Comedian Tom Papa’s run in with Tom Cruise.

Comedian Tom Papa’s run in with Tom Cruise.

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  1. At the end, the only thing you get to take with you is what you became. The only worthwhile thing to acquire is self development.

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    BTW: my first concert was, The Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl, August 1964, I was 13 and attended with three other girlfriends. We couldn't hear them because the audience was screaming, but it was a blast anyway! 🐞

  3. Why don't you hike with Sloan Bella a psychic medium. She hikes in L.A. every day. Could reveal some interesting stuff about passed away entertainers.

  4. Did Clint Eastwood invent Carmel M&M's? Or did he mean Caramel? — "We were just talking about you" reminds me of a Paul Reubens line; because he's so bad at telling jokes, and often forgets part of the joke, he ends with "I love that story." I used to tell people when meeting them for the first time "I remember you, but you were probably too drunk to remember."

  5. Kevin, thanks for sharing these (mostly) gems with us!! You always come up with such wild and unique questions, you should have your own actual talk show!! Never heard of this guy but enjoyed the conversation hike!

  6. I foresee Kevin doing a hike by himself and interviewing himself moving the camera right and left and laughing at his own jokes.

  7. These videos bring out the good chemicals.. look forward to them.. you’re a natural at conversation.. would enjoy a hike w/ Adam Corolla, Dennis Miller, Brian Regan, and Jay Lafferty

  8. folks seem more pleasant and enjoyable when there’s no profanity. is that just me? I’ve never heard of mr. papa but I like him now.

  9. Hi Kevin, been watching your show for a while and kind of got to wondering, when are you going to do a Hiking With Kevin Oz? Heaps of awesome hiking areas in different locations and a few good comedians to boot!

  10. No wonder California burns. The desiccation due to lack of moisture is jarring. BC has started burning due to lack of moisture too. This park is a firetrap.

  11. Love the show Kevin! You ask interesting questions, plus I I believe the walking and talking gets people to open up more somehow, the interviews are always very conversational.

    Although this episode has annoying wide angle shots of you walking? Have you set up cameras along the path? Is a camera man running to the next spot while you’re walking? I It’s quite distracting and takes away from the quality of your beautifully simple show.

  12. I guess that joke about where do you get these kids, up the trail aways? Didnt land and she told you to fuck off or ignored you and que the jump cut. lol I think when a joke doesnt land its still funny the expression people have or your expression from embarrassment lol.

  13. Kevin,maybe you dont listen to npr,but tom is on like three different weekly shows,which is how i found out about him,hes very poetic and somewhat cerebral but lite in what he does,out in america ,he calls it,good stuf,hes got alot of potential to go to the next level,tv,movies,hes really good,thanks for having him on…

  14. Trail mix is best when you make your own

    My fav trail mix has cashews, peanuts, almonds, sunflower seeds, raisins, dried cherries, dried cranberries, and coconut shavings.

  15. In the first 10 seconds Kevin is already facing a lawsuit for using the term "hot one." Don't you know that Sean owns that and he's litigious? 😉

  16. I listen to Papa & Fortune every morning. Both Tom and Fortune are hilarious! I love this episode – thank you Kevin! I’ve been a Tom Papa fan since he opened for Seinfeld at the Hard Rock in South Florida at least a decade ago. I thought he was funnier than Seinfeld 😬.

  17. I saw Kevin Nealon last week in downtown LA… he stepped over 6 homeless people to go into a coffee shop and buy a $12 cup of coffee. I’ve never seen such gusto.

  18. Wheat underwent mutagenesis techniques which improved yield while modifying DNA and resulting proteins. It may be that the modified gluten protein had led to digestive problems.

  19. As a fellow sourdough starter swami, I agree that a good part of heart disease in family history has to do with their poor health choices. The hardest part of being a father is knowing these relationships will end someday.

  20. A comic is someone who makes a living sharing opinions but unlike others his or her opinion is judged immediately. Most of humanity can not handle being judged so quickly or brutally. So you want to know why so many comics are so messed up?

  21. I like how Mr. Papa rocks his hat with a "crazy guggenheim" look. I have his book on pre order and look forward to reading it

  22. Kevin makes other comedians laugh. That’s verification❗️😃👍 Props for inserting Van Halen and The Dead into your soundtrack.

  23. Hey Kevin- keep up to date: it's not the bacon and ham that cause metabolic disorder and heart problems. It is not the fat. It is the carbs, otherwise know as SUGAR. Diet: 80% fat, 20% protein, 0% carbs. There is no such thing as an essential nutrient called carbohydrate. Low sodium diets are killers as well. The only fad diet in use today is the one Ancel Keys got the world started on, and has been a disaster- worldwide. Dump the trail mix and the candy. Take some beef jerky and a bit of salt on your hikes- and of course water. Seriously. And you might look up the nonsense regarding cholesterol you may think you know about as well.

  24. I like this show and these comedians, but having depression/anxiety is not the equivalent of being selfish. I also grew up with parents who told me to get over it and didn't believe in mental health care. It is mostly how others treat you that makes you depressed. I am female and considered weird and unfit for friendship by most people. If I was a man, I'd be accepted more easily. If I had money, that also helps with happiness. Depression is the result of how others treat you and what life gives you. i work hard, improve myself constantly, but I am not stupid. I can't be happy easily, because I was not able to do what I want for a living. I didn't grow up with money and couldn't go to art school or tour as a comedian with people helping me. Just keep in mind that not everyone is lucky. Sometimes, you don't have a bright side to look towards.

  25. One of these days, Kevin is going to walk someone off a cliff…or at least into a tree limb so hard they get knocked out.
    Can't wait for that.

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