Cold showers weight loss

Cold showers weight loss

YouTube what’s happening today we’re
gonna talk about cold showers right so some of the benefits I looked up some of
my experiences and yeah so I’m gonna take a cold shower for about one and a
half to two and a half years now and for my experiences I find it helps me
increase willpower right because before you jump in of course anybody who feel
like I don’t want to feel this water right now but it gets you to do
something you’re scared to do right because once you jump in the first two
seconds are divorced but after that you could write my other spaces with the
cold shower is I definitely find I’m burning more fat I find I’m looking more
lean warm ripped right because what happens is when I’m gonna shower it it
forces your body to heat up itself from the inside right which burns a lot of
extra fat laying around right which helps you to burn fat and have an
increase metabolism right and the final thing I experienced from cold showers it
wakes me up right especially when I do it in the morning because when you jump
in the hot shower you’re comfortable you want to stand there long right you want
to kind of days off and daydream water the way in the cold shower you want to
get in and get out right so I found a more alert after a
cold shower and I find more I guess I have less weight on my shoulders I’m
more cleansed in a sense right so more cleanse out more willpower and I find
I’m getting more ripped from it so here are the the benefits a got Brad only got
five so I’m gonna briefly talk about them and can relate them to what I feel
so first unless we got reduce stress right yeah I can see that because when
you jump in and after you’re done coach how you feel more relief you feel
like there’s less weight in your shoulders you feel cleansed so yes I
agree the second one is higher level higher level of alertness I agree
because listen if you’re gonna wake up and go somewhere and some of yours cold
water at you you’re gonna wake up you’re gonna wake up so yes I agree with that
one third one who got here it’s reboots immune systems so I don’t
know exactly what that could mean but in my definition it sounds to me like it
cleanses you like it cleanses all the toxins and everything off your body kind
of like a steam rule does so yes I do that also the fourth one got here is
increased willpower can you imagine that increased willpower I wonder why right
and for anybody that doesn’t think so I dare you to try coach-house for two
weeks right first thing in the morning you are gonna you’re gonna you’re gonna
be thinking about it before you open it trust me
so yes I do that and the final one weight loss strongly agree right so
these are basically the same things I said to you guys from what I experienced
but yeah I experienced um looking leaner not necessarily losing weight but
looking even I know that my willpower was better because you jump in the cold
shower sucks and I know that I’m more alert and more ready to go because when
cold water touches you you just might wish ever wake up whatever you need to
do right so I truly recommend it for you guys right there’s so much more benefits
to what you can look online and find so many different things coaches can do for
you right you can like if you’re a beginner and is
too intimidated to try you can try doing a hot shower and then finish off with a
cold shower or you can try going to a steam room or anything that gets I guess
gets you to sweat out toxins out of your body and then finish with the cold
shower right you may not be at the level to where you can just jump
and turn the water on cold right you can start hot and finish cold but there’s so
much benefits to it I recommend you try it out you know just for even a week two
weeks and tell me the difference let me know the difference in the comments
right but truly beneficial bills will power bills alertness helps you burn fat
you know so much more benefits to it I only have five here but this I can tell
you there can be 10 to 20 benefits I don’t know about right so yeah so that’s
it for my little talk about coffee house my experiences the benefits I found in
my benefits right so thank you for coming to the video make sure to LIKE
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guys later peace

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