Cravings Are Real – Sonia’s Story on Her Weight Loss Motivation

Hi it’s Dawson Church here from EFT
Universe. I ran into a woman recently named Sonia and when I saw her at this
conference I did a double-take I couldn’t believe my eyes she was lively
she was happy and she was skinny and I said to her Sonia what happened she said
well Dr. Church remember that EFT Universe workshop I did with you three
years ago I said yeah I do really well I worked in front of the
room and she said after that workshop I began to lose weight effortlessly now I
remember the session I did with her it was so powerful it was so moving and she
told the story first of all we had her work on her issues with overeating
chocolate because she was a chocolate addict
and she just couldn’t deal with her craving she’s also a very very smart
intelligent capable professional woman and the fact that she had her whole life
together but couldn’t get a handle on these cravings was really a source of
shame and real grief to her and so I worked with her in front of the room on
her craving for chocolate I had her turn into her body that workshopped three
years before tune into her body and she got in touch with an event that happened
40 years before what happened was that she and her brother were her father was
a diplomat and he would travel the different parts of the world and she had
to go to school in these schools and so when she was in the school for diplomats
and they were stationed in South America she was taking the whole curriculum and
she was like six seven eight years old very young she was taking the whole
curriculum in English from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 2 p.m. through the rest of
the afternoon taking the entire curriculum again in Spanish she
literally had to do the curriculum both on the Spanish and English track
simultaneously and she was just crushed this little girl by the stress
ah that work and the one really bright spot in her week was Saturday morning
there was no school her mom gave her and her brother some money and they went out
of the candy store and they ate chocolate so for her the chocolate
wasn’t chocolate she was projecting all of her sense of
freedom and liberation into that food and that’s often what people are doing
the food is the food the food isn’t the problem
it’s the emotions that are the problem and what EFT does is the EFT Tapping
helps you with emotional eating eating not because you’re hungry not does
either have a real need for that food but because you’re craving it you’re
projecting emotions into the food once I tapped with Sonia on that pattern and on
that childhood memory she lost all craving for chocolate now that didn’t
mean that she never ever ever ate another chocolate she’s late chocolate
from time to time and I really enjoyed it but she was no longer a slave
chocolate caring chocolate in her purse eating chocolate when she needed a
release from her stress she had mastery over her cravings that’s
why it’s called EFT emotional freedom technique you you have those cravings
they’re not your fault they’re from your childhood they’re implanted in you
really early they’re displaced emotions when you deal with the emotion suddenly
the cravings miraculously go away we’ve now all helped over a thousand people go
through our program and they’ve found liberation from those trainings and like
Sonia over the next few years research shows they effortlessly drop the weight
I want to be telling your story next year I want you to be in this program
experiencing that same relief from emotional eating
that’s Sonia did and seeing the pounds effortlessly drop off you deserve that
you could do that I believe in you please join us by clicking the link
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