DAY IN MY LIFE | Library haul, plant shopping, + Target run! ✨

DAY IN MY LIFE | Library haul, plant shopping, + Target run! ✨

Good morning friends welcome to a new
vlog this morning has been really good so far I have the windows open because it’s a little cool outside and the birds are
just chirping away and we feel so happy so I was productive and did some
computer work I’ll do more later and I actually have a meeting at 3:00 but in
the meantime I have quite a bit of errands that I want to run just things I
want to pick up and tomorrow Brandon and I have our second and final design
appointment for our home so what that’s gonna be really exciting so I kind of
just want to prepare for that but I would really want to go to Goodwill the
library Lowe’s home goods Target those are all the places but
that’s a lot that is five different places so we’re just gonna be bouncing
all over town today last week I went shopping for the first time in a long
time because I was just dropping stuff off I’m goodwill actually booked it it’s
already up um I’m actually about to post that video right now and today so that’s
exciting but it was so much fun and I found such hidden gems and it was just
like such a fun experience and I actually have more stuff I want to drop
off at Goodwill so I figured I’ll pop in there and see what else we can find and
I thought of this idea because I really do have a lot of joy out of there
shopping and but I don’t necessarily like need a bunch of random things and
like even though I love shopping for home decor like I don’t necessarily need
all of it um so if I find anything that I think is really cute and that you guys
might like I thought it would be fun to like put it for sale not expensive at
all just like to pay for shipping that one you guys can have it let me know if
you like that idea because I really love their shopping but obviously I don’t
need like a million things you know I like to keep it pretty clean and minimal
space so let me know if you like that idea so we’ll see what they have they
might not have anything I mean about totally
and then at the library I wanted to see if they have any like design books for
the home or gardening gardening books because I am really getting in the
spring mode and so I’d love to have like some tangible books I can kind of browse
through and learn different things about plants and just kind of prepare for when
I started garden at our house and then I also have just some things that I need
for the house at HomeGoods and Target so that is what we’re gonna do and then
we’re gonna work for the rest of the day but I’m excited to take you guys along
so the reason I want to go to Lowe’s is because I moved our fiddly fig out here
fiddle Bert loved him so much and I absolutely love him in the living room
and I’ve had him in the living room before like I honestly move him around
quite a bit but I really do think I want to keep him here for now like until we
move really I mean maybe if we’re still here at Christmas next year like
obviously I’ll put the Christmas tree there and he’ll have to move but I
really really love him there but in our room now since he used to be in this
little corner right here it’s very empty and sad so we have our little hanging
plants on the other end hopefully we can’t find a cute one that fits nicely
in that space and if I do find a plant I want to look at HomeGoods for a cute
little pot before I leave I want to steam some of these new pieces that I
just got in yesterday so many cute ones for spring they’re from princess Polly
so I’ll be doing a haul on my Instagram for them but I just want to steam them
and kind of organize them on my clothing rack I love the way it looks right now
so I might keep some of these pieces like these too because I feel like they
add really nice texture to the clothing rack but that is what I’m going to get
done now I just got in the car and I got my list
and we’re good to go okay I just got to good well and my
biggest thrift shopping tip is to kind of focus on one or two things you want
to prioritize looking for so whenever I go in I have kind of a mission or item
that I’m looking for like today for instance I really want to look at the
hats and trying to find a straw hat and then also I want to look at like the
household stuff and home decor and the glassware because I really scored last
week so those are like the three sections like I don’t want to look at
any clothing or anything like that and that really helps me to knock it
overwhelmed because goodwill and thirst stores camis super overwhelming because
there’s so much stuff and it helps me not to overspend as well I think this is super super sweet this
little cake I forget what I’m calling the super cute but it’s kind of
scratched up on the back so I think I’m gonna skip it that was a super
short-lived goodwill trip I was in there for probably like four minutes but there
were so many people I was getting really overwhelmed and I didn’t find anything
there were a couple things that were cute but like the line was so long it
wasn’t worth it so headed to the library now it was a very successful trip to the
library I’m very excited to browse through these books I got this one
called to eat a country life and it’s basically the premise is about
farm-to-table living and how to pursue that which you know I’m not gonna be
having a whole farm in my backyard by any means but I’d love to grow some
vegetables so I’m interested about that and then this book looks super helpful
and practical for me just to kind of learn more about what’s obtainable in my
space and just the basic gardening tutorials and if you’ve watched a lot of
my videos you know I’m actually taking courses at the great courses plus about
gardening so I have learned a bit but I also like to browse through books and I
can kind of take a picture of anything that I want to remember or look back on
so that’ll be amazing and then I also looked in the cookbook section and I saw
this Julia Child book the mastering the Art of French Cooking and this book is
just so iconic and I’ve never browse through it before so I had to grab it
also I would like to point out that it is still winter but in Florida it is
currently 91 degrees Fahrenheit outside so also I really need to get gas so I’m
gonna go do that now I truly are so many sweet flowers oh my
goodness this is making me so happy these are some of my favorite plants
because they remind me of the beach cuz whenever you walk up to the boardwalk
and the beaches in Florida they have these little plants and I definitely
want them in our backyard someday guys I am NOT walking away from Lowe’s
empty-handed I’m so excited I’ll show you a better view of who I
picked up when I get home but I got a white birds of paradise which I didn’t
even know there was a white birds of paradise I’ll show you guys a picture I’ll show you a picture of what the
blooms will look like but I love it I love the leaves and I loved the height
of it too and it was very affordable with tax it was $18 and I mean this
plant has been growing for a long time so I’m really excited about it and so
now I’m gonna try to find a pot I did forget my tape measure though so I’m
gonna be eyeballing it I would like one with legs because I do want to add some
height in that little corner of our bedroom so hopefully I will find one but
if not I’m sure I’ll find one eventually but I’m really excited target actually have some poppy straw
hats but I’m not super in love with any of them so I think I’ll hold off for a
bit I found when I kind of like so this is the beautiful new friend I
picked up at Lowe’s I love his leaves so much that’s the first thing that caught
my attention I wasn’t looking for a specific plant I just knew I wanted one
that wasn’t super short because I do a hair I’ll show you the little nook just
say you know this little nook I think I might have turned to you earlier
actually but right there I actually just put him there and he looks way too short
so I really need to find a pot that raises him up so one with like nice
little stands I didn’t have any luck at HomeGoods and Target there were a few I
liked but somewhere like too expensive and there just wasn’t the perfect wine
I’m gonna check on wall at Walmart the next time I go but that is our new
friend please let me know if you have any name suggestions because I think
that is key to keeping your plants alive is to name them so it feels more
personal and you just feel more inclined to care for them okay and then I did
pick up a couple things from Target that we’re on my list and one thing that was
not on my list that’s what happened so actually I
literally just got two things I think so the damage wasn’t you three things three
things okay so first thing I just needed some new bronzer I’ve never used this
bronzer before it’s from NYX I plan it meeting some it’s a little too tricky to
open right now but sure I’ll show you guys especially I’m hoping it’s a good
shape they only had light medium and dark so I got to the medium and I think
I’m pretty medium but I do it kind of tan in the summer so I almost bought the
dark one but I didn’t know if that was overkill okay here it is
I actually had one NYX one a while back and I really liked it so oh yeah I think
they’ll be the perfect shade I think I don’t know but it’s pretty simple
nothing fancy I like how it’s matte though because I like doing highlighter
about the bronzer I like the matte look and then in the
dollar spot I picked up this $3 bath canister that’s what it was late labeled
as its vanity storage but you could use this for seeds for
um oatmeal like just thought they cute canister for open shelves but I actually
want to use it I have a bad canister to put my cotton balls in so I am going to
use that soon and oh the last thing that I’m most excited about is this opal
house essential oil diffuser I have never owned an essential oil diffuser
and I know they are so popular and range and I were talking about it last night
because with our apartment we love our apartment it’s it’s great and I honestly
do love a cozy small space and the past few months have been great because I’ve
been able to open the windows and let in fresh air and get the air fro flow going
especially because we haven’t been turning our a/c on every day because it
has been cooler but what happens when we do that if that our apartment kind of
smells not bad but you know I love to cook I’m always cooking breakfast and
meals every night so the spices and aromas because I use a lot of spices if
you want if you’ve watched Allison’s eats you know I love my spices I just
pour a bunch in there like it lingers all around our apartment so I really
wanted something to kind of freshen up the space and we have candles and we
have those plug-in air fresheners but I thought this is like a better option I’m
still gonna do the candles by opposed to the plug-in air fresheners so I thought
this would be great and I just bought lemon essential oil on Monday when I
went to Walmart Walmart has a ton of essential oils if you need I need I
already have lemon essential oil and I looked up this morning and it says it
kills germs in the air as well the lemon essential oil so I’m like okay that’s a
win-win-win so I looked at HomeGoods I didn’t see any
diffusers but I’m glad I didn’t because I actually love this one from Target
because I looked at targets website this morning too and I didn’t see this opal
house one I saw another one that was pretty it was like the project 62 line
or whatever but I love this one I’m gonna try this out my meaning is
coming up quickly but I think we’ll have time to kinda get it plugged in and get
it settled and get our apartment smelling fresher hopefully okay I’m
setting up our new diffuser I just put water in it and now I’m gonna put five
to eight drops of essential oil I think I’m gonna do eight because I really want
to be able to tell if it’s working mmm smells so yummy and fresh it smells like
a spa honestly all right now I’m gonna plug it
in oh my goodness guys I’m so in love with this thing it smells so good
already I can’t even believe it he’s gonna go get a haircut look at all
that hair so we’re having hellofresh tonight so excited we had one last night
was so good it was enchiladas and I’m gonna let Brandon pick which one he
wants to have tonight we always think the veggie plan that one
I’m surprised oh my goodness yay all right so while Brandon is
getting his hair cut I am going to make dinner and I am so excited to be
partnering with hellofresh for this portion of today’s video you guys know I
have salute love hello fresh so so much I’ve been making their meals for years
and when I have hella fresh just ready to go in my fridge my life just feels so
much less complicated so if you haven’t heard about hollow fresh before they are
America’s number one meal cakes and their recipes are the most delicious I
like I said earlier I always get some veggie plant and I really appreciated
how creative the recipes are because I feel like vegetarian meals can both be
really boring sometimes but not with hellofresh at all there’s really
something for everyone they even have low calorie options and family friendly
recipes every single week and again it was really save time because you don’t
have to spend time grocery shopping or meal planning for the week they do all
the tricky stuff for you and you can just have fun in the kitchen using your
hands to cook a freshly prepared meal and all the recipes usually take about
30 minutes sometimes even less so the one I’m making tonight the Mediterranean
baked veggies it says prep time is 10 minutes total time is 30 minutes so that
is so nice I’m just gonna put on some music and have a fun time cooking my
meal and best of all hellofresh helps you cook
Dayna bleah hello fresh pre-portioned ingredients mean there’s less prep for
you and there’s less food waste and hellofresh is flexible because I know
lots of you guys like me we love traveling or you know there might be a
week where you have work meetings every day after work and you really don’t need
to cook and that’s totally ok hella fresh is super understanding about
that and you can easily change your delivery dates and preferences so yeah
another thing I love is that even though I’ve been using hellofresh for so long I
really haven’t had that many duplicate recipes like that’s how many they are
producing and creating so they keep it fresh no pun intended
here is the complete meal it looks and smells absolutely heavenly I cannot wait
to start eating I brought it over to the couch because we are gonna watch a
little HGTV while we eat to prepare for our Design Center appointment in the
morning alright taste test mmm later Tom it took me to flavortown
I’m so healthy q so if you’d like to track hello fresh for yourself you can
go to hello fresh dot-com and use my code 10 Allison beef for 10 free meals
and clothing free shipping so delicious and I know they love them as much as we
do shall we all right friends that’s all for today’s
vlog I really hope you guys enjoyed it I love hanging out with you and cannot
wait to see you soon again if you want to try hellofresh
you can go to hellofresh calm and use my code 10 Allison beat for 10 free meals
including shipping so I really hope you guys enjoyed that and I cannot wait to
see you soon

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