Diet & Nutrition : How to Become Obese

Diet & Nutrition : How to Become Obese

Hi, my name’s Charlotte Skiles. I’m a nutrition
consultant and clinical herbalist with Eat in Peace Wellness Consulting, located in Austin,
Texas. And today’s topic is actually how to become obese, and I kind of appreciate this
because dealing with a lot of weight loss clients, this is the flip side of that. So
we have an epidemic in this country of obesity, and I have some ideas around that, one of
which is our sedentary lifestyle that we…that we lead in this modern world. Our ancestors
basically walked, it is estimated, six miles a day. Not many people can say that they walk
six miles a day. So that would be one factor in terms of how to become obese would be to
not to move and exercise your body in a way that makes you feel good. The second factor
here is the food supply. We have a lot of food in our food supply that isn’t food. High
fructose corn syrup would be one major ingredient in our food supply that contributes to obesity.
People drink a lot of soft drinks. And the body simply does not know what to do with
high fructose corn syrup. It cannot possibly metabolize it fast enough and it simply turns
all of it into fat because the body just can’t burn things that quickly. And it’s not anything
that the body recognizes. And what I mean when I talk about non-foods are foods that
we cannot find in nature, and that makes up our food supply, and that is basically eating
those foods is how you become obese. So my recommendation, if you want to avoid obesity,
would be to eat the foods that Mother Nature intended for us to eat. So basically, this
means in theory, if I can’t find it out in nature, pick it from the ground, pluck it
from a tree, milk it, even, you know, kill it. That sounds harsh, but in terms of our
animals that is a food that exists in nature, then I simply don’t eat it. And those foods
that don’t fall under those categories of what exists in nature is how you become obese
is eating those foods. So thank you. That’s what I have to say about how to become obese.

10 thoughts on “Diet & Nutrition : How to Become Obese

  1. You mean eat the foods that GOD THE CREATOR intended us to eat. Its all in the Bible what we should eat, and what we should not. Mother nature nothing.

  2. Because HE is in everything. Funny, you don't seem to have a problem with people who put "Mother Nature" into everything. Thats Wiccan, you know.

  3. Yes, God is real. He created everything. Also, Wicca is very much tied to Satanism. Yes, you do find people who put "Mother Nature" into everything- in most everything secular as a way to stamp out God , the Creator.

  4. You have a misconception about what Christianity is.Jesus befriended the lost, so that they might come know Him and be saved. I realize Wicca was an early religion, like Paganism. That all came from a fallen nature of sin. The true God revealed Himself in the Bible- which is also a history book of the Jews.

  5. You're trying to pick a fight with me, but I'm not interested. Believing in God is not ignorant, btw. I never knew there was a debate. Just pray and ask God about what to do . He will let you know.

  6. I never bashed other religions- and you are the one who is narrow minded. Im not Later Day Saints. They are a cult anyway.

  7. Dear i want to become fatty and obese thus i watch your video but i don't found any good and detail method of becoming obese, so kindly please upload a new rich video which can let us understand and teach us how to become obese….

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