Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 | Nurse Stefan

Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 | Nurse Stefan

It’s Easter time everyone a time for dyeing eggs eating jellybeans and what better way to celebrate than a good Old-fashioned Easter egg hunt. All right. Let’s see what I scored alcohol swab Yeah, Lancet Ah the golden egg one cc syringe. I think I know where this is going. All right, the biggest egg of them all Who the **** thought this was funny The fact is that diabetes is number six on the top causes of death worldwide Over four hundred and twenty-two million people got it And I’m gonna make this as simple as I can but right off the top know that there’s two types of diabetes One and two, let’s start with the basics. Okay, we all have bodies at all times We all have blood running through our body. We also all have a pin increas. I have one you have one Your mailman has one now you may have heard of pancreatic cancer caused the death of Steve Jobs Pavarotti Patrick Swayze Oh awesome legends, by the way So contrary to what the Food Network is teaching all you zombies food ain’t just for tickling your taste buds and impressing your foodie friends We eat food for energy. So our bodies can function now. This is a concept I didn’t realize a lot of people don’t understand the food You eat go into your blood for your body to use you eat food your body breaks it down and the fats Proteins and carbs those three things go into your blood and all over your body to power your muscles your brain etcetera None of it would work without food Now your body uses sugar is the main source for energy k think of it like gas and a call now you’ve eaten your food And the sugars are all into your blood now to get from your blood into your muscles It needs the help of your pancreas now while you’re mindlessly scrolling through Twitter feeds your pancreas is inside of your body doing all sorts of Important so you don’t die one of those things there’s a squirt out of insulin into the blood where those sugars are floating around the sugar finds the insulin and uses it as a Key to get into the muscles. That’s how you use food for energy you eat the food It goes into your blood the pancreas squirts out insulin the sugar finds the insulin and they go up into the muscles boom energy So how does diabetes follow that up type 1 diabetes? Simply put your body messes its own pancreas Ok, it stops making insulin. So you got to do the job of the pancreas yourself and squirt yourself with insulin every meal It’s like one diabetes is not preventable the body does it to itself? however 95 percent of all diabetics are type 2 this is the you’ll see the most and the good news is it’s largely preventable Diabetes type 2 your pancreas is squirting out that insulin to bind to sugar like it’s supposed to but the body becomes more Resistant to the insulin you’re making and it’s not letting the sugars in the end of the cell So you end up with a ton of sugar in the blood and it’s not moving to the muscles in the brain where it needs To be this is why we check your blood sugar at the doctors and in the hospital so we can see if your body’s Utilizing the sugar properly or if it’s all hanging out on your blood giving you a high blood sugar level So what’s the problem with having a lot of sugar in your blood damages your vessels? So the organs and the tissue in your body, don’t get the blood supply that they need having diabetes Causes peripheral neuropathy or loss of feeling in the fingers and toes and it can lead to amputation Because the legs ain’t getting blood vision can get poor and eventually lead to blindness Hey, cuz their eyes ain’t getting blood yo one and a half million people die from this in the world every year Okay, so you’re in one of two groups right now? Okay Group A is I don’t have diabetes and I don’t want diabetes route B is I got diabetes But I don’t want to know Mom doesn’t matter. What group you’re in the two best things you can do for yourself is Exercise and eating a healthy and balanced diet cuz having excess fat and not exercising are the major contributors linked to the development of diabetes now I understand how hard it is changing how you eat exercise and sticking with all that it ain’t easy, but I will say However, challenging it is for you. It’s exponentially more challenging when you’re blind with no legs Trust me US nurses and doctors we know these people so there’s the gist the diabete Okay now get back to your chocolate bunnies your Cadbury cream eggs and your grossest piece piece

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  1. I just discovered this channel and i am honestly baffled by the production quality of your videos. This channel has a HUGE potential of becoming popular, however i can totally imagine the struggle of producing this level of quality content and not having enough views and subscribers at the beginning. Please dont give up. This channel is so promising

  2. Now these are the kind of videos I need more in my life. Both explanation and use of visuals made it easy to remember, especially how it's all explained in a matter of minutes. Argh, I should've discovered this channel sooner!

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