Chris Freytag | Get Started With Weight Loss Guide

Chris Freytag | Get Started With Weight Loss Guide

hi there as a fitness trainer head coach
people ask me questions daily about how to lose weight I get questions
on Facebook in my group fitness classes via email and in person and if you know me and my
mission you know I want to help as many people as possible get healthy be happy in love life
information is powerful and life-changing now in order to reach
more people with life-changing information I decided to take your questions the
ones I’m asked most often and compile my answers into one book
guess what I ended up with more than a hundred pages up answers to
your most frequently asked questions about
exercise weight loss motivation mind and body
topics food and nutrition time management and
stress it’s called get started with bait box I
care about your health so my book is full I’ll annette complicated and real information no hype no diets
are gimmicks losing weight and feeling good doesn’t
have to be about you don’t have to go to war with your body in your mind you can start on a path to help you you enjoy the journey I promised my book is
designed to support you and make your weight loss journey fun you can find work as a glut make
delicious and healthy meals and increase your energy cell if you are
just starting out on your weight loss journey or if you just tired of your excuses and
wish you had your own personal trainer or if you’re just frustrated with your
lack a weight loss results this book is for you I’ll answer your
questions such as what are the five best tips for weight
loss how can I stick to exercise how can I get off the weight loss
plateau what’s your favorite core exercise how can I handle the nighttime munchies
get started with great last also includes my personal choices and habits and tips
exercises recipes fitness products and at that I recommend
and bonus latter inspirational quotes and images
to fire up your motivation grab your copy get started with weight
loss today and you’ll receive a bonus gift 39 tips
to help your you for free let me help you transition to
your healthier happier life by grabbing copy of my black and PS I’d love to hear from you so send email
to help Chris fighting dot com or join me on my
Facebook page to share your thoughts here’s to getting healthy be happy and loving life the the

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