Coronavirus COVID-19: What happened to 99 patients?

Coronavirus COVID-19: What happened to 99 patients?

– Did you know that from 99 patients infected with the new
coronavirus, COVID-19, only half of them were related to the Wuhan seafood market
and 2/3 of them were men? If you want to know more
about their symptoms and complications, then stay tuned. Hello, welcome to your trustworthy
medical youtube channel. I am Doctor Derek Liao and today, we’re going
to disclose what happened to 99 patients infected with
the new coronavirus COVID-19, so let’s begin. According to this study
that will be linked in the description below, 99
patients with this infection were hospitalized in Jinyintan
Hospital in Wuhan, China, from January 1st to January 20th, 2020, and follow until January 25. Of the 99 patients, half of
them had a previous history of exposure to the seafood market. Also, most of them were
salesmen and market managers. Of the 99 patients, 2/3 were men with a mean age of 55.5 years and half of the patients had a
history of chronic illnesses. The most common were cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease. What about the symptoms? On admission, most of
them had fever or cough and a third had shortness of breath. Other symptoms included muscle ache, headache, confusion,
chest pain, and diarrhea. And what about the complications? Well, many patients presented
with organ function damage, including 17 with ARDS, or Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome. Others included acute respiratory injury, acute renal injury, septic shock, and ventilator-associated pneumonia. What about the labs? On admission, half of them
had low hemoglobin levels and 43 patients had liver
function abnormalities with hepatic enzymes elevated. They performed chest x-ray
and CT to the patients. All of them presented pneumonia. 1/4 had it in one lung and the other 3/4 had it in both lungs. What about the treatments that they used? Well, all of the patients
were treated in isolation. 3/4 of them received antiviral
and antibiotic medication. 17 of them required mechanical ventilation to assist them with their breathing. By the end of Jan 25th, 31
patients had been discharged, 11 patients had died, and the other patients
were still in hospital. What do these patients have in common? Of the 11 dead patients, seven
were older than 60 years. Three had history of hypertension and another three were heavy smokers. According to this study,
the new coronavirus is more likely to infect older men with other chronic illnesses
and can result in a severe and fatal respiratory disease. If you want to learn more
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