This was ReviewBrah in 1923. Back when…

    – The videos are shorter,
    – He has a different accent,
    – There are no notes,
    – There are no background stories of the restaurant and introduction of the food,
    – "Going In" don't exist,
    – He start reviewing after just a bite.

  12. If you watch his “when I get recognized” video, he says it happened early February of 2013. When u look at this, it says December 2012…

  13. It's neat watching some of these older videos and seeing how you have grown as an individual both physically and intellectually.
    The same you, just overtime really perfected your videos and style.

  14. Here from 2019. I can confirm he’s grown into his suit in the future. This is so cute. Like seeing your child in their ill-fitting school uniform on their first day of school.

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