Does Fast Weight Loss Work – Weight loss motivation

does fast weight loss work while most
doctors and nutritionists recommend against fast weight loss there still are
many people who are desperate enough to attempt it if you are one of them it is
important that you go about it the right way otherwise you could run the risk of
jeopardizing your health your objective should be to maximize weight loss on a
slow and steady basis to make sure the weight stays off permanently if you are
trying to lose weight by reducing the amount of food you eat it is better to
limit your calorie intake slowly unfortunately many people attempt to
stop eating altogether in order to lose weight as fast as possible you should
not attempt this apart from being dangerous for your health starving
yourself will result in regaining the lost pounds as soon as you start eating
to safely and effectively lose weight that stays off it is better to gradually
cut back on the amount of food you eat try to eat the healthy balanced diet and
make sure you cut out the junk and processed fatty foods altogether by just
cutting out the junk foods and sugary drinks you may find after a short time
that the weight is coming off without you having to do much else when you feel
like snacks try substituting the chocolate bar or bag of chips for a
piece of fruit take a healthy packed lunch to work instead of relying on the
local takeaway food shop that’s the hard to resist road to temptation and
indulging your taste buds to make your weight loss really effective it’s not
enough just to diet you also need to factor in some form of exercise on a
regular basis even if you aren’t an exercise junkie try and pick something
you enjoy doing such as cycling or swimming even just a daily walk will
help your waistline you won’t see the results overnight but you will see them
if you stick to your guns if you haven’t exercised for a while don’t jump in and
go all out you are likely to do yourself more harm than good this way build your
exercise level up until you reach a point where you are comfortable yet
feeling the benefits even starting with just a 5
fifteen minutes walk a day will have benefits a common question from people
trying to lose weight is which is better exercise or dieting the answer is a
combination of both will be most effective in helping you reach your
goals by exercising you speed up your metabolism to burn calories but you need
to eat healthily to give you the energy to exercise before starting any weight
loss diet or exercise program you should always consult with your own doctor
first and check that what you are planning is right for you once you get
the go-ahead set your mind to accepting that you can do this and how much better
you will feel once you achieve your goals it’s a good idea to set some goals
and pin them up on your fridge or somewhere that you can see them every
day when you reach the milestones you’ve set
it makes it rewarding to continue

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