Diet Pills Do a Fat Lot of Good

Diet Pills Do a Fat Lot of Good

Diets Pills Do a Fat Lot of Good” A billion people in the world
are now overweight. And, that’s great news for the $13 billion
weight loss supplement industry. Reported at the International Congress
on Obesity in Stockholm recently— a review of common “slimming
supplements” versus placebo, and not one worked better
than the sugar pills. No evidence that any of these food
supplements provide adequate treatment for weight loss, so looks like
we’ll just have to stick with food. That was the conclusion reached
in a similar review out of the Weight Management Center at Johns
Hopkins recently, which ended with this: “[I]t is fitting to highlight that perhaps
the most general and safest alternative/herbal approach to
weight control is to substitute low-energy density foods
for high-energy density and processed foods, thereby
reducing total energy intake. [In other words, more whole plant
foods and fewer animals and junk.] By taking advantage of the low-energy
density and health-promoting effects of plant-based foods, one may be able to
achieve weight loss, or at least assist weight maintenance without cutting
down on the volume of food consumed or compromising its nutrient value.”

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