Diabetes Weightloss — How David Lost 26 Pounds in 5 Months

Diabetes Weightloss — How David Lost 26 Pounds in 5 Months

At the end of the day, it’s all about me being
able to run faster. How do I run faster? By losing
weight. How am I going to lose weight? By keeping my blood sugar under control. If I could
accomplish those three things, I will meet my goal and I will get to run any marathon
that I want. When I was first diagnosed, my manager came
up to me, looked at me and said, “are you okay?”, and I went “not really”, “why?”, and
he goes “look, you know I love you like a brother,
but you look like you’re gonna die.” And I went “oh”, I said “what?”, he said “your
face is very pale. Are you sure you’re okay?”, and I went “not
really”. I’m in the bathroom all night, I called
up my doctor, “doc, these are my symptoms”, they said “come in right now”, then said,
“where are you?”, I said, “I’m about an hour and
a half away”, they said, “we will wait for you, get over
here now”, and I went, “it’s that serious”, she said, “it doesn’t sound good get over
here now”. I didn’t believe her. I made her check my sugar three different
time, she goes “your blood sugar is off the charts. We can’t even measure. You top that”. And then, my doctor called me up the
next day, and said, “get to the hospital right now”, I said “why?”, he said “your blood sugar
level when you came, it was 575”, and I went “no,
no! it’s 350 now”. And he went “how do you
know?”, I said “went to Walgreens, they brought a blood sugar test there”, and he goes “how
did you drop it so quickly?”, I said, “I went running twice, I even joined the gym”. I was sick of pills. I was on antibiotics for years. I was on an antidepressant, several kinds
of them, which several of them made me looney. I was on Adderall almost my entire life. They
were about to put me on high blood pressure too, because my blood pressure was around
150 over 90, 95, I was pushing high blood pressure. And I felt, I just felt awful. I felt like I had this, I
was in this dark world. I felt alone, nobody could help me. And here I had these cysts that I
couldn’t walk after times. It was horrible. Then, over the years, I just let a little
bit slip by. I’ve not been as good as I should have been,
and my A1c rose to 6.7, which my doctor wasn’t happy about. All the running, and all the
exercising I do in all of these marathon races I do, helped me get down to 6.2. At that point I
already started running, and I was doing better, I was losing weight, and my symptoms were
getting better but they were not completely reversed. And then, I asked a friend of mine, whose
husband is an ultra marathon runner and a fruitarian,
I mean, this guy runs hundreds upon hundreds of miles. I couldn’t believe how the guy could
eat an entire case of oranges, and run 100 miles, and then win the 26 marathon mile the
next day. I was blown over, I didn’t understand it. And she goes, “I’m telling you, if you eat
a lot of fruit, and eat a lot of vegetables, you can
reverse your condition”. All right. Then, simultaneously, my friend told me about
a book, Dr. Joel Fuhrman, and I was just like “oh
my god, I got to read the book!” And I read the book, I didn’t tell my wife,
and one day I come up and I said, “Glad, I think I got to turn
vegan for six weeks”. She goes, “the only way you’re
gonna do this, is if we do this together, and I need to understand what you’re going
through”. So, having that support was key. And I do believe that diabetes was a gift. I’ve been fighting diabetes for about five
years, but ever since then, I don’t get anymore cysts. I haven’t gotten a cysts in five years. Even though,
you know, I had a lot of the information, and I knew exactly what to do, I knew exactly
how to eat in order to get there, but I wasn’t strict
enough prior to me joining Mastering Diabetes, because I don’t think I was as, I wasn’t as
engaged over the years, and I’ve been fighting diabetes for five years, but over the years
I got very lax. Slowly added, you know, vegan ice
cream back into my diet. Yeah, it’s vegan, but that doesn’t mean it’s
healthy, you know, it’s still loaded with sugar, it’s still loaded with
fat, and coconut milk. And you know, I used to love me
an ice cream last year, at night. All these vegan foods, and all these vegan
restaurants, have been over the years killing me. I ran the New York City Marathon twice, but
I never really ran it the right way, I did this walk-
run thing, and I wanted to really, I really wanted to get the runner’s body that I wanted. I
wanted to run faster, I wanted to keep up with my friends who I can’t keep up with. And the
only way for me to do it, was to lose 30 pounds, or 40 pounds even, or whatever. I mean, right
now I lost 25 pounds, which are 26 now. People are already starting to tell me, “oh
my god, I can’t believe how much weight you lost, how
did you do it, again?”, and I really owe it all to this
program, that really just kept me very focused. And then, after being on this program for
three months, I got down to 6.0. I never knew sweet
potatoes were so good for you, and I never knew, like yeah, okay, I could eat sweet potatoes. But I never realized how much of it I could
eat, I think I could have unlimited amounts. At the
end of the day, it’s all about me being able to run faster. How do I run faster? By losing weight. How am I going to lose weight? By keeping my blood sugar under control. Diabetes is a food related disease, and diabetes
needs to be controlled from the source, and that source is your fork. That source is your mouth. It’s the only way you’re going to beat it,
you have to want it. It doesn’t happen in a day, it doesn’t happen
in a week. When my mom calls
me up, saying, screaming, crying, “you don’t know what this could do to you”, I said “I
was there when uncle Marvin died”, I said “I do
know what it’s gonna happen, and you’re gonna see, this is gonna be the greatest that has
ever happened to me, I’m going to lose weight, and
this is gonna be the best thing that has ever happened to me, and I’m gonna reverse it,
you’re gonna see”. When you eat healthy, and you eat these positive
foods, you become a positive person. And, I’ve never had that, and it’s really,
it’s so nice because for so many years I suffered with cysts, with depression, not being confident.

10 thoughts on “Diabetes Weightloss — How David Lost 26 Pounds in 5 Months

  1. Incredible story David. Congrats – I’m so happy you’re living a wonderful life and running faster, doing things you love ❤️❤️❤️❤️😋☺️

  2. I find it so frustrating. I have insulin resistance. I had been eating a beautiful diet of fruits, plenty of starchy Veges and of course Vegan, and exercising and for months getting no results except dizzier and dizzier on my feet each day. I let my doctor give me Metformin to give me a helping hand and still nothing. Then he tells me to see a dietitian who tells me low carb, high fat, high protein…. I really didn’t want to but I gave it a go and 3 weeks later my daily dizziness has gone, I’ve lost 2.2kg of body fat. I don’t want to eat this way as it’s not easier on the digestion and I just don’t think focusing on fat this way is natural but I don’t see I have a choice really…I’m just venting cos I can, I want to eat all the fruits and potatoes etc but it’s just not working for me😔

  3. I am a DT2 person, diagnosed in January with 240 lbs. Now i am 160 lbs with very little medication, thax to your information and plant based diet. I am extremely happy of what i have achieved. I live in Ecuador by the way. Next week i am traveling to NYC for vacation (hard time to diet lol) and my family love going to Olive Garden. What would be you go to choices at the particular restaurant?? Thanks for all your help.

  4. Can you follow this diet plan without losing weight? I am a type 1 diabetic, but I do not want to lose weight, I would prefer to keep my current weight or even gain 5-10 more pounds.

  5. hey Robby , i was just trying to listen to the latest podcast , i haven' t find the time yet , of course protein will be the one of the secondary nutrient we need, if you think of it , in nature every food has it s nutrients always in this form : the most quantity that take place are water and carbs , then fiber , then the protein and last the fat if it exists sometimes it doesn' t.
    so this is how we all must eat…similarity in nature and human…

    also i need your help in something :
    can you find a healthy dessert recipe for us that have children with type 1 and do not know what to give them for birthday without the use of fat ?
    i was experimenting with something raw but if do not use cashews i cannot assemble something that resembles a cake…so this is not ok…
    if you have any good recipe and you have some time please upload it …?
    we thank you !!!!keep the good work and the good team !!!

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