Does A Soda Tax Really Help Fight Obesity?

Does A Soda Tax Really Help Fight Obesity?

Glucose, sucrose, high fructose! Sugar, you
guys. It’s all so….taxing. Hey everyone, Laci Green here for DNews. Amidst
all of the sensationalism about the “obesity epidemic”, there lies a very important nugget
of information: Americans now consume 39% more added sugars in our food than we did
50 years ago. Particularly, we consume waaaaay more high fructose corn syrup. This is why
some experts say that sugary drinks like soda, energy drinks, and fruit juice cocktails are
driving their own public health issues. This has led scientists to try to figure out how
we can better curb our consumption of these sugary beverages, and one of the ways that
has been proposed is: higher taxes. Now even SAYING the word “tax” is generally
divisive one here in the good ol’ U-S-of-A, but a new study has found that a soda tax
might actually come with health benefits. An international study based at the Health
Economics Centre at Monash University concluded that by upping the taxes on soda, people will
lose weight — as much as 8 POUNDS in a year for those who drink a lot of it. In their analysis, they compared the economic
effect of 2 types of taxes: the first was a 20% tax and the second was a 20 CENT tax
per liter of soda. Both taxes are regressive, which basically means it affects the poor
more than the wealthy, but those effects aren’t overly pronounced in the study. With a 20%
tax, the effect impacts all consumption levels with a similar force, whereas the benefit
of a 20 CENT tax is that the tax burden increases when you buy more of the drinks. For the 20% tax, people are projected to lose
about 3 pounds, or 1.3 kilos, in a year. Those who drink A LOT of soda could see that number
doubled. The 20 cent tax had a more dramatic effect, kicking off an 8 pound weight loss,
or 3.6 kilos, in a year. This was only for the middle class though. Why? Researchers
at Duke found that for the rich, they’re still gonna buy the soda either way. For the poor,
they’re more likely to strategize — things like buying in bulk or waiting for sales.
So for both these groups, the health effects aren’t as likely to kick in as the middle
class. While these studies both find some health benefits, other studies have found
that taxes WON’T encourage healthier habits. A recent study by health economists at the
University of Iowa found that just because people are drinking less soda doesn’t mean
that they won’t find more calories elsewhere. So, what do YOU think about a soda tax? Is
it worthwhile if there’s a public health benefit? Or should people be encouraged to drink less
soda on their own — without the deterrence caused by taxes? Let me know what you think
down below, and we’ll be back soon with more DNews updates.

100 thoughts on “Does A Soda Tax Really Help Fight Obesity?

  1. It's been a year since I've had any type of sodas because of y'all's video about water that is has health benefits and it does I lose weight doing nothing just drinking my water lol

  2. If they do this with soda, whats stopping them from doing it to everything else? Even if they completely outlawed soda there would still be fat people.  This isn't a government issue.  Obviously a liberal came up with this.  

  3. "People are being penalized by cheap, addictive substances. Quick! Penalize them more with taxes." Why are we trying to curb a victims problem by penalizing the victim? That's like stopping rape by making a short skirt tax, or stopping murder by making a curfew tax. Penalize the offenders and not the victims. Look at tobacco. Poor people keep smoking, and paying its associated taxes, by paying less for other things elsewhere. Could we make a parts per measure law? How much sugar is too much sugar per measure?

  4. I don't think taxing soda is the answer…. why does the consumer have to pay more for the product, it's not fair…. I think there should be a legislation in which soda and food companies in general are not allowed to use artificial components and tons of sugar. The government should start there.

  5. I don't think taxing soda is the answer…. why does the consumer have to pay more for the product, it's not fair…. I think there should be a legislation in which soda and food companies in general are not allowed to use artificial components and tons of sugar. The government should start there.

  6. No, like everything else we do that's bad for us, it takes a personal decision to stop. Being a major soda consumer (> 40oz daily) myself, it took a hard line from my wife to switch to diet (and finally get used to the taste). Then a personal decision on my part to finally quit altogether. The remaining half dozen cans have sat untouched (for the most part) in my fridge for about a month now. I drink a large amount of water now comared with nearly none before and actually prefer it over soda. However I have noticed my desire for fruits go up. I started craving pineapple juice. Anyway, that's my 2 cents.

  7. Oh, I just read another comment and had to add another of my own to heartily agree. Anyone who's ever been at a supermarket knows that if you want to eat healthy you've got to be rolling in the money! Why don't they subsidize healthy food instead? Why does everything government does cost MORE money?

  8. Let people make their own damn decisions and don't decide to tax the hell out of unhealthy habits they have, whether it's smoking cigarettes, drinking alcoholic beverages, or drinking soda.

  9. It's bullshit, because 3-5 pounds doesn't make much of a difference. I can lose or gain that in a week. I drink soda constantly and I've got a lean muscular build. The problem isn't that we're consuming to many calories, because that doesn't matter. The problem is we aren't getting enough exercise.

  10. Because if they reduce the sugar the product would be pretty much ruined and could cause the whole company to go under.

  11. So the govt subsidizes corn farmers with our TAXES to make High Fructose Corn Syrup cheaper than normal sugar, creating health problems. Then they want to Tax HFCS products to solve the problems of High Fructose Corn Syrup???

  12. ahh but the weight you loose is actually your wallet becoming lighter due to less cash from another bullshit tax!

  13. This isn't good for poor people with fast metabolisms and low glucose retention. Even though I'm not athletic, I have to eat 4-5000 calories to maintain my body weight. That is expensive, and bananas, soda and nuts are some of the most important things in my diet. Otherwise, I literally begin to starve. I have a 4% body fat at 6'2'' and don't make a lot of money. Then there's the otherside of the coin for people with low appetites – like cancer patients – who are trying to get a high calorie density.

  14. I don't understand the difference between 20% and 20 cent tax. the latter disadvantages cheaper sodas, that's all.

  15. Well as a European who have been in New York. I was Shocked to find out that cheep crap food where cheaper to buy then Healty food.

    I think its scare when Soda cost more then just normal water, thats not right and its only fair that they put a tax on soda.

    As some have said, i am skinny ohhhh poor me. There is a thing called skinny fat, just because you are skinny doesent mean you are heality. You can stil have alot of fat stored in your body and even get heart attacks. So dont think you are safe just because you are skinny.

  16. Fat people have the choice to be fat or not, if they want to remain fat, go ahead, they will eat less when it kills them anyway..

  17. One of her last points was exactly right. I drink an absurd amount of soda, but when I don't I over eat. A lot

  18. Who does the government think they are trying to regulate something like that for the soul purpose of obiesity?

  19. To the people outside the US, especially from EU, your food and drinks are waaaay to sweet, ya'll need to get off the sugah.

  20. We are imposing a brand new tax, we do it because we are issued with your health.

    Am I missing something?

  21. i think it will work IF the ppl who are obese care about how much the soda is costing and the rise in prices of it.

  22. Well good bye im move to canada just jokeing but way science why cant a guy drink a 24pack of root beer 🙁

  23. If people can't help themselves around sugary food and drinks and as a result became obese, doesn't mean that raising a tax will necessarily help the problem.

    Food is like an addiction to them and they'll do anything to feed that craving . So personally I don't think the tax will help at all.

  24. Taxation of soda is by no means in anyway a deterrent. It's just a way to raise more revenue for the state so they can piss it all away faster. 

  25. i dont drink water, i can't drink water , it makes me dizzy , thirsty , and it makes me feel sick. it tastes bad and bitter (and yes i know those who drink it often say it has no taste but it taste bitter to me okay? ) as a child i could drink water , untill like 5 years old when i demanded soda. and i couldnt drink water ever since. 
    even the doc told me not to drink it because it makes me dizzy.
    im not allowed to drink soda either, but i drink it anyway because it makes me feel satisfied and not thirsty. i can't drink anything else like this. 

  26. Taxes I have a lot to say about this, but about soda I would think soda should be more then a dollar to encourage people to drink  less so  obesity in this world can finally go down.

  27. Sin taxes are unconstitutional. America was built on the idea freedom – individual liberty. What gives you or you or you the right to tell ME that because you think something is bad, I have to pay more for it.

    Some will rebut that argument by saying, "The majority voted on it and therefor it was their decision." So if the majority decides that being Jewish is illegal, we can kill all of the Jews? No! We live in America and therefor we have the right to individual liberty! Perfect example? Gay marriage. America voted that gay marriage should be illegal. You know what the supreme court did? They looked at the constitution and said, "Actually, this is America and you have a right to individual liberty so they can't decide that for you!" And they overturned illegal gay marriage.

    I live in Berkeley and a soda tax was just put in place yesterday. The government should not have the power to slowly ebb away at the freedom for which this country was built upon. TYRANNY OF THE MAJORITY.

  28. This will do us no good at all. Sugar is like cigarettes. They keep raising price of cigarettes and people still smoke if they wanna smoke. Same with pop.

  29. I don't quite think it will work. There are other ways to do it, like regulating the amount of sugar and banning aspartame.

  30. Taxes won't help, it will just cause people to spend more money on their drink of choice. What they need to do is to make healthy alternatives cheaper. There are probably countless alternatives, but they are not easy for the general public to get a lot of because they charge about twice the amount for these alternatives. All the food industry and government wants is our money.

  31. The soda tax is good and it help people, literary help of the fucking soda is full of sugar. And if it hurt the poor than what the fuck are you drinking it for? If it is part of your diet then damn their is something wrong with that. You can get water for free by using the sank

  32. This kind of nonsense really just makes my blood fucking boil.
    The only reason this is even an issue is because some people believe in government-run healthcare.
    For anyone who doesn't like things like soda or cigarette taxes, but wants universal healthcare, you are a hypocrite.
    This is why the right pushes against single-payer health systems, because once we all have to pay for each other's healthcare, we start caring about what each person is doing with their own, personal, private fucking bodies.
    This is absolutely, 100% a complete and utter infringement on American rights.
    This is NOT about "trying to make American healthier", this is about the government literally taking whatever means necessary to change American's lifestyles to fit what they think is best.
    I'm so outraged by things like this.
    If you're a Democrat, you believe in this garbage.
    Please, leave America. Now.
    I'm going to go eat a double cheeseburger, smoke a cigarette, and drink a fucking 2-liter of soda simply out of spite, you condescending, arrogant pieces of fucking shit. God, this makes me so angry and it should make every American angry.

  33. This tax isn't there to help anyone health wise. This tax is a revenue generator. If they're serious about this being done for the benefit of the people, prove it to me by using that tax to subsidize my health care to affordable rates with decent deductables. Something tells me THOSE costs will continue to increase and outpace wage increases. All this is going to do is cost me 20 cents more for a 2 liter? I wouldn't even notice, I'd ASSUME it was inflation if I wasn't told.

  34. it's just an example of stupid parents blaming everything but themselves. I drink a soda essentially every day and do I have diabetese? fuck no, when they say that there lying, sure some people are more prone to diabetes, but does that mean everyone one is, no, no it fucking doesnt. stop picking on soda companies and blaming them for your kids lack of self control. maybe your kids obese because your letting them drink 16 sodas a day, but hey that's just my guess

  35. So let me get this straight. A soda tax will decrease obesity? Really! So I guess the concept is that consumers will potentially stop buying the product. People still may purchase the the product regardless of the tax, but the tax is a grocery tax no matter how they slice it, dress it up and air these bogus commercials. Soda is really the least of things causing obesity though it is somewhat apart of it. Its more so junk food, fast food and hormones put into a lot of what we buy at the grocery stores. If this tax passes then it won't be to long before we hear about a tax on sweets, junk food and fast food. It will be all done one at a time with the same ridiculous commercials. I actually saw a lady fake crying on one of them, talking about how she so worried about children's health. Yeah right! Government is a piece of work.

  36. I remember when NY increased the tax on cigarettes and people just went over to Jersey to get them. I agree that sugar is a huge cause of obesity. I lost weight just cutting out soda, but it doesnt help when the people don't want to change. You really need to be educated and then take responsibility.

  37. No way does this fight obesity All of the states that do this just want more money that's all there is to it they just want more money pretty soon they will tax the air and we all will have to pay money to breathe the air

  38. to answer the title question… No….most people will drive a few miles and buy their soda or sugery drinks and their groceries a few miles down the road, all this will do is hurt local businesses.

  39. A soda tax isn't enough, a sugar tax is required. Its the same principal behind taxes on alcohol and tobacco, markets don't take into account externalities of consumption thus government intervention is required.

  40. Just ban sugar from being put into soda. Then buy the sweetner of your choice,sugar, saccharin,acesulfame,aspartame,neotame,sucralose or stevia, But really its just a scheme get more money from the poor people who can't afford to go elsewhere to buy a sugar ladened soft drink,the politicians lie that for your own good!

  41. I saw a burger and a soda bottle 4.00 while I saw a salad with some fresh water 6.00 they don't give a damn about your health better go protest this shit

  42. Truth from Philly:
    So here we are, with the soda tax. Funny thing… when the prices of soda jumped… so did the prices of bottled water and orange juice, etc. Why you ask? Because shops make more money per ounce on fountain sodas than they do per bottle of (insert bottled drink here). So the effect they claimed they were going for actually had a negative effect in making the price jump on the non-sugary drinks to keep the sugary drinks competitive. We need a stupid politician tax. And now to try and sell the tax to ya they cry "FOR THE CHILDREN" So they went after smokers with crazy taxes and nobody spoke out. They are doing it with soda and nobody speaks out. What's next? Cookies cakes candy? Then pizzas, cheese steaks, and fries? Worst part is even if it worked and people stopped drinking these drinks they already got used to the money so the tax will continue to rise to compensate as people stop drinking those kinds of drinks. Politicians are complete idiots.

  43. Soda taxes don't work because they affect low incomes and poor families it doesn't affect middle class upper class or working class and it's been proven that people buy soft drink and it is not with work because it it's another tax we pay enough tax on cigarettes and alcohol we don't need a tax on soft drink it's just an unnecessary tax and I'm with all the soft drink manufacturers on this and thay need to proemote healthy drinking and moderation of soft drink thay don't need a soda tax is unnecessary we live in a democracy not a dictatorship we have a right to choose and we don't need a tax on soft drink it takes our away our right to choose what we want if it becomes too expensive people won't choose it so we have a right

  44. tax on sugary products doesn't solve the problem alone. but at least it helps a little.

    if they are serious about it… they can simply put a weighing conditions to qualify for car license or employment.

    if you are obese you are not allowed to get license of renew your license. you will be fired if you don't get your weigh better … you will be given 4months to do that. lol

  45. Let me tell you how it will be
    There's one for you, nineteen for me.
    Cos I'm the taxman, yeah, I'm the taxman.

    Should five per cent appear too small
    Be thankful I don't take it all.
    Cos I'm the taxman, yeah I'm the taxman.

    If you drive a car, I'll tax the street.
    If you try to sit, I'll tax your seat.
    If you get too cold I'll tax the heat.
    If you take a walk, I'll tax your feet.

    If you take a drink, I'LL TAX THE SWEET!


  46. but hey…Abortion on Demand…with other people's money…yay!

    So much for my body, my choice.

    btw, this ditz is insufferable, not cute.

  47. Visual Translation: Ahhh, see how cute tyranny is? Come on everybody put your ankle chains on, bend over, and star picking up all those rocks to rebuild the utopia of enlightened enslavement! Yaaaaaay!!!!!

  48. It definitely encourages people a less healthier option.. diet soda aka aspartame aka chemicals aka methyl aka meth

  49. So what's the aim of these claims? Tax junk foods and drinks is indeed a ploy to rob the people. Thus if this is effective would it not bankrupt these companies? The middle class are the ones who try to find most effective means to keep pushing. Destroy the middle class and what do you have left? The rich/ The poor.

  50. The first nation to tax soda – Denmark – repealed the tax. They were losing business. People went to Sweden to buy their soda.

  51. This seems like just a scheme to make money for the government to waste on useless crap, I cut down my sugary drink intake by 95% because my health was starting to go bad. Governments should not be allowed to tell people what they can and cannot put into their bodies.

  52. No, but it’s yet another scam to raise more taxes ………. if you want to have a good laugh about the most resourceful and almost genius ways on how to rip off tax payers, have a good look at what kind and how many different types of taxes the European welfare state scamers came up with !!!!!

  53. I think the end problem is that it’s trying to control people’s lives through government interference I the government really wanted to help reduce deaths they would be investing in self driving car technology to reduce car crash deaths or healthier gmo crops to make healthy foods cheaper but instead there exploiting the poor for money

  54. higher taxes on Soda does nothing. just look at all the taxes they put on cigarettes it doesn't stop people from smoking.

  55. Taxing the products consumers buy is not the way to fix the problem. This problem needs to be tackled from the companies that produce the products where it all starts in the first place.
    The poor consumers are buying all these products in good faith and then being taxed for it, it makes my blood boil!!

  56. Well people will just buy 2 x 375ml bottles of sugary fizzy drink to get 750 ml of it at the old 1 x 500ml price now.

  57. In the uk they have took sugar out of most drinks (also with sugar tax) and by doing this the drinks taste disgusting, me personally have stoped buying them,

  58. We can use the soda-tax funds in health and nutrition education, and just as you say, give discount cards for greens and healthy food to the ones that need it. One of the biggest problems on public health is that being healthy has become a luxury. We cannot make soda go away, but we can incentive people to make that decision, but that incentive needs to be funded, and there's where the soda tax come in.

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