Commission unveils new plan to combat obesity

Commission unveils new plan to combat obesity

In its fight against obesity among school
children, the European Commission launched a proposal on Thursday to strengthen the declining
consumption of fruit and milk among young people. Aimed at promoting healthier lifestyles, the
new plan will bring together the EU’s currently separate programmes on milk and fruit under
a new single scheme. Called ‘Eat well — feel good’, the campaign
hopes to address poor nutrition more effectively by reducing administrative burdens for national
authorities, schools and suppliers. The enforcement of the program will be simpler
because we will have only one set of rules requirements and reporting will be easier
for the beneficiaries and suppliers to do this program for milk and fruits and vegetables
in a single scheme. But participation in the programme will remain
voluntary for EU member states and each country will be able to choose the products they wish
to distribute. The new scheme will have a budget of €230million
per year. In terms of budget we remain with a neutral
budget but with a reinforcement of the impact, in fact, for fruits and vegetables already
in the reform of CAP, we increase the envelope from 90 million Euros per year to 150 million
per year and for milk we do not have currently an envelope but the member states in totally
use around 68 million Euro per year and we propose in this new scheme 80 million euro
per year for milk scheme. In 2010 the World Health Organisation estimated
that around one in three children between six and nine in the EU are overweight.

6 thoughts on “Commission unveils new plan to combat obesity

  1. This should be handled at national level – we do not need more EU rules thank you. We want the EU out of our country, incase you haven't noticed, not more ways for them to grab yet more central control.

  2.   This commissioner – comi – commissar said "the enforcement  of the program will be more simpler"… ha?!? Would this be a democratic "enforcement"? So much for democratic EU. People in Europe VOTE THEM OUT IN 2014!!  

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