Do Teens and Parents Know Forgotten 90s Cartoons?

Do Teens and Parents Know Forgotten 90s Cartoons?

– Oh!
– Oh, oh, oh what’s it called? – Oh, wait wait.
– What’s it called? – Oh my gosh, if I get it
and you don’t… – I watched it as a kid.
– Shame on you! – I’m a bad mother
if you don’t know what this is. ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) Today, we have another
nostalgic episode of Do They Know It? – Oh man,
do they know what? (laughs) – (FBE) We’ll be testing your
’90s knowledge yet again with some throwback cartoons, including a few
less than iconic ones. – Oh, it’s gonna be cake.
It’s gonna be a cake walk right here. – What?
– That’s my time, you know? That’s when I was in high school. – Are you kidding me?
– Oh! – I literally wasn’t alive.
This is rigged. (laughs) – We have terrible memories.
– (laughs) We’re done. – (FBE) I’ll show you a clip,
a you’ll both write down an answer. Tyler, first we’ll tell you
if you’re right or wrong, and then mom,
we’ll see if you knew it too. – Okay, alright.
(Tyler laughs) – Yay, I’m so excited!
– I’m ready. ♪ (quirky interlude) ♪ – Oh.
– That’s easy. – Oh. (both laugh) – (laughs) Do you know what that is?
– What in the world is this? – I know who this is though. – Alright, I know exactly
what this is. – You know you are dead
if you don’t know this. – I know what it is,
I just don’t know how to spell it. – (FBE) Vivica, let’s see your answer. – Anime Girl.
(Don laughs) – (FBE) Tyler, do you know it?
– I do, it’s Sailor Moon. – I put Sailor Moon.
– (FBE) That’s correct! – Yeah! – Is it?
– (FBE) That’s right! – It is?
– (FBE) That’s it! – I’ve never actually seen it.
– Have you watched it? – No, I’ve never actually seen it.
– How do you know? – It’s the outfit. A lot of people on the internet
wear that costume for like memes and stuff.
– That’s what it is, because you watch a lot of
internet stuff, that’s why. – (FBE) This show is Sailor Moon.
– (both) Sailor Moon? – Oh shoot.
– What station was this on? – I ain’t never seen this
in my life in the ’90s. – No clue.
(both laugh) – No idea, sorry. – This is what I put down.
– (FBE) Wonder Woman? – Wonder Woman, like what? – (FBE) Kae, did you know it?
– I did! – (FBE) That’s correct!
– Yes! – You had to put a little heart on it? – Yeah, because it’s Tori’s favorite.
– You’re just like Tori. ♪ (quirky interlude) ♪ – (man) No really, we’re talking
mondo hot chili here. – Oh, oh, oh!
What’s his name? – Oh, I know this one, I think! – (groans) He looks so familiar! – Oh, this is killing me. – (man) Bon appetit!
– I think I know this. – Wow.
– Ugh, what’s his name? – (Johnny) This ain’t so hot.
– He look like Elvis. (Johnny screams) – Oh, I know what it is.
I know it. – Now this one I’ve never seen.
I thought I did for a second, but no. – Only…
– (FBE) Did you know it? – I don’t know. – (FBE) Ooh, not quite. – Yeah, Johnny Bravo? – (FBE) Correct!
– Oh my God! – I got it! – Johnny Bravo, that’s his name?
– (FBE) That is correct. – I remembered seeing these. I didn’t know that
any of these were ’90s, I guess. – How do you, like when were you
watching this stuff, and where was I? – (FBE) Alright Kae, did you know it? – No, I don’t know why
I put this one. – No, that’s not…
– Do you know who this is? – I do know who Jimmy,
that was kinda my time, I think. – Oh, is it? – Let’s see what you put?
– Jhonny something, but I also spelled Johnny wrong. – Question mark, I have no idea.
– Question mark! – Elvis cartoon. (laughs)
– I looked like Elvis on there. I don’t know.
– Good guess. ♪ (quirky interlude) ♪ – (teacher) Welcome to
the small intestine. – (screams) I watched this! – Oh, I know this one.
– Yes! – Got this already. (laughs) You don’t know that? – What is this?
– Everyone knows this. – Oh my God, no no no.
Ooh, okay, I had the name and then I lost it,
and then I got it. – Stop talking.
I’m thinking. – You know this. – This would play all the time. I even watched this in school. Like this is what happens
when your science teacher doesn’t wanna teach a lesson,
they’re like here you go. – Magic School Bus! – The Magic School Bus. – Magic School Bus, what?
(Vivica laughs) – The Magic School Bus! – Is it Magic School Bus?
– (FBE) It is! – And then I wrote
Ms. Frizzle, is that how you spell
Ms. Frizzle? – (FBE) That is Ms. Frizzle.
– Yes, okay! – You’re a cartoon nerd. – (FBE) Sylvia, did you know it? – Yes, I did.
– Yay! – My answer is her answer. – You wrote the arrow
the wrong way! (laughs) – I just realized that. I was like wait a minute,
I’m going this way! – I put Ralph.
– Ralph? – I seen a R on his shirt,
maybe it’s Ralph or something, I don’t know. – This is not looking
good for you, buddy. – I’m still failing, guys! This is not good.
Give me one good one, please! ♪ (quirky interlude) ♪ – (Pepper) Joey Bean couldn’t
tie his own shoes until last summer. – Oh, I have no idea
what this is. – (Pepper) And I’ve got
the perfect plan. – What is this?
What is this, no! – What? – (Pepper) Who’s your boyfriend?
– (girl) Sean. – What?
– This is Disney. – I’ve never seen that
in my whole entire life. – Oh my gosh,
I don’t remember this one. – Never even like seen
a clip of this. – It’s part of like that Hey Arnold
and stuff era. – Oh, then yeah, I have no idea. That’s the only one
I know is Hey Arnold. – I have no answer.
– Absolutely not. – No idea.
– A couple white dots. – (laughs) What is that?
– (FBE) Sean! – I heard him say it in that clip,
he said Sean, so. – That’s probably one of
the friends’ names, Sean. – Yeah, but, okay, just… I know.
– Hey, I can’t really talk. – (FBE) The correct answer
is Pepper Ann. – Okay. (laughs)
– Who? – What? – Margie?
– Margie? (laughs) – She looks like her name
could be Margie. – It did.
– No! – No, I don’t. (laughs)
– What did you put? – Do you know who Rocco is?
– (FBE) Rocko’s Modern Life? – What?
– Do you know who this is? – No.
– No. (laughs) – I just wanted to call it
the Sean Show, just because Sean was the boyfriend,
I don’t know. I had to write something! ♪ (quirky interlude) ♪ ♪ (somber music) ♪ (Madeline speaks French) – Ooh!
(both laugh) I got excited. – Ah, I know this!
– Me too! – Yay!
– You know this one, huh? – Yes. – She looks really familiar. – (laughs) What is this?
– What the heck is going on here? – The little girl looks familiar,
but I have no idea. – This is my chance
to make us tied, so I’m not telling you. (laughs) – No idea again. – Rivals, what? – ‘Cause they were
going at it, you know? – I wrote so close. – (FBE) That’s right! – Really?
– Yes! – Madeline!
– (FBE) You got it! – Yay, she was so cute.
I used to even read like the little books of her. – I know you did.
– So cute. – I read the books,
and I’ve seen like, wasn’t there like a newer show? – I read you guys the books.
– Or something like that? Yeah, I’ve seen those,
but not this. – But the French gave it away. – (FBE) Did you know it, Don?
– Nope. But I had the M right,
I had the M first, Magic Castle. – Magic Castle? – (FBE) Kae, did you know it?
– I did! – Yay!
– (FBE) Correct, you got it! – Yes, I got it! – I spelled it wrong,
but I knew one! – Really, wow!
I know the character. She was in books,
and I think they made a movie. – I’m so proud of you.
– If I’m not mistaken, yeah. Hey, I knew one! ♪ (quirky interlude) ♪ – (Olie) An ice cream planet! – Oh!
– Oh, oh, oh, what’s it called? – Oh, oh, oh wait!
– What’s it called? – Oh my God, shoot. I watched this. – Oh my gosh,
if I get it and you don’t. – I watched it as a kid!
– Shame on you. – I just, oh my God. – What the heck is this?
– No, really? I’m a bad mother
if you don’t know what this is. – (mom) Right here in Polieville.
– In what-ville? (laughs) – (Olie) On the ice cream planet?
– This is on now. This comes on now,
like reruns and stuff. What’s it called,
Polka Dot Family? – It’s familiar to me, but…
– I know it. I watched it all the time. – I’ve seen this,
but like so long ago. It sounded like the kid said
Bullyville or something, so I just guessed that.
– The Buggles? – (FBE) Not quite.
– Oh. (both laugh) – No idea once again. – I don’t have an answer.
– Oh no. – Um…
– No, no, no, no, you gotta know this one.
– Oh uh… – Grounded if you don’t. – I don’t think I could even talk
when I was watching this show. – I got nothing,
but I did watch this show. – (FBE) So the correct answer
is Rolie Polie Olie. – Oh, I knew that! – I mispelled it, I don’t know,
but it’s Rolly Polly! – (FBE) I’ll take it.
– Yes! – I am sorry Tori. (laughs) – Didn’t know it. I’ve seen it before, but never,
and the name sounds familiar. – (laughs) The Dot Family.
– The Dot Family. – I’m very disappointed
in myself, too. (laughs) – Yeah, I watched it
all the time though. – Sorry Rolie Polie Olie! – I am disappointed.
– Disappointed. ♪ (quirky interlude) ♪ – (dog) Hey, what’s my name?
– (dog) Weeniepants. (Sylvia laughs)
– (dog) That’s not my name! – (dog) Booger?
– (dog) No! – (dog) Stinky?
– (dog) No, no, no! – (dog) I don’t know.
– (dog) Hmm. – Hmm.
– No. (laughs) – We are doomed,
that’s all I’m saying. – In the famous words
of the character on the show, I don’t know.
– Is it Doggie? – I’m just gonna put Dog. – Nope, I don’t know. (laughs) – I don’t have an answer. – (FBE) The correct answer
is 2 Stupid Dogs. – (both) 2 Stupid Dogs. – I ain’t never heard of this
in my life. – That actually looks funny, I’d probably actually
watch that cartoon. – Nothing, I wish I would
have drawn my face of a dog, maybe I could’ve got
credit for that. – Ren and Stimpy.
I thought that it was Ren and Stimpy. – I just guessed Stinky. I don’t know, he said Stinky. – Never heard of this. (laughs) – What’d you put, Dog World?
– Yeah, it was two dogs. ♪ (quirky interlude) ♪ – (Peanut) Let’s keep thinking.
– (Jelly) Wait, I got it! – Who?
– It’s in Disney Junior. – (Peanut) The water sound?
– What are those, bears? – I think this show is
about this duck. – Oh no.
This one looks so familiar. – (Jelly) Look, it’s running downhill. – (Flick) So, you ever seen
the creek run uphill? – (Jelly) It must keep going down
until it finally reaches Lake Hoohaw. – Lake Hooha? – (Peanut) Or we can follow it there,
what a great idea! – No idea.
– I think I know. – I’m just trying to think of
like any creative name that involves otters. – I put Otters and Duck.
‘Cause that’s what I saw. – No idea. (laughs)
– You’re sad. – I have nothing. – The Otter Show.
– The Ugly Duckling. – (FBE) Nope!
(both laugh) The correct answer is PB&J Otter. – Yes!
– Did you get it? – I get why it’s called that.
– Alright, I was way off. My first thing was to figure out
what the heck type of animals are these, like,
yeah, I’m like really struggling. I’m like okay, they’re near water,
so my guess was Beavers, I don’t know. – (FBE) Kae, did you know it? – Nope, again late ’90s, early 2000s, Britney Spears came out,
so at that time, I was not watching these cartoons.
– Yeah. – I didn’t watch that show. – 2 Stupid Bears.
I don’t know. – 2 Stupid Bears,
the Ugly Duckling. Hey, we were onto something. – I just forgot the Otter part.
(laughs) – I wonder if they do
any of these on reruns now. Like if any of these ’90s cartoons
have come back and there’s kids watching ’em now. I’d be kind of curious to see. ♪ (quirky interlude) ♪ – Thanks for watching
Do They Know It? – On the REACT Channel! – Let us know in the comments…
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  2. Damn 4/8, Fucking wack! I sucked at this… I’m so sad to see nobody really knew about 2 stupid dogs. Also, why does that one mom look like the 1st lady, Melania Trump?😂

  3. I knew everything single one of those shows my childhood right here I Loved PB&J Otter Playhouse Disney was my jam back in the day 👍🏻#True90sKid 🙂👍🏻

  4. imsorry this more like the try not to sorta get mad challenge cause how do you not know half these shows when we were close to having a mid 90s take back

  5. 6/8, I didn't do to bad. But omg PB & J Otter and Rolie polie olie really take me back. I saw Rolie polie olie in concert once when I was 4-5 years old. First ever trip to Disney

  6. 6/8 from a kid from 1993 looking through the comments yeah "2 stupid dogs" and "pepper Ann" no one knows do i dont feel to bad although i do defiantly remember seeing them whether i actually regularly watched any no one knows (although i did guess Rollie Pollie from Rollyville)

  7. 6/8 from a kid from 1993 looking through the comments yeah "2 stupid dogs" and "pepper Ann" no one knows do i dont feel to bad although i do defiantly remember seeing them whether i actually regularly watched any no one knows (although i did guess Rollie Pollie from Rollyville)

  8. I knew all but the final 2. I didn't have Disney channel growing up, and Fox Kids to me was more about other cartoons. I was a Kids WB kid growing up.

  9. How is sailor moon forgotten?! Or Johnny Bravo? Or magic school bus? Madeline? Pepper Ann was great so was PB&J 😍
    Never seen or heard of Rollie Pollie may not have been on Aussie tv.
    I'm 27 and grew up with these. I don't think the parents are young enough for these shows.

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  13. Got all of the right but the last one I thought was pb and otter lol probably last watch that show in like 2001 maybe

  14. Quite a few of these were shows for little kids. The parents were too old for watching them in the 90s. They were probably high school and a show like Madeline was made for kinder age kids.

  15. How is Sailor Moon forgotten…. they still sell so much merch and Crystal just finished fairly recently

  16. Two stupid dogs came out on the year I was born. The one thing I remember about it was this: Well isn't that nice…..BUT IT'S WROOOOONG!!!!!!

  17. They don’t know Sailor Moon? How- She’s a meme / cosplay / reference EVERYWHERE ( it being petty, just honestly surprised)

  18. Man, some of those were some obscure picks. I almost missed the orange robots, but vaguely remember it being on in the mornings when I left for school.

  19. Wait ?? You had "les zouzous"("Rolly Polly"(????)) in the usa ???? I Always thought it was a french show only, because they were the mascot of a french public television show for kids

  20. These parents could be my children and I saw all of those shows hated 2 stupid dogs I love kid shows still watch dora and friends and blues clues have no children never have am only adult in theaters to see kids films the looks I get lol

  21. As a 23 year old I didnt know pepper ann, 2 stupid dogs, and PB and J otter. I recognized them but didnt know the names

  22. I was so disappointed no one knew pepper Ann and 2 stupid dogs. It were two of my favorite shows as a kid. But maybe I was born on the right time. Because those parents are maybe approximately 10 years older then me and those teens are approximately 10 years younger then me.

  23. I couldn't remember 2 Stupid Dogs or Pepper Ann, but I knew all the rest AND can still sing the Rolie Polie Olie theme song.

  24. Never seen Pepper Ann, but I knew two stupid dogs and PB and J Otter, I just couldn't name them. It's been ages since I've thought about those shows.

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