COMPLICATIONS 2 – Eating Disorder & Gastric Bypass – Anorexia – MICROS Can’t Be Ignored

COMPLICATIONS 2 – Eating Disorder & Gastric Bypass – Anorexia – MICROS Can’t Be Ignored

Hi this is a Addy from the gastric couple and I’m here today to give you a follow-up my complications from a hospitalization Hi this is Addie and I’m back and I just thought I’d give you a little update from, what’s going on with me I’ve been in my for A few weeks now and I haven’t been on Instagram and you too much So I wanted to bring you a little bit of what’s happened with me and So First of all you notice my head’s children right now I can pull it back up this is the reason one of the reasons why I went to the neurologist when I did I had a few reasons This, was the main one that had scared me like I can pull it back up but within 30 seconds to a minute it would be back down like towards my shoulder and You know it’s it’s not that bad today but it does get that bad sometimes and I Also had tremors of my hands my legs Would go so limp like if I was standing up it looked like I was gonna sit down in a chair? They, were so weak they couldn’t hold me up I fell down then average of five times a week Because I couldn’t hold me um I couldn’t pull myself up Joe had to pull me up out of bed most days it was horrible so You know with my neck like this I know I have a torn rotator cuff right now it’s known and they documented it with you know the ortho But I wondered about it and I went to Urgent Care one weekend to my ortho Urgent Care and I asked him about it like you know Is my rotor cut rotator cuff being is that doing this to my head, or my neck and he Said no absolutely not? And he listened to me and got some x-rays and he Said you know you have some bulging discs and stuff but that wouldn’t cause this and he was very worried about me and he said we’ll get an MRI as soon as possible and he knew I had my Neural I did already make a drunk neurology appointment at that point and he says I think you need to move up your neurologist employment he said I’ve never seen anything like this So that’s kind of scary when the orthopedist says that so um I went ahead and had my MRI and Then I Was what happened next okay I had that I went to the neurologist and He, did a total workup of me and asked me a lot of questions Um God just did everything with me – that took a long time long a long appointment and One thing he noticed that he was not very happy about was? I want to know the MRI came up negative by the way so there was nothing there but he noticed you know how they do your Your reflexes He couldn’t do he couldn’t find any reflexes in any and my Spots you know my legs my arms Wherever they do knightmon Eagles anywhere he couldn’t find any Great reflexes on my body and I didn’t I didn’t quite know I know my nerves but I didn’t quite Know the relevance of that that he couldn’t find them all But he told me the best thing to do would be to go to the ER right away and That he felt I needed an MRI with contrast of my neck and my brain both so he said I need to get my ambulance but my mom is there with me so he let her take me and so I got there and they were in a lot of blood work and I Was just waiting for the MRI? to go there and my blood work came back and there were a lot a lot of things out of whack their Most important my potassium Level, was two point seven which is a dangerously low potassium your heart needs potassium – um you know – I don’t know not the pump Efficiently that it’s required in her waiting for your heart and then it should be between three point five to five and So mine was low really low I started me on? IV potassium replacements and I did I had those all day tonight and then I started on oral replacement after that so I got – I did the MRI I did the MRI both brain and spine I mean my yeah cervical spine and Next morning they got me into a room they wanted to observe me they got me The next morning They come in and say a nurse comes in says, okay? someone will be here soon you’re gonna go have an LP this is one lumbar puncture and I’m like why and I hear that my I hear that my MRI and it was totally normal so they didn’t see anything there so they wanted to cover all bases and put me through in the lumbar puncture so I had to go do that that was really fun and when They, came back every everything, was normal with that so they rolled out every big massive Horrible diseases which was wonderful I was really happy with that So what was wrong with me um My vitamins and nutrients you know they ran all that stuff they’re all out of whack every bit of it um I Will confess here that I haven’t been taking my vitamins Consistently for the past year probably and I would take them not all the time I would just Forget or not see that as they are I mean my friend best friend She told me that her mom you know she had the bypass and she didn’t tell me her mom told me herself She had a ten years ago and she said that her Doctor told her if she didn’t have her vitamins every day that she died So I kind of saw that as a really wake-up call That I’m never gonna stop my vitamins again and What happened as far as my tilting of my head and all of my? reflexes not Coming up because then there was an Neurologist in house that came to see me she, was the best, but she couldn’t get reflexes on me either and that that boiled down to my every muscle in my body is so so atrophied like my muscles just been eaten away My body is just eating it because I have not been getting the protein that I need I didn’t take that too seriously And I would just eat what I wanted And if I didn’t get the protein oh well Well now I’ve got I Have made a chart to where I do make sure I get It’s about 75 grams they told me I needed 60 at my last Bariatric appointment but I’m getting 75 at least now so And I’m also starting physical therapy to help me with like you know neck exercises and exercises for my arms and for my legs because they’re all atrophied and You know the way my neurologist in the hospital is my she said yeah you’re gonna have that tilt because in my Sins to go left for some reason Because she said you got a head that’s very heavy and your neck is smaller so it’s gonna have trouble holding that neck that head up and you’re gonna have trouble falling because your knees buckle and You know you can’t you can’t stand straight up so she said I’m gonna have trouble for a while and you know she really wanted me to go to rehab but And then the other thing that I was diagnosed with in the hospital because she was you know just did a really thorough check of me She I know I did my last video I told you guys that I think I might have an eating disorder Well when I went into the hospital You guys know from other videos that I try to keep my range from 125 no 120 to 125 and I was 118 when I went in and she got me to fess up that I don’t eat enough and that I think That I don’t deserve to eat if I get to a certain point and So she diagnosed me with anorexia She knows I don’t binge eat she knows I don’t throw up So she said you know I have a form of anorexia and she She all she and Joe in my psychiatrist who I saw when I got out They all wanted me to go to an MP to inpatient treatment for two weeks or so I haven’t done that but if it gets worse And just keeping a close eye on me Then I’ll go I felt like I could do okay at home but just not thinking I am He’s keeping close tabs so anyway um I just Really need that protein and I really need to be exercising because I’m so weak and you can see my head my husband tilted the whole time and I try to straighten it back up and it just goes back over and like, we went out to eat tonight and I was trying to put my rain jacket back on and Jai was like you look like you’re drunk like to everybody in here I’m like what do you mean and he’s like just trying to stand up trying to get your jacket on and you couldn’t get it on you mumble and It just kind of hurt my feelings but it’s true cuz nobody knows what I’m going through so anyway I guess that’s the gist of things and Thank you for your thoughts and prayers everyone and I could use more because this is a lifelong battle for me now and I don’t want to die I I don’t want to be 90 pounds either I don’t want to look in the mirror and see skilled Alone’s I just I’m honestly I’d like to get back to their weight I was moving In the last time and that’s 115 I don’t want to go under that But that’s what I wait and we? Went last time and that’s kind of where I want to be but Everybody’s telling me now it’s too little so We’ll see about that but anything anyway thank you guys for everything and I guess that’s it so this is Addie and I’m out You

11 thoughts on “COMPLICATIONS 2 – Eating Disorder & Gastric Bypass – Anorexia – MICROS Can’t Be Ignored

  1. I would go to a naturopathic physician get a IV vit C of a meyer's cocktail. Myers' cocktail is an intravenous nutrient mixture invented by Baltimore physician John Myers containing magnesium, calcium, various B vitamins and vitamin C that is claimed to be beneficial for a broad range of conditions. MD's do not recommend IV vitamin but people have used this post cancer treament. Blessing's to you. Also a naturopathic physican can run a in depth vitamin panel to get at the root cause which MD do not they only treat "symptoms"

  2. Oh Addy, I've been thinking of you and had no idea how in depth your complications have been. God bless your sweet heart. I'm so proud of you for taking charge and getting in your daily vitamins and aiming to get in 75 grams of protein. Are you doing a lot of that through shakes? I feel like the further post-op folks get is when the shakes begin to drop off but for me, I still try to do 2 Premier Proteins a day because it's an easy way to grab 60 grams of protein. What your BFF's mom said was something we all need to hear. I was told when I had surgery that I would need to take vitamins the rest of my life but hearing it in a sense that "if you don't, you'll die" is very eye opening. I think you are simply gorgeous and look healthy at a 120-125 weight range. Thanks for being so raw and sharing your struggles. In the WLS community we probably all struggle with some type of disordered eating. Keep up with physical therapy, your vitamins and protein and you'll be feeling like Addy again. Sending you a HUGE warm HUG! xoxo P.S. – that pale pink sherpa vest & matching tear drop earrings are soooo pretty on you.

  3. Heaven's ta Betsy, I've missed too much. Listen to your doctors and husband. I'm not trying to be unkind but in one breath, you said you don't want to die and in another, you think the weight recommendations are too high. Anorexia is a very, very serious eating disorder and from what you've described, is pretty advanced for you. Just very concerned. If your doctors and Joe think inpatient is best, do it! Remember, you are malnutritioned and may not be thinking clearly! Praying for you!!!

  4. Oh hun, I M sorry you are going through such a rough time and sorry I am late checking in, I was MIA also. Please do the therapy the dr and husband are hoping for. Good job getting your protein in, please make sure you are taking care of yourself, I am very worried about you! I am always here for you if you need someone to talk to.

  5. I hope you can start feeling better soon and the physical therapy will help. Your body and your mind both need to heal and it sounds like you have a plan ❤️ it is great you have such a good support system but inpatient might be helpful right now. Either way you’re doing it on your own, just inpatient would have less distractions of every day life and will give you a lot of helpful tools, but I know you’ll do what is right for you ❤️ sending you lots of love.

  6. Wow. Thanks for sharing. It's a good warning for us newbies to keep taking vitamins. I can see myself doing the same because I hate swallowing pills. Have you considered using the vitamin patches? I hope you get your strength back soon!

  7. Oh my gosh Addy….how frightening =/ I am so sorry you have been going through all of this! How horrible and scary 🙁 I truly hope you're going to be okay!!! Missing out on just the littlest things like vitamins and protein are easy to do later on down the line, because you feel like you've already kicked obesitys butt, and that was the whole purpose of the surgery to begin with, so you start feeling like you're now invincible since missing a day or two or even a week of these important nutrients went un-noticed and you still felt great without them. But in the long run, it could have ended up being fatal! But I am really glad you posted this as a reminder to others, whether they are just starting out, or veterans like yourself… this CAN happen to you too! We ALL make mistakes sometimes and just brush it under the rug thinking it will be okay. I'm sorry you had to learn the hard way 🙁 But I AM glad action was taken BEFORE it was too late. That is extremely worrisome. We don't want anything to happen to you! So please, do whatever it takes to get better <3 You are loved and are in our thoughts and prayers. Please take care of yourself girl and keep us posted. xoxo

  8. I am sending you all the good, healing vibes, hon! I'm so sorry you are going through all of that, but I'm glad you've got a path forward!

  9. Thank you so much for you raw honesty! I’m praying things get better and you get stronger! Positive vibes coming your way!!!

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