KIM: It’s affected my life in every way. It’s not a separate entity, I am
a diabetic and I’ve learned to live with it. ANDRE: I have to take my medicine, exercise
daily, and watch what I eat on a daily basis. MICHAEL: I’ve had problems with heart disease. I’ve had a mild stroke. JIM: I had to learn how to relax. MICHAEL: I have the foot pain. JENNIFER: One of the ways I deal with stress
is I go to my punching bag. JIM: The eating actually makes a major difference
in how I feel, and how I feel makes a major difference in how I think. MICHAEL: Walking relives my stress. VICKY: I do yoga and meditate, and I try to
stick to my plan JIM: The hardest part about having diabetes
is the acceptance of it. I don’t like to get up and exercise. ANDRE: Staying away from sodas, sweets, and
fried foods. VICKY: I have to really watch my carbs. KIM: I get overwhelmed quite a bit from the
diabetes. The balance act of what I eat, my exercise,
and monitoring my blood sugar. VICKY: When I come up against challenges managing
my diabetes I have to think “eyes on the prize.” JIM: I get tired of thinking about I’m going
to live with this probably for the rest of my life. MICHAEL: But then I think about my life goals
and I strive to do better by having better control of my blood sugar. JIM: The thing that scares me the most about
having type 2 diabetes is that, one, that I’ll get worse, and that there’s something
wrong with me. They both go hand in hand. VICKY: The horror stories about blindness,
amputation, and neuropathy. MICHAEL: I could have a second heart attack
or I could lose my vision. JIM: What I would like people to know about
diabetes is that it’s personal. My diabetes is going to be different from
yours. My numbers are going to change according to
the way that I exercise. Your numbers are going to change because of
other things. Our job is to find out what those things are. MICHAEL: If you go off your path and you’re
a diabetic, things will happen to you that are not good over many years. ANDRE: Diabetes is very manageable, and as
long as you’re taking your medicine, and you’re exercising and eating right, you
should be able to lead a normal life. VICKY: Maintain a positive attitude, and don’t
define yourself by diabetes. JENNIFER: They’re not alone and it’s not
the end of the world. It’s just a little speed bump to make you

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