Cure For Diabetes? 5 Revealing Facts Your Doctor Has Missed

Cure For Diabetes? 5 Revealing Facts Your Doctor Has Missed

Is there a cure for diabetes? So many
people are confused they’re asking me these questions because a lot of people
are getting off medications they’re normalizing their blood sugars through
lifestyle intervention through lifestyle changes and yet their doctors are
telling them that there is no cure the official viewpoint is that this is a
chronic incurable disease so what is it how can people get these results today
I’m going to talk about this and we’re gonna give you a different perspective
so you’re gonna have a whole new viewpoint and a whole new outlook on
this you’re gonna like it stay tuned I’m Dr. Sten Ekberg I’m a holistic doctor
and a former Olympic decathlete and if you want to truly master health by
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notification bell so that you don’t miss anything I did some research on diabetes
cure and here’s what says Is there diabetes cure with all the
research on diabetes and advances in diabetes treatments it’s tempting to
think that someone would surely have found a diabetes cure by now but the
reality is that there is no cure for diabetes neither type 1 diabetes or type
2 diabetes so let’s just make it really clear that for the purposes of this
video we’re talking about type 2 diabetes which is insulin resistance too
much insulin type 1 is a completely different thing and we’ll do some other
videos on that but that is a complete lack of insulin so they’re really two
opposites we’re going to talk about type 2 diabetes here so first we need to
clarify some terms when they say is there a diabetes cure what does the word
cure actually mean so let’s look at that so I looked that up the official
definition cure can be a verb or a noun as a verb cure is to relieve a person of
the symptoms of a disease and they say that a synonym of
of a cure is to heal or restore to health so here’s the problem they first
of all they think that the cure is to relieve the symptoms they think that if
you have cured someone and relieve them of a symptom then you have healed them
they believe that health is merely the absence of symptoms okay and that’s the
first problem they don’t understand physiology they don’t understand that
diseases develop as a result of a long term imbalance for example a heart
attack if someone gets a heart attack that’s the first symptom but this person
spent 20-30 years developing the physiology getting the body out of
balance to the point where the heart attack was inevitable and the heart
attack was the first symptom but they were unhealthy they were out of balance
for 20-30 years so lack of symptoms does not mean that you’re healthy but when
they’re looking for a cure they’re simply looking for a way to relieve
symptoms of a disease that’s the official definition and how are they
looking to do that that comes in the noun the cure can be a noun and now
they’re looking for a substance that cures a disease and a synonym for the
substance would be medicine or medication so the only way that you can
cure something is to treat a symptom with a medication that is the definition
of a cure is there a cure for diabetes no absolutely not and we’re not
interested in a cure we’re going to talk about something completely different
we’re going to talk about reversing diabetes and we’re going to talk about
five facts five truths five realizations that is going to completely change the
picture on how you look at these things first we have to understand the word
cure is not what we’re looking for that the cure is not about reversing a
disease and that’s why they will never find a cure and will
well get into that they will never be a pill to restore health there may be a
pill to treat a symptom but again they’re not going to change the
underlying conditions and this is what we’re going to talk about here’s a big
one for you the number two fact you have to understand is type 2 diabetes is not
a disease and now you’re going hey whoa now you
lost me you made some sense from time to time but here you’re just really getting
off so what do I mean type 2 is not a disease well let’s talk about that and
we need to understand a few things as part of that that it’s not a disease
it’s a physiological adaptation okay it’s not a disease because there’s
nothing broken there’s nothing missing the body parts are still there the
pancreas is still making insulin but the body is responding it’s adapting to
something that brings us to part three that the body is smart
it has homeostasis this the body isn’t random everything the body does is on
purpose everything that gets out of balance in the body is because something
is making it go out of balance something is pushing it out of balance
there is a principle in the body called homeostasis and that’s the principle of
balance that’s the principle of healing that the body will always attempt to
return to homeostasis homeostasis is balance something pushes it out of
balance as soon as the push is gone as soon as the pushing factor is gone the
body returns to homeostasis that’s sort of like gravity that gravity works on
water a spring a water stream coming down a mountainside will always attempt
to bring that water down to sea level always no exceptions
the body will always attempt to return to homeostasis just like the
water returns to the sea the body returns to homeostasis gravity doesn’t
work sometimes healing doesn’t work sometimes physiology doesn’t work
sometimes it always works that’s just the way it is it’s built into the fabric
of nature that your body is designed to do the right thing for the right reasons
if it appears that it’s not doing the right things there is a factor there’s
something creating an imbalance okay so we have to get to that understanding of
the body’s innate intelligence the principle of homeostasis and that
physiology is this principle it’s these factors it’s the study these factors
that that guide healing that guide homeostasis
if type-2 diabetes is not a disease then what is it it is an adaptation what is
an adaptation it’s when your body adapts it copes it’s changes in response to
something so let’s take a few examples just to make you more familiar with that
what is hypertrophy it’s when something grows larger so a bodybuilder he puts
pressure he puts stress on his muscles he puts a tremendous stress repeated
many times many hours a day and now the body senses hey you know if I’m going to
be able to keep up with this work in the future I have to change I have to build
more muscle I have to create more muscle fiber so I can cope better with this
stress in the future that’s an adaptation that growing muscle is an
adaptation to an imposed demand we have pushed the muscle and the muscle
responds the opposite happens with someone who’s a couch potato or if you
break your arm or you break a leg and you put a cast on it
now when you take that cast off a couple months later there’s virtually no muscle
left there is atrophy because when we don’t use the muscle the body senses hey
you know this there’s not much use for this muscle tissue if this if the owner
of this muscle isn’t going to start using it I’m going to downsize I’m going
to down-regulate it I don’t want to spend precious resources rebuilding that
muscle if it’s not going to be used for anything use it or lose it
that’s where hypertrophy and atrophy comes in
but everything the body does is in response to something if you normally
live at sea level and you have a certain amount of red blood cells and then you
move up in the mountains at 6,000 feet above sea level what’s going to happen
your body is going to up regulate the production of red blood cells so now all
of a sudden you got 20% more red blood cells why because there’s less oxygen in
the air that’s the stress so there’s an imposed demand your body needs to make
more red blood cells so you can still transport the oxygen when there’s not so
much of it around that’s an adaptation it’s a physiological adaptation so what
does that have to do with with diabetes well diabetes is a late stage result
it’s the late stage of insulin resistance so when we eat things that
trigger insulin primarily sugar and carbohydrates then insulin production
goes up if we do that six times a day then insulin production goes up six
times a day and insulin then starts pushing blood sugar into the cell and
the cell is grateful at first for this fuel but then eventually when the cell
has had enough fuel it starts resisting it starts adapting it’s a physiological
adaptation because this l can only use so much fuel so when
there’s more and more and more more coming what’s the cell going to do it’s
going to be smart it’s going to be intelligent it’s gonna say enough is
enough I’m gonna start closing down the gate so I don’t get flooded with all
this fuel that’s what insulin resistance is it’s not the body being stupid it’s
not the body being random or mistaken or broken or flawed the body is doing
exactly what it’s supposed to when it’s being overwhelmed it’s going to try to
oppose that factor that’s overwhelming and it’s going to become insulin
resistance until that avalanche of fuel and sugar starts to pull back so this is
a crucial factor in the understanding of holistic health that there are no
mistakes in the body and there are virtually no diseases as at least not
when we’re talking about functional problems when we’re talking about high
blood sugar and diabetes and digestive problems we’re talking about functional
problems we’re talking about imbalances that develop over time because we’re
pushing the body and the body is adapting to respond so type 2 diabetes
is not a disease it’s a physiological adaptation it’s an intelligent response
to an unbalanced environment and the unbalanced environment is on modern food
it’s food that we have never ever seen before it’s in its carbohydrates and
sugar and processed foods in amounts that the human body has never
experienced not even close so once we understand that number four is more
obvious it kind of follows that when they say that there is no cure in the
medical world they’re right because what would that mean if the body is always on
purpose and it always returns to balance then a cure would be a way of inventing
a medication a substance that could somehow make the body be happy out of
balance that we keep insulting it with an overwhelm with an avalanche of fuel
and we expect to be able to create a pill to maintain that imbalance and keep
the body happy it can’t work it won’t work because that would be like trying
to find a cure for gravity we can’t do it there’s never going to be a cure for
physiology physiology is the body’s tendency to return to balance gravity is
water’s tendency to return to the sea we won’t find a cure we can’t find a cure
because it’s not the way it’s supposed to be and if the water is held up by a
dam then it can appear that the water isn’t returning to the sea for a while
we can observe an imbalance we can observe high blood pressure we can
observe insulin resistance and in high blood sugar but the moment that we
remove the barrier the moment that we remove the interference the factor that
has been upsetting the balance then the water starts flowing again we don’t have
to teach the water to flow again it already knows how gravity never stops
working your body’s healing your body’s
homeostasis never stops working because it can’t it’s built in to the innate
intelligence into the very fabric of nature but it’s easy to understand why
there is so much confusion if we have these two different worldviews if we on
the one hand understand the innate intelligence and homeostasis and on the
other hand in the medical world they believe that the body is random and that
it’s mistaken and that it breaks down for no reason on occasion that it does
stupid things that it randomly starts resisting insulin so the official view
of insulin resistance is that the cells are
no longer responding normally to blood-glucose in other words the implied
statement there is the cells are not responding normally to normal food
anymore and of course normal food today is 300 grams of carbohydrates 170 grams
of sugar and the food pyramid with the base being starches okay of course if
you believe that is normal food then you’re not going to understand anything
that we’re talking about here we have to first put the body back in the picture
of what is normal food for humans what have we been eating for the longest time
and we’ve discussed all these topics in more detail on other video so feel free
to check those out for the for the complete version of each of these so
this brings us to number five so that we started out asking is there a cure for
diabetes and we’ve pretty much come up with based on the medical definition of
a cure no there isn’t but once we understand that type-2
diabetes is not a disease it is a physiological adaptation then number
five becomes the obvious question can you reverse a physiological adaptation
yes so adaptations are reversible and once
we start understanding this then all that it comes down to is that we want to
reduce reverse the factors that forced the adaptation in the first place so if
you move up in the mountains and start making more red blood cells you’re and
then you move back to sea level then your body is going to start down
regulating red blood cells because you don’t need so many anymore 20% less will
do just fine at sea level and if you go back in the mountains it’ll start going
back and forth back and forth it will do it again because it’s intelligent so if
the insulin resistance developed because we forced
certain things on the body then the moment we stop forcing it then it will
start returning to homeostasis it’s as simple as that
what does it mean then to stop the factors it means eat less of the food
that stimulates insulin and what is that primarily sugars and processed starches
any kind of starch really but but especially processed starches so we want
to eat less sugar we want to be moderate to very little fruit if you’re already
insulin resistant we want to cut out grains both processed and complex
because there’s very little difference in blood sugar impact and we want to
start eating more fats moderate protein and more whole foods because they have
the fiber and they have the whole package of what you need we also want to
eat less frequently because if you eat something that stimulates insulin and
then you do it once you get one burst of insulin if you do it six times now
you’re pushing insulin six times you’re giving the read the cell six reasons to
become insulin resistant the longer you go between meals the bigger the chance
the greater the opportunity for the cell to start burning through some of that
fuel so that maybe it gets hungry again maybe it will want some fuel sometime in
the future so there’s lots and lots of different
videos we’ve done videos on each one of these on lchf low carb high fat on
ketogenic diet on intermittent fasting so that’s about reducing the the insulin
production and the frequency and then of course you also want to add in some
exercise and some stress management because exercise makes the muscles more
insulin sensitive it gives your body a chance to burn through some fuels
besides all the other benefits of exercise and become a little more
insulin sensitive and stress management is
because stress produces higher blood sugar stress causes cortisol releases
and cortisol raises blood sugar which raises insulin and you can actually
become insulin-resistant pretty much from stress alone the more of these
things that you do the greater your chance of reversing these adaptations so
don’t wait for a type-2 diabetes cure and understand when they say that there
is no cure understand why they’re saying that they’re speaking a different
language they’re talking about a substance to reduce a symptom whereas
what you’re really looking for is a healing process it’s a reversal of the
adaptation and there’s never going to be a pill that can cure that can fix the
homeostasis because the body is always intelligent it’s always adapting to the
imbalance and if you have an imbalance then just remove the cause for that
imbalance and your body will go right back to doing what it’s supposed to do
so both healing and gravity are laws of nature
they always work do we know if they’re going to work tomorrow we can’t say for
sure but my bet would be that gravity and healing are still gonna work
tomorrow if anyone want to bet against me on that
then please just leave your comments down below and I’ll get back to you if
you enjoy information like this and you like learning how things really work
then make sure that you subscribe and hit that notification bell so that you
don’t miss anything and please share this information with as many people as
you can because diabetes is a bigger problem than we have ever seen as far as
health concerns and the official version is that there’s nothing you can do about
it but now you know better so let them know thanks for watching

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  46. I love you doctor🙏🏼❤️🇲🇽🙏🏼❤️🇲🇽🙏🏼❤️ Mexico is plagued with diabetics I’m so worried about it

  47. One hurdle I am trying find a solution to is trying the best way of healing diabetes after having a gallbladder removed. Maybe there is no answer. Another lie from the medical establishment is that we don't need some of our organs such as a gallbladder. Instead of healing it they insist on removing it. Thanks so much for these videos.

  48. I noticed you always point to processed sugars and carbs as the major source for high insulin/insulin resistance… But what about processed fats? I've done a little reseach and it seems that processed fats (vegetable oil, corn oil, saobean oil, sunflower oil, hydrogenated oils, etc) are ALSO affecting insulin. Could you talk about that sometime?

  49. Love your videos, they have helped so much. I had a question that you or maybe someone here can answer. My husband is diabetic and so I took a class national diabetes prevention program from someone stationed at UCLA. She said diabetics have 50% or less of a their pancreas functioning, the rest are dead beta cells that can not regenerate/revive/will ever function/dead (not sure how to word it). She said once you are a diabetic there is no going back because of that % of dead beta cells. She also said that's like an estimate but not something they can quantify or measure for sure. I understand that insulin resistance can be reversed and obviously the problem would return if we go back to eating the way we did before becoming diabetic. My question would be is that true in regards to the pancreas and the beta cells or once you reverse insulin resistance, your pancreas is working normally?

  50. I would say there's more people with diabetes than that don't have it I guess genetics loads the gun and lifestyle fires the gun I think I'm just going to go straight salads beef jerky and water and in a taco salad without the shell what is meat lettuce whatever else you want on it I know tomatoes no cheese what are we going to do

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