Diabetes: Grace’s Story

My name is Grace. I’m 11 years old. And I’ve have had
diabetes since I was 6. I was drinking a lot of water
and going to the bathroom a lot during the night. And I was very tired, and it
wasn’t really normal for me. When I was in the hospital,
it was very scary and nerve wracking because I didn’t
know what was going on, and I didn’t know what
was going to happen to me. I learned that my pancreas was
just a little bit not normal, and it didn’t make
insulin like it should. So I had to get shots, or
a pump to help me with it. The thought of having to
get shots for me was scary. I knew that I did
not like needles. After a little while, I started
giving myself shots in my leg and in my stomach. When I started pricking
my finger, it hurt a lot. But then you just
get used to it and it starts to hurt less
and less every time. I had to make a meal plan. And I only have a
snack in the morning and once I get home
from school, so that way I can stay in the normal
area with my blood sugar. It was a big change
because I used to just eat whenever I felt like it. But now I have a plan, so
it’s not like that anymore. There are days that I just
kind of want to just give up. But my parents don’t
let me do that, and they just keep me going. My brothers and sisters
have been a huge help because when my parents go out
they can always change my site and help me count my carbs. For fun I like to
play basketball, swim team, track, and soccer–
and just have a good time with my friends. People with diabetes can be just
as great at sports as people without diabetes. Because if you get
low, that’s OK, you feel the same once
you take that sugar, and sit out for a little bit–
you can just go right back in and play your hardest
and your best. Diabetes doesn’t
slow me down at all. And I will just keep going. And I play the sports
that I like to play and I will never give up.

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