Did the participants really lose weight?? (result) [Happy Together/2020.03.05]

Since this was an experiment, we should check the results. We’ll now see how you all did. We constantly mentioned this during the last episode, but your goal was to pick up sustainable habits and lose 4kg of body fat. That was your goal. You had your blood drawn too and you have the results in front of you. You’re all done. We’ll be checking your weights in the studio today. First up is Hyunmoo. Please step on the body composition scale. – Come on! / – Come on! – Let’s get it. / – Let’s get it. All I hope for is an improvement. Can I strip down? (He’s eager.) You should strip if you’re not confident. My underwear too? I doubt they’ll weigh much. Just get on the scale. (Unbelievable) The sweater seems heavy though. – This sweater is. / – Exactly. (Stripping) (They all take off their tops.) My earrings are heavy, so off with them too. What kind of changes has the month of hard work brought you? (Measuring weight) (Measuring muscle mass) (Measuring body fat) (Calculating BMI and body fat percentage) All right. The scale has made its measurements. (Measurement taken) (What is the result of their experiment?) We will now see the progress you made over the past month. Your goal was to lose body fat rather than weight. And having a positive change was your desired outcome. We’ll start with Hyunmoo’s measurements. Please show us Hyunmoo’s measurements! (Hyunmoo’s result) (He ate his meal in 5 minutes) (and kept an imbalanced diet.) (Hyunmoo’s weight-loss program) (Solution performance report) (Hyunmoo’s result) (2030 method, 1 salad a day, regular meal pattern,) (Eat protein, eat at the cafeteria, hula hooping) Please show us Hyunmoo’s measurements! (Subject 2’s body composition measurement) What happened? (Blinking) (Hyunmoo’s body composition measurement) (He lost 0.8kg of body fat and weight.) – Well, if you see… / – But there was an improvement! (There was an improvement!) I guess so. You lost 0.8kg of body fat. And that’s the only amount of weight I lost. He only lost body fat. – Yes. / – That’s great though. That’s a good thing. It’s still not that bad. He lost body fat while maintaining his muscle. Some lose weight by losing muscle mass. – Right. / – That’s right. I was able to lose only body fat though. He did work out. Besides, this isn’t a bad progress from a long-term perspective. He’s not trying to lose weight in a short period. Hyunmoo didn’t lose as much body fat as planned, but this is just the beginning. – That’s right. / – His blood analysis! Let’s check his blood analysis too. I’ve been curious about this. There’s improvement! – That’s right. / – Compared to the blue bars, you’ll see that the red bars show a lower number. – You’re right. / – What we most worried about were the amount of cholesterol and LDL cholesterol. The numbers have dropped. (There was a drop in numbers.) – This is the power of salads. / – Exactly. (The MVP is salads?) So as you can see, he didn’t make a lot of progress during the month, but he has done enough to make a habit of these tasks. It’ll be nice if he keeps up the good work. If I stick to this kind of diet, – it’ll lower my cholesterol. / – That’s right. Imagine losing 1kg of body fat a month over the course of 6 months. You’ll see a drop in your LDL cholesterol as well. Good. Anyway, Hyunmoo saw positive results. (It was a good start.) Good. Now let’s check Saeho’s measurements. Gosh, I’m nervous. (Subject 3’s result) (Subject 3) 2020 is my final year in my 30s. That’s why I wish to begin a healthy and sustainable diet. (Weeks 1 and 2: A glass of water for a shot of alcohol) Let’s eat. (Week 3: Having breakfast) I am currently enjoying a lower-body bath. I can do it! (Week 4: Lower-body bathing) Give me five more. (Working out 2: Voluntary workout sessions) (Solution performance report) (Saeho’s result) (Keeping an empty stomach for 3 hours before bed,) (Lower-body bathing, eating fruit, and others) I’m sure Saeho has high expectations. (Subject 3’s body composition measurement) – My gosh. / – No way. I lost a lot. You really did. (Saeho’s body composition measurement) Look at your progress. – I lost a lot. / – You really did. This is all thanks to the exercise you did. (His voluntary workout sessions were effective.) He went from being severely obese to just obese. You’re not severely obese anymore. Right, that’s progress. – You lost 8.7kg of body fat. / – Exactly. You also lost 5.6kg of weight. He gained muscle mass and lost body fat. His progress report couldn’t be more ideal. – You gained muscle mass. / – You did. You gained 2kg of muscle. So working out is truly important. That is why one must check their body composition measurements. If this was a normal scale, you’d think he only lost 5kg. However, he lost more of that in terms of body fat and gained lean muscle. It makes you want to keep up the good habits. – Right. / – Exactly. Losing 4kg of body fat was your goal, but he lost double that amount. Let’s now check his blood analysis. As you can see… – There’s a huge drop. / – Exactly. Everything dropped in your case. You became a lot healthier. The bad cholesterol such as LDL cholesterol dropped as well as neutral fat. His blood sugar level dropped as well. There was an improvement in every sector. – Saeho, good job! / – I did a good job. – So it actually worked. / – This is so cool. Hyunhee’s up next. If you remember, I was obsessed with my weight. (Hyunhee’s result) It’s for my health, and if I have a baby… (She is looking forward to being a mother one day.) (Weeks 1 and 2: Brushing teeth before and after meals) (Week 3: Walking 10,000 steps a day) (Week 4: Eating with teaspoons) – What is that? / – Gosh, it’s delicious. (Weeks 1 and 2: Eating child-sized portions) I’ll stick to mostly green onions. Don’t stress out too much about it. Yes, I know. (Solution performance report) (Brushing teeth before and after meals,) (Exercising with the Zumba dance, and others) Let’s look at Hyunhee’s measurements. – I bet she did well. / – She worked hard. You lost 3.1kg of body fat. Really? I lost some weight? – Yes. / – 5.2kg of weight. You lost 5kg of weight. (She lost 3.1kg of body fat.) All I did was walk. I didn’t do any kind of muscle building. That’s why you lost muscle mass as well. – Exactly. / – Right. You lost muscle mass too. Here’s what you can take from this. Hyunhee lost 5kg of weight, but not all of it was body fat. – She also lost muscle mass. / – Right. – Because she only walked. / – That’s all I did. If you go on an extreme calorie deficit diet… I only ate small portions. It can lead to losing muscle mass. Incorporating weight training into your diet will help you maintain your metabolism. So that’s a downside of dieting. This is common among women who try to lose weight. In some cases, extreme diets by women can lead to an extreme loss of muscle mass. – You only see a drop on the weight scale. / – Right. I checked my weight every morning and that brought me joy. You may not see a difference in weight over the course of a month if you gain muscle while trying to lose weight. However, in terms of body composition, you will see a loss of body fat and that you gained muscle. That’s how you know you’re on the right track. Ideally, you want to lose body fat and gain muscle. – Right. / – That’s what you’re saying. – I feel great. I lost 3kg. / – Tell me about it. – My body fat… / – Let’s check your blood analysis. – Her blood analysis. / – What happened? Something peaked. You also had a drop in terms of cholesterol. – Right. / – But the neutral fat… Why did she gain neutral fat? However, there’s a spike in her neutral fat. The neutral fat number can spike and then drop depending on what you eat before the blood was drawn. – What did you eat? / – What did you have? Can there be a spike in numbers if I eat something – the day before? / – Yes. It reacts to what you ate the day before. That’s why we don’t consider that – a major factor. / – I see. Her drop in LDL cholesterol is more important. – Right. / – I see. I’m also curious about Junha’s results too. – I’m nervous. / – Out of all the subjects here, – Yes, he’s the main event. / – he’s the hero. (“Just One Month”) (He was given a list of habits to keep) (that was the combination) (of all the others’ solutions.) (He challenged himself for a month for his son.) I felt bad for him and myself. (Weeks 1 and 2: A glass of water for a shot of alcohol) (Weeks 1 and 2: The 2030 method) (Week 4: Rotate the hula hoop 100 times a day) (Voluntary workout sessions) (How did Subject 4 do?) (Body Design Challenge Complete) Out of all the subjects here, – Yes, he’s the main event. / – he’s the hero. Let’s take a look. (Solution performance report) (They all cheer.) He maintained his muscle mass. (Junha’s body composition measurement) (He lost 6.2kg of body fat and 6.3kg of weight.) He maintained his muscle mass. That’s most important, right? Isn’t it ideal to lose just body fat? – Yes. / – That’s right. He should be proud of himself for losing 6kg of body fat in a month. That’s amazing. He didn’t lose much muscle either. Was it because he drank a glass of water with every shot of alcohol he took? Yes, I guess you can say that. He worked out consistently too. – That he did. / – Right. I’m satisfied with the result since my goal was to lose 4kg of body fat. – This is great. / – Exactly. You did well. Let’s check your blood analysis next. – There’s improvement. / – Yes, in every sector. You were worried about your glucose level, but it dropped to about 105. At this rate, your glucose level will be back to normal by next year. – Congratulations, Junha. / – This is great. – Goodness. / – Junha, you should keep up this diet and lower your glucose level even more. – Exactly. / – I truly hope that. So we saw how everyone did in a month.

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