Day TWELVE – Weight Loss for Women over 50 ๐Ÿ˜… 31 Day Workout Challenge

Day TWELVE – Weight Loss for Women over 50 ๐Ÿ˜… 31 Day Workout Challenge

– Hey, Killer Bs, it’s Pahla B from and on tap today I’ve got Day 12 of the Weight Loss For Women Over 50 series. And today is cardio yoga. I know it’s an unusual combination, but I promise we’re gonna have
a lot of fun with this one. There’s absolutely no jumping, there’re no transitions to the ground. And you can use a yoga mat if you want to, but other than that there’s
no equipment either. When you’re ready for this one, I’m totally ready. Let’ go! (cheerful music) Alright, you guys, let’s go ahead and get
moving and grooving, that means we’re gonna start
with our normal warmups, with arm circles and high knees. And you guys, yes, I know, that yoga is a very dynamic
stretch all by itself, so why in the world do we
still need to do our warmup? Well, for a couple of reasons. Number one, because I love the warmup, it is a very Pavlovian thing, it puts my mind and my body
in absolutely the right place to get ready for any kind of a workout. But also I really wanted to
chat with you a little bit before we get going because I’m… Okay, I’m not gonna
say I’m gonna be quiet. (laughs) You’re here 12
days and you already noticed I talk a lot! You either love that or you hate it, if you’re here on day 12, I’m gonna assume that you
at least don’t hate it. I’m going to try, because this is yoga today to be encouraging but
also a little bit quiet, so that you can feel the poses, you can feel your body, you can pay attention to your body. And the different stretches
and the different ways that we’re moving today. Let’s go ahead and do our arm
crossers with booty kickers. But I also, I wanted to
talk to you a little bit about how cardio yoga
is 100% outside my norm. This is a stretch for me, both literally and figuratively. And I thought that it was so important for a couple of reasons. Number one, because I
wanted us both to get a little bit of variety in our workouts. You know, it’s a good idea to do something a little bit different every day just to keep your mind
and your body engaged in your fitness journey. But also really specifically, I wanted you to see me not
knowing what I’m doing, truly, some of these poses are
gonna be really hard for me, even explaining them is
gonna come off my tongue the way that all of the other exercises that we do tend to at this point. I’ve doing this for a long time, I know that I make some of it look easy and I also know what it’s
like to be a beginner and to follow somebody who’s making everything look easy and to feel clumsy and
awkward and not sure, and how it’s kind of
frustrating when the person who’s making it look easy, makes it look so darn easy! So today, welcome to my home. Welcome to me being outside of my element. Welcome to something different that I hope we both really enjoy. The other thing I wanted
to talk to you about is yes, I have the timer going
even for a yoga workout. Here’s what I know about myself, friends. I talk a lot. (laughs) You probably already noticed. And I also don’t count well
when I’m trying to talk to you about form and pulling in your core and remembering to breathe
and all those things. I know darn well that
I just need the timer to keep me on task. This is for both of us, it’s so that you don’t
end up holding a pose for four and a half minutes, while I’m going on about
something that happens to pop into my head, (laughs) like things do when we’re
working out together. So the timer is to keep
both of us on task. Here’s what it looks like. I’ve got the timer set for
30 seconds of cardio work, plus a 15-second hold, which means that whatever
position we’re in there’s a hold position that we’re going to do for the 15 seconds. So we’re gonna get started with tree jacks which is tree pose with our
arms doing jumping jacks. And we’re gonna do that for 30 seconds.
(timer beeps) I am going to very intentionally think about standing on my
left foot for the first hold. This is a repeating
no-repeat workout today, so we’re going to almost
all of my exercises are single-sided. This one is. I’m gonna try very hard to
hold on my left side first. And then we’ll do the cardio again and then I’m gonna hold
on the right side second. Totally up to you, you are welcome to get
(timer beeps) your difficult side out of the way. Oh my gosh! (breaths deeply) When it beeps again, we’re going back to cardio. (timer beeps) Excellent job! Oh my goodness! Okay. That’s what it feels like today. Some of these poses are gonna be tough. Some of them are very balance-y. This first one I kinda
wanted to get the balance almost out of the way, because I knew that was gonna
be super difficult for me even with 15 seconds. When it beeps again we’re
gonna hold on the other side and I’m gonna tell you now that after that we’re going into, oops.
(timer beeps) Now go ahead and do this. Rotate your shoulder blades back and down. Core is in tight. Breathing. (timer beeps) And here we go into crescent lunge, which is a deep back lunge plus hands and knees up, or one knee up. And I very naturally and
unintentionally (laughs) started on my dominant side. Oh, that’s funny how that happened. Didn’t even think about it. This is how your body moves, my friend. So, when it beeps apparently
I’m gonna be standing on my right side
(timer beeps) with knee up. You could also hold in
the lunge down position. Either one is fine. When it beeps we’ll do the other side. (timer beeps) And here we go one the other side. Oh my gosh. So lunging down, it’s a big step back plus a step forward. Oh my gosh, we’re not
really stepping forward, but coming up with your
knee up and your hands up. Awesome job. The very act of having your
hands up over your head moving at whatever pace
you can manage with balance is cardio, my friends. This is how we do low impact cardio. (timer beeps) And then up into this hold. (timer beeps) And down we go. Okay, triangle pose. Oh my gosh, that means
that we’re reaching down feet are a little bit wider, in fact a lot wider, than hip width apart. Reaching, sliding your hand down and pushing that hip out. Feeling that stretch on your inner and outer thigh, while working your entire hip complex. Always having one hand up overhead, that’s how we’re getting cardio. (timer beeps)
When it beeps I’m gonna stand on my left side. And we’re doing a flying half-moon hold. Leg is up. Core is in tight. When it beeps again
(timer beeps) back to those triangles. Feet down. Excellent job. Stretch and work. Stretch and work. When it beeps again I’m gonna hold for me on my right side. Really pulling in your core while we’re in that posed position. Oh my gosh, thinking really hard about holding on to your core and your balance.
(timer beeps) So for me, my right side. Coming over to wherever you can balance. (timer beeps) And here we go into warrior jacks. For me that means my left
leg is going to be planted. Coming down into warrior, up into not really a jumping jack at all. But having hands over head and feet together, thinking about where we’re landing this warrior pose. Your knee is not coming over your toes. We’re down settling our hips down, hands coming out to the side. When it beeps again, we’re gonna pose…
(timer beeps) Oh, perfect timing. Settle in. (breathes deeply) (timer beeps) Excellent. And then we’re gonna think about
that on the other side too. So warrior, up into not a jumping jack. Down into warrior, up into hands up. (laughs) My friends, nothing about
these poses is easy, but we’re doing our best. Wherever you can get to
is where you can get to. You might have a lot of yoga experience and this might be
incredibly simple for you. I hope so.
(timer beeps) Here we go in a hold pose. Core in tight. Tailbone tucked under. (timer beeps) coming up next is forward fold. So hands up, down into our forward fold with your hands up, up, up behind you. That is going to be our held position. Forward fold all the way over with your hands pulled
up as far behind you, reaching towards the ceiling, as possible. Thinking about having your core in tight. Squeezing from your glutes when we stand up from that folded position.
(timer beeps) So down into the hold. (timer beeps) Excellent job. Keeping those feet together, we’re coming down into a chair hold and standing up. Having hands up overhead, really thinking about getting your biceps next to your ears without bringing your head forward, but pulling your hands back. That is, of course, going to be our hold position. I keep trying to squat lower and lower and the fact is in order to
get my hands up overhead, I can’t get that low. (timer beeps) Wherever you can get
to we’re holding onto. When it beeps again, we’re coming up into another hold. We’re gonna start with
those tree jacks again. But round two, (timer beeps) we’re holding first. This is our built-in finisher, my friend. The entire second half
of our workout today is the finisher. We’re holding this tree pose and when it beeps we’re
doing 15 seconds of cardio. Awesome job. Pull in your core. Knee is soft but strong. (timer beeps) Excellent. (breathes deeply) Oh my goodness. This got real tough. For a not fast moving workout. When it beeps again, this one’s quick, we’re gonna hold on the other side. (timer beeps)
The long interval is the hold interval. Thinking about your standing
leg being soft but strong. Core is pulled in tight. For me, my hands are low this time, I wasn’t thinking about it. (laughs) I prefer my hands low, though. My shoulders are feeling
an all standing workout. When it beeps going back to that cardio for a very brief amount of time. (timer beeps) Excellent job. These tree jacks. (laughs) When it beeps again I’m
gonna think about being on my left foot. We’re going into that crescent
lunge with a high knee, but we’re starting with the hold. You decide do you wanna
(timer beeps) hold in a lunge, or do you wanna hold in a hands up. I wanna hold in a hands up, knee up. Really thinking about
holding onto your balance by pulling in your core. Your knee is soft but strong. Abs are pulled in tight. Glutes are engaged. Shoulders are engaged. Breathing. (timer beeps) Stepping back into that crescent lunge, up into that high knee. This is cardio. (laughs) My heart is pounding no
matter how fast we’re going. When it beeps again we’re gonna hold on the other side.
(timer beeps) Excellent job. Change your balance. Find what works. This long hold really gives
you a chance to settle in. Think about your core. Think about where your body is in space. (timer beeps) And here we are into cardio again. Excellent job. Okay you guys, it’s not getting easier. Coming up next we’re doing not triangle, but we’re doing the half-moon pose first, as a hold. I’m gonna start on my left leg down on the ground.
(timer beeps) Coming down into that hold. You can go a lot lower if
you’re more flexible than me. You can stay a lot higher if you are not. Leg is soft but strong. Glutes are engaged. Core is engaged. Back is engaged. Keep your hands outstretched. (timer beeps) Excellent. Feet a little bit wider, like a lot wider than hip width apart. Here we are in that triangle. Hand is up, other hand slides down your leg. When it beeps again I’m
gonna be on my right side for that long pose. (timer beeps) Here we go. Excellent job. Nice. Holding in that core, remembering to breathe. Finding your balance. (timer beeps) Excellent. And then here we are with those triangles. When it beeps again we’re
coming into that warrior pose. I’m gonna have my left foot out. Hands will be outstretched. (timer beeps) And so here we go in that left foot out position. Hands are outstretched. Feeling that bent knee, that thigh on that side
really doing the work. Remembering to hold in your core. Feeling the work in that straight leg glute as well. Awesome job. Coming up into a non-jumping
jack when it beeps. (timer beeps) Excellent. Feeling that work. Hands come up, hands come out to the side. Trying to land as softly as you can, it’s not easy, but doing your best. (timer beeps) And then here we go on the other side. Bent knee for me is my right. Arms outstretched. Rotate your shoulder blades back and down. Open up your chest. Pull in your core. Glutes are engaged. Thighs are engaged. Excellent job. (timer beeps) Awesome. Coming up into that non-jumping jack. Down into warrior. Feeling this significantly
more in my shoulders here during the finisher. When it beeps again we’re
doing that forward fold with our hands up to
(timer beeps) the ceiling. The hold first. So come all the way down, bring your arms up, up, up. Palms up towards the ceiling. Really sink into this one. Straighten your legs if you can. Core is pulled in tight. Shoulders are engaged, making sure your arms are
straight without being locked. Remember to breathe. (timer beeps) And then up. Awesome job, you guys. The next one is the hardest one. We’re coming down into
that chair pose hold for the 30 seconds. (timer beeps)
This is our finisher within the finisher. Hands up. Feet together. I very automatically
wanted them to come apart. Wherever you can sink into this, as low as you could go. Think about rotating your
shoulder blades back and down. Biceps are next to your ears without your head pulling forward. Thighs are engaged. Remember to breathe. (timer beeps) And then here we come up into the cardio version which is not easier! Hands get to come up and down, though. Excellent job, you guys. The next time it beeps is the last time it’s going to beep. We’re gonna do some cooldown,
(timer beeps) (exhales) cooldown stretching. After yoga, after we’re already stretched, right? I’m gonna get started, oh my gosh, with a chest opener. And that big hug. Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness. Okay. You know, we’ve been
talking this whole month about moderation and making sure that we’re staying within ourselves, making sure that our effort
level is about the same. And yet, sometimes it’s
really hard to tell with a really different
kind of workout like that. For me, the intensity
wasn’t necessarily the work that we did while we were doing it. I know for a fact, that I’m gonna feel that work later. That was all bodyweight
strength, my friends. Sometimes strength workout, we talked about this when
we did our strength workout with dumbbells, but sometimes strength
workouts don’t feel intense in the moment, but feel very intense later. My friends, what a
great job you did today. I am so proud of you and so impressed. And I hope that this was easier for you than it was for me, frankly. (laughs) That was a little bit scary for me. But we made it through, we survived. Let’s go ahead and do some arms circles. I know we did it backwards this time, but I could not for the life of me put my hands up over my head after all of those hands up. But it was all we just did. Oh my gosh, what a great,
great job you’ve done today. If you would like more stretching I mean, I know that was a lot of stretching, that was a lot of cardio, that was a lot of bodyweight strength, that was a lot of difference today. But if you do like an extended cooldown, if your heart rate is up. I have one here for you on screen up at the top, on the other side on the top of the screen there’s gonna be the playlist
of all of these workouts for weight loss for women over 50. So far there’s only 12, by the end of the month
there will be all 31 that you can come back to again and again and again. On the bottom of the
screen is the letter P that’s an invitation
to go over to Patreon, where you can make a monthly pledge that helps me make free
workouts for all of us. And thank you so much for that. On the other side of the screen that’s me, that’s a subscribe button. If you are not already subscribed, make sure that you click that
and the bell notifications so that YouTube let’s you know every time I put up a new workout. Thank you so, so much for being here with me today, my friends. I’ll see you tomorrow.

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