43 thoughts on “CYPRUS EUROVISION 2020 REACTION: Sandro – Running

  1. 13:50 he is not cypriot 😛 he is greek american and he is indeed attractive <3 he is also good live

  2. I did not really understand the idea of ​​this song. But his style probably has admirers, so good luck Cyprus)🤷

  3. Eden said in an interview that they might add some more changes to her vocals but she is my top 10 for now . I dunno why it is only 20 th in the bookies

  4. I love how different it was from Fuego but in a very cool and refreshing way. It was a nice suprise.
    Thank you Joy for choosing Israel over Lithuania ❤🇮🇱

  5. This is a really great song. I'd recommend listening to this with headphones and the volume turned all the way up. It's such an experience!

  6. Good review and switch! He can sing. This is his blind audition on the Voice of Germany. Check it out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8GLfmBtcvnE

  7. It’s Eleni’s birthday today btw and she should have won. Cyprus have been good over the years. I haven’t disliked any of them. This years isn’t any different. I really like it. My top 3 is still Switzerland, Lithuania and Norway though.

  8. not a huge fan of the Cyprus too much autotune with the similarity of Lose Control By Meduza. Also shook Joy that you chose Israel, but it's a unique song aswell just like Lithuania which is still my favorite so respectable. Waiting for next reactions, peace.

  9. i just heard him singing this live and he can reaaaallly sing his ass off! i was not expecting it and i think he will have a nice stage present .. already on my top 3..

  10. Sandro aka Alessandro Rütten is a German guy and he participated in The Voice of Germany 2018, together with Ben Dolic who is representing Germany. If you wanna see more of him watch his TVOG videos here on You Tube – amazing

  11. Alessandro / Sandro a German born to a Greek father and an American mother. Gives his
    nice sweet sensual voice to this song that is not bad but not my favourite .
    I Shall stick to my beloved songs
    2. Israel
    3. Bosnia
    4. Czech Rep
    6. Spain
    7. I need time to think about…..
    bTW farting makes you more human dear Goy ❤️💨

  12. Okey I hv been listening to Israel song on repeat Joy. And she made me curious and have been digging out all her performance on the Israeli selection show. Am quite impressed. Somebody, can you pls tell me the title of the song she does in hebrew with a singer called Ivri I think. I just cant read those hebrew alphabets. Something sounding like "ayishketa"

  13. Hi guys in your free time please do reaction to this one "man in the mirror" by eden alene you won't be disappointed i promise

  14. Sorry chaps but can't see this doing much in Rotterdam. basic middle of the road song might qualify 5/12

  15. The song was a ballad at first but they changed it because they were many ballads. Its good for a H&M-Zara playlist, not for eurovision.

  16. It's a ok song and would sound great in a club but IMHO Cyprus has dropped the ball a little. They had momentum on their side and overdue a win.
    Not a lot of substance to the song, a bit repetitive and it feels over-produced, over-manufactured.

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