Diabetes and Metabolism Specialist, Endocrinologist: Leonor Corsino, MD, FACE, MHS

My name is Leonor Corsino. I’m an adult endocrinologist
in the Duke Health system. As an adult endocrinologist we usually
treat patients affected by hormonal disease. So in my practice I see mostly general
endocrinology, so patients affected by diabetes, hyperthyroidism, thyroid
disease, also vitamin D deficiency. In addition to my work in the Duke Clinic,
I work in collaboration with the bariatric surgeons in the Duke Metabolic and
Weight Loss Center. Especially patients that are going
to get bariatric surgery and have any endocrine condition. So we try to work closely with the
bariatric surgeons in order to get them ready for the surgery. Taking care of adult patients
is actually my call, my passion, I’m very approachable. I like the traditional or the romantic
way of physician-patient relationship, where you are your patient’s friend. So I really like to connect with the
patient, not only in the medical level, but also at the personal level. So most of my patients will tell you,
I actually not only focus on their medical disease, I try to know more about their
self, their background, their family. It’s kind of like what you
dream when you’re a kid, that your doctor’s your best friend and
you can share with them everything. So that’s the type of
physicians I want to be. I think the Duke Health System
is outstanding. Most of us actually approach
patients in a very personal level. In addition to that, I think with the
incorporation of the electronic medical records we have actually improved the way
of communicating with our patients. And I think that’s something
that is outstanding. When a patient can actually reach
out to the provider by e-mail and get an answer in 24 hours. I think that’s one of the great things,
you should come to Duke for your health care needs.

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