Cooking Goat Intestine in My Village – Our Lunch in our Village – Spicy and Hot Goat intestine curry

Cooking Goat Intestine in My Village – Our Lunch in our Village – Spicy and Hot Goat intestine curry

Four goat intestines. Speaker: Drop them one by one slowly Speaker: As it was raining I thought whether you will be coming or not. Camera man: As it was raining we have brought big umbrella. Speaker: That is the reason why I called you, whether you are coming or not. Because these intestines will get spoiled. Camera man: You are cutting them into small pieces and then boil them. Female Speaker: Yes. Female Speaker: Yes, the water is enough. Camera man: Have they boiled properly? Speaker: Yes. Camera man: Now you are going to cut them into small pieces. Female Speaker: The taste will be good only if we cut them into small pieces. Camera man: Its hot right? Camera man: Its hot right? Camera man: So the upper layer should be removed right? Speaker: Yes, we should remove this layer and then cut it into small pieces. Camera man: After cutting into small pieces, will you be washing them again Speaker: Yes, we should. Adding cooking oil. Adding mustard seeds. Adding cumin seeds. Adding curry leaves. Adding chopped onions. Adding chopped tomatoes. Adding salt. Adding turmeric powder. Adding red chili powder. Adding coriander powder. Adding the chopped intestines. Adding some water. Adding garlic and ginger paste. Adding pepper powder. Camera man: Its done right? Adding chopped coriander leaves. Camera man: Is it spicy? Speaker: It is really nice. Camera man: Brother, how does it taste? Speaker: Good Speaker: Keep food here too. Camera man: Wait, I am also going to eat. Speaker: Please sit, we will all eat together. Camera man: First, you eat and let us how it taste, whether its good or not, whether its spicy, etc. Speaker: Its okay. Its not that good but its okay. Camera man: Come chellam, come and eat, you should not fight. Will these dogs fight? Speaker: I have got 8 dogs. Camera man: Keep it here, keep it down.

100 thoughts on “Cooking Goat Intestine in My Village – Our Lunch in our Village – Spicy and Hot Goat intestine curry

  1. fans engala laam ooruku invite panni ipdu treat vecha nalla irukum ji😁🍻🙌. anyways.. thaaru maaru..👌

  2. Y do Indians shake their heads so much. Like ask them anything and they'll shake their heads. Is there a secret meaning or sum like 😂

  3. I tried cooking that once… omg never again will I attempt it.. it smells like shit I chuked it all away then it took me few days to get rid of that smell.

  4. i am really amaze of the quantity of spices they put in their food everytime they cook. like laddles and handfuls of every spices

  5. we eat this in the Philippines, we clean this thoroughly and boiled them for like hours to make sure all bacterias are dead. then cook it. I miss Philippines

  6. I like how they cleaned them so nicely. Cuz people here don't care and just cook it somehow. I have been eating intestines properly cleaned like this and can't eat the ones made by others

  7. No matter how much you clean that, intestines are dirty and hold shit. NOPE wouldn't eat it, but I respect that you do (:

  8. I love eating the lining of the stomach. So good. Also intestines taste amazing! Nice video, great cleaning of the organs 🙂

  9. these people that leave dislikes on these types of videos just don't understand the beauty of different parts of an animal. They are too conditioned to eating chicken and steaks. These people are the real humans! Great video and i love eating goat belly

  10. Indian style menudo lol
    Wonder what that stuff he was scraping off of the meat was?
    They save money on plates and silverware lol They use banana leaves as plates and eat with their hands North African style.

  11. ADa pavingala…. Neeeenga sapidala seiyalaya…. Dog ku thana yellllam…. Lol…. Yeathuku ivlo kasta padanum.. Pachayavey poturukalam

  12. Sir
    I have seen that water pipe in several of your vids
    could you tell me what is the source and does it just run forever or do you have a
    way of turning it off and on
    thank you

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