Dog vs Human Sprinting – Who’s Faster?

Dog vs Human Sprinting – Who’s Faster?

Welcome back to Warped perception. Something I’ve always been curious about. Especially after filming those previous dog
episodes. You ready April. Come on let’s go. Is a dog actually faster than a person. I have a friend of mine that insists. That he’s faster than any dog. Of course. So I have decided to set up a few scenarios. Film it with the high speed camera. And see is a dog faster than a human?. Let’s find out. You need to save your energy I think David
has his work cut out for him here. You’re a pretty wild dog. And to make this a fair comparison. April is 29 years old in dog years. And David how old are you?. 29. 29 so this is a even biological age. a good matchup. David is 29, April is 29. So the only difference here is their reaction
time. Reflexes. Body mechanics. And species. David is there anything that you want to show
us. That proves that you’re up to the challenge. And on the same level as April physically?. Of course. There you go so I think that means he’s qualified. So let’s get this underway. That’s 20 yards right there. First test is going to be from the track Sprint
position and let’s see what happens. Are you guys ready?. April sitzen, sitzen are you ready David?. You ready April blibe. Here. I actually think that she almost lost. Here. This is a 10-yard mark right here. and I don’t
know I think you were passing her up. She had a head start if you want to get technical. She was a little bit, yeah don’t worry we’re
going to do it again. We’re going to set it up again, April no cheating. You cheated you cheated. I have them set up in the ready position. But April is already gotten kind of distracted
there, are you ready April?. 3-2-1 here. That was good I actually think that David
either tied or he beat her. I’m pretty sure that I beat her. I didn’t expect that I actually thought that
she was going to leave him in the dust. But it was pretty close man that was good. Alright let’s check out that high-speed footage. So we’re going to do it one more time and
this is going to be from the. What do you call it the military Sprint?. Yep. So we’re going to do the military Sprint position. Then we’re going to move into two more set
ups. That I have in store. And it’s going to surprise him but yeah I
have something in mind. So let’s get this next one set up and see
but. That was pretty amazing. My friend that David is a gymnast but he’s
also a musician. And I wouldn’t have him help me out with this
episode without plugging his band. Which is called “Attack The Sound”. I’m going to put some links to his work in
the description below. As well as use one of his Clips in the episode
here. I highly suggest that you check it out. I think he would greatly appreciate it and
so would I. That being said let’s get on with the show. Good girl blibe,blibe, blibe. She’s like a rabbit. She’s like boom boom jumps like a spring. Okay stay right there you’re good you’re good. She’s so excited to race you David good girl. You guys ready? She’s so focused. 3-2-1 here. Well I think she definitely beat me on that
one but that’s okay I’ll get her. That was a 20-yard mark. She had an advantage after 10 yards. So I mean yeah clear as day. look at the high-speed footage it’s self explanatory. you can see the differences in biomechanics
versus reaction time and reflexes. [ Music ] so let’s move on to the next test which yeah are you
ready for it? Ready. Okay so that was a great race. for this next
test I think it was the last video I did with April. It was about how dogs get up from a lying
down position so fast. I think this is the perfect opportunity to
put that to the test. We’re going to put April and David in a lying
down position. As far as he wants to go. I mean it looks like he’s a sport he’s back
there squaring things up already. I think this is going to be a good look. At how dogs get up differently from humans
from a lying down position. we’re going to put them both in a lying down
position and see how they get up. And how they get up differently. This is pretty much where we can get April. She’s a little bit too paranoid to get on
her back. I can’t get her on her back like some dogs
do. So we’re just going to lay her down on her
side. And David has already agreed to lie down on
his side. Scene 12 take 2. Okay here it goes David versus April, April,
April, that was good. Now that looked pretty cool they both got
up about the same speed. But his body mechanics were completely different
from April’s body mechanics. [Music] Yeah I got one more test that I want to do. Just something out of the ordinary. I’m just going to have you jump. We’re going to set up like a pole with a couple
cones. Can you jump?, Oh yeah definitely. Let’s go. I’m going to go here so she knows to jump. She hasn’t jumped in a while okay you ready?. Come on April hup hup hup no?. [Music] All right I tried to get her to jump but apparently David had a better idea and he got her to jump. Here watch what he’s doing. We’re going to film this and high-speed and
see what happens. Go ahead make her jump David. Haha there you go. Apparently David can jump so good even with
the ball in his hand. Which I know some of you are going to say
is not difficult. Maybe not for you. [Music] Okay so that jump went pretty well. David tried to get her to jump the higher
obstacle but she wouldn’t comply. Now I don’t know about you but the most interesting
thing for me about this episode was not who’s faster how the body mechanics differ or how
they Propel themselves differently it was how the high-speed footage reveal April’s
character that changed my perception in a split-second April looks over at David and
when she realizes he’s either right next to her or slightly ahead of her she gives it
more effort I also found it really interesting how she formed a bond with David to the point
where she became competitive against him I’ve never noticed that about April before until
watching the high-speed footage but tell me what you think in the comments below so we’re going to wrap this episode up right here Hopefully you enjoyed the video hopefully it gave you
a great example of how the body mechanics of people differ from dogs and I answered
a lot of questions that were sent to me in the comments and email about people wanting
to see dog versus a person and I’m going to wrap this episode up here thanks for watching
if you want to see more of April check out the series playlist on this channel and until
till next time adios.

100 thoughts on “Dog vs Human Sprinting – Who’s Faster?

  1. Give me a break. I grew-up with German Shepherds. The dog in the video was just playing and not even attempting to go at full speed. At full speed she would have left that guy in the dust.

  2. I used to run with my GSD pup in the warehouse. I run a 4.5 and at 4 months my GSD was already on my ass when I’d run from her

  3. should make her chase after something to make her sprint faster. similar to when you were in the golf cart and she was chasing you.

  4. I can't convey and teach "Bleib" – he's my 1st dog so I've got tons to learn. Every youtube video wants to teach a different method…. I need a human instructor. My GSD is 9 mos.

  5. So unscientific. It's well established that dogs are WAY faster than the fastest humans. April was just humoring David. But that's a pretty park. Where is it?

  6. Entertaining at best but ZERO truth!
    I seen a German Shepard police dog run a young bloke down in the riots!
    He had a solid 100 meter start and the dog ruined this poor fucker in secs,was astonishing how fast the dog ran him down..

  7. A dog is much faster than a human, I might have made another comment on this but I can’t remember so I’m gonna make another one, a human’s build is almost completely different from a dogs build, some dogs are not really built for running, most humans are faster than some dogs but when it comes to Greyhounds, salukis, and other dogs built for running, humans will be left in the dust, the fastest human, Usain bolt is about 28 mph but that is a bit more than half the speed of an average greyhound, greyhounds are dogs which are built for running, also I have a dog who is a Saluki and African sight hound mix, and she runs like the wind, seriously, blink twice and she’s gone. By the way this was posted on my birthday, just noticed it now.

  8. I tried this scenario with my Doberman. I had him sat at the 50 yard line and I started running towards the goal line. I only made it 20 yards. He grabbed my pant leg. He is way too fast. 🐕🚀☝️❤🙋‍♂️maybe try a further run. April would win everytime. No worries. 🐕☝️🏆❤

  9. this guy and his video are for chidren- stupid ones. A dog can go from lying down fives times faster than a human, just because she has four legs lifteing her up one third of the height. Every thing this videographer acts like he is investigating is no brainer bullshit

  10. The dog can’t be 29 in dog years … it’s not a thing..

    1human year =7 dog years

    Sooo… WRONG

  11. The dogs body has a disadvantage because it can’t get into a ready stance so the man had more momentum so at short distances I’d give it to an elite runner but the dog wins at long and medium distances

  12. This is inaccurate, Reason: the dog doesn’t even know she’s completing for championship secondly, have your ever been chased by a mad dog, shit they are so fast they run like flash (chasing prey), it would have been little bit better if she runs aggressively eg attack on command, she would just be teleporting

  13. That dog is NOT running at full speed. She’s seeing this as playtime i can assure you. Give that dog a rabbit to go after and she’ll run way faster. April is jogging most of the time after her initial acceleration.

  14. Admittedly I only made it halfway through, but this is silly. I want to like your videos because the subjects sound interesting. There is nothing informative or even entertaining here. Who is faster, dog or human–cool! Here is a guy I know and my own dog. I will only film the starting line, not the finish line, and we'll wonder who won after every sprint.

  15. David is a good atled but if the dog is motivated he has no chance if a cat was on the end the dog would run 10 times faster

  16. when it comes to long distances, humans can outrun almost any animal. Because we cool by sweating rather than panting, we can stay cool at speeds and distances that would overheat other animals. On a hot day, the two scientists wrote, a human could even outrun a horse in a 26.2-mile marathon.

  17. Call me stupid but I think April was running at best 5%. Even at 5 years old (as Warped Perception mentioned in a reply comment), if April was running full 100% she would easily beat/out run him any time, everytime, and all the time.

  18. Yours moron if you think you can out run a dog maybe a tea cup poodle but your a moron if you think you can out run a German Shepherd I guess that's why cops uses German Shepherd so the criminals can get away you dumb YOU ARE REALLY REALLY DUMB!

  19. 8:05 – April is all about path of least resistance/least effort. lol Also, as other people have commented, April had no idea she had to go full speed. Getting her to chase something (like the fake rabbit greyhounds race after) would have been better.

  20. Not even the fastest man alive could outrun any dog, a simple google search can tell you that. Anyone that has seen a dog chase a ball knows they are built to move faster than humans.

  21. question ive gfot to ask… is my guy a sprinter? why isnt he wearing track spikes?; he has trainers and he'll slip.. the dog uses there claws as grip for the ground…

    a simple backflip doesn't really qualify if you can compete against a dog…

  22. Come on now y’all we have to give David some credit he did pretty good obviously a dog is going to beat him especially a German Shepard

  23. In a race a dog would beat a human, no question. However, when it comes to stamina that is what the human excels in. The dog will eventually have to stop to cool off it’s body, by panting. The human body can produce sweat, which cools off the body and allows them to run for longer periods of time. So, yeah, it depends on the conditions.

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