3 thoughts on “Diabetes Myths

  1. Diabetes is caused by having a bad gut biome. Mother nature's best pharmaceuticals are in

    fresh fruits, veggies, tubers, nuts, seeds, whole grains, herb and spices.

  2. I have type 1 diabetic
    My condition is autoimmune it cant be cured but can by treated.
    I was diagnosed 7 months ago.
    My life completely changed.
    Many people have misconception related to my life.
    So i looked up for this video and i loved it.

  3. *Type 2 Diabetes is caused by too much fat/oil in the diet.
    Type 1 has two main causes and a 3rd less common cause.
    1.) Consuming too much fat/oil in one's diet for many years thereby paralyzing and overworking the pancreas to the point of exhaustion and failure.
    2.) Eating foreign proteins from animals that are initially utilized by the body but later targeted and attacked by the immune system as foreign invaders. So to prevent this, do not eat any animal products.
    The 3rd and far less common cause is being born without a functioning pancreas.
    – Now Take care!

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