Child Labor Laws = Obese Kids (Senator Grassley)

Child Labor Laws = Obese Kids (Senator Grassley)

senator chuck grassley during a town
hall meeting in iowa he was basically talking about how of the labor
department wants to create even stricter laws on children who work on farms right
so are right now the children to work on farms even if the farm doesn’t belong to
their parents but other government wants to change that so if you are under the
age of sixteen you cannot work on a farm unless it’s owned by your parents uh…
now chuck grassley doesn’t like this and here’s what he had to say about it kids
will be able to help on farms not owned by their parents it’s interesting but the child labor
bill goes against michelle obama’s entitled the city initiative helping
kids the active if they are limited by the slot i mean whether this first of all those
kasinga no idea that newt gingrich had which is let’s get rid of child labor
laws the server under-age kids start working as janitors or whatever else
cleaning toilets uh… it seemed outrageous but now all
of a sudden it’s building momentum among the
republican later this week pass excuse for getting rid of child labor laws what if the kids born out there creating
rich kids toilets well then they won’t be able to get a good work out well
there so uh… i guess you know uh… initial mother wants the fight over the
city they show us what that would
forty-year-olds back in our labor children who were on farms are four
times more likely uh… are happy fatality rate of four times higher then
children who do not work in agricultural at jobs well let me get a good work and
sometimes they die but hey that’s like math and so
especially if they’re poor they said that we have to work is we need to play with you think that’s not part of the
situation of course it is uh… because uh… that these rich the top one
percent the republican party have been at representing their whole lives well they don’t want like the minimum
wage one way to get around did they get higher younger people they don’t like
the laws of the don’t allow them to hire young to really get around that union
wages who wants to say that is newt gingrich says get rid of the union
janitors are a bunch of poor kids to play that
draws for it’s a win-win for everybody in the
republican party value kid gets dilemma today no farming
accident say that as it happened four times want
more often than that they’re not remember that’s your problem not truck
grasses from he continues to oppose get paid but on one person

100 thoughts on “Child Labor Laws = Obese Kids (Senator Grassley)

  1. Kid getting his hand ground off by a corn augur is something the corporate farms want the right to do as well. After all, corporations are people too.

  2. Hey, how about making so-called healthy/organic foods and meals cheaper than McDonalds? Repubs stop making excuses. I don't want my child to take my job!

  3. @KatoKid85 how does it help them "learn the value of a dollar" people always say that when they want kids to do work but GUESS WHAT they have plenty of time to learn the value of a dollar and the ones who do get taught "the value of a dollar" usually have the worst money sense of anybody

    one of my buddies in middle school had a job from his parents but he never had an money because he spent it all compared to me who had a very limited parental income and I ALWAYS had money

  4. @KatoKid85 i know right, i grew up on my grandparents farm, and i worked 5-6 hours a day, and i didnt get a choice, it was something i was supposted to do. It wasnt like a drove heavy equipment.

  5. This is just one more reason and proof that big government and bureaucracy doesn't work to the people's best interest, and one more reason why you should give the middle finger to the establishment by voting for Ron Paul.

  6. This is one of the most obvious taken-out-of-context moments that I have ever seen in my life. You HAVE to do better than this guys if you want to keep your credibility.

  7. @TheKuiske Yes, you can learn a lot working in a farm, also in the local store. But most important than everything like that is to get educated. I say is nonesense because we all think school is boring or something, but is the right way to go. The opportunity of get yourself somewhere and be someone; and an opportunity not everyone has.

  8. @withthebirdillshare

    kids who want to do it on their own consent because they want to earn some cash are barred from legally being able to do so. what study do you have to back up that they aren't doing it without their own consent? any source?

  9. @TheKuiske And, have you work in a farm? Is really hard work for real small retribution. There´s a reason most parents want their children to have an education, and is precisely to keep them from doing this kind of jobs. So, I say, everyone that has the chance to get an education must do it. No excuses.

  10. Why do they want to put kids to work when adult can't find jobs? The hell man? Jobs are hard enough to find as it is leave the kids alone. Being a kid sucks as it is. You have no power and you're to small to even fight about it.

  11. Farm accidents are viscous. farmers often work alone. and country farms are usually not close to hospitals.the bill is designed to stop children from dying. and the republican argument is… but your kids will get fat?

  12. You can take any fascist movement of the early part of last century, substitute the words "religious (specifically Catholic in most of their cases) right wing" and give a correct description of those movements.

    Fascist governments were only harsh and restrictive in the laws they passed against PEOPLE, not business.

    Which is an apt description of the right and left wing of America. Conservatives want big govt to regulate people, progressives only want govt to regulate corporations.

  13. @IKiLLNRapeCOMMUNISTS Why? Why lower classes have to learn technical skills while people with the means go to schools? Why can´t everyone have access to an education? Explain please.

  14. But they aren't kidding. Working on a farm is dangerous: Heavy machinery, poisons and pesticides, working in the hot sun all day. And this is before you get to the animals and the injuries they cause.

  15. @TheKuiske Alright, but one thing is the possibility of doing both, and an other is to you to spend your or make others spend their childhood working in a farm instead of going to school. Nothing should ever get in the way of a kid and his education. No matter how beautiful or productive you may thing the country life is.

  16. @happyskunk So lets take away the power from kids even more by not letting them earn a few extra bucks if they so choose?

  17. @KatoKid85 once again whats to guarantee that that's all the kid is going to do. Farms are usually at least several acres and there's just no way the farmer will be able to watch over the kid the entire time. Hundreds of kids die each year on farms.

  18. @IKiLLNRapeCOMMUNISTS It's not taxes that promote large corporate farms, it's subsidies. Honestly, this meme that government is too big is just tired and has no basis in reality.

  19. @antonio3p1 So you think a 10 year old can work "voluntarily" for 40 or 50 hours a week? Because that's what they're talking about when they want to repeal child labor laws.

  20. Let the kids work! I cant believe theirs a general agreement here that this particular "child" labor law isn't ridiculous. I live in a suburban town but their are farms at the outset of some neighboring cities and i have friends who use to work over the summer, VOLUNTARILY, on their friends farm or agriculture business in high school. They got a lot of money for it. This is going way to far. The only work kids will be able to get in the future will all be sedentary if this keeps up.

  21. When I was 14 I detasseled corn for about 2 and a half weeks in late summer and made enough money to buy myself a go-kart and had a blast. BTW there was so much scantily clad pussy I could not wait to get to work every day. Cenk,Ana you are totally wrong on this and you are making yourselves look like pompous spoiled city punks. There are jobs children should not do on a farm but some jobs can be done safely and the kids learn about money,work ethic and where food comes from.

  22. To the various people imagining kids 'gardening' or 'detassling' and thinking "what's the big deal?". These new child labor laws: they are not talking about that. It specifically targets the kind of farm jobs that should only be handled by an adult; the kind of work that can and has killed children; ie, the kind of jobs that child labor laws were created to protect children from in the first place, and for the same reasons.

  23. @spacedude61 1. Pussy has no place in this argument. 2. Kids should be going to school not focusing on a job that could be given to an adult. 3. America fought for these very same labor laws that you're for some reason against. Children working and not being able to enjoy their childhood, not to mention working for less wages, is never a good thing. Many children learn about money and work ethic without having to work on a farm. Your argument is invalid.

  24. @spacedude61 It is not about that.

    I worked on different farms in a somewhat rural part of Denmark from ages 15 to 19 where i moved away from home.
    The jobs i did where mostly light because Danish law is strict around how hard and how much i can work. The issue is the republicans wants to remove most of the child labor laws as they are there now.

    Having restrictions on how hard a young person can work is a good idea or you can risk having a regression to the 1900's in terms of child labor.

  25. Let's redefine the term hard work: Any profession(s) that can shorten your lifespan. I seriously doubt being a Senator falls under that definition. Is it tedious, time consuming, personally compromising, I'm quite certain of that. However, I'm sick and tired of elites defining what hard work is, especially when they fail to mention that many of them had an inclusive network of people ahead of time to benefit from.

  26. @TheKuiske I don´t claim that. I just want to kind of make you acknowledge the risk of making children work (or even giving them the choice) -in a farm or anywhere else. Tell me you don´t see the risk: there may be lots of cases in which children work And go to school, but there could be a lot of them just working in farms without getting education. You can´t say just "let´s give them the choice" without acknowledging all the implications to child labor issues.

  27. @TheKuiske Child labor can be legal only when education is consider a right and a duty and is granted for all, no exceptions.

  28. @TheKuiske Now, you told me about yourself, so I will tell you about myself. I live in Colombia, and here child labor is a big big problem. And if you think getting the legal chance to underage kids to work is better for them, you are wrong. That only leads to exploitation, abuses, children without any chance for them from the beginning, damned to work in shitty things for the rest of their lives. Your case could be an exception, maybe an example, and I say that with all respect,

  29. @TheKuiske but you can´t make a rule for all based on it. I live in an underdeveloped country, and we know here the only way of helping the poorest is granting education for them, never giving them the chance to put their child to work. So, yes, I believe in most cases that chance interferes with the education. I just want you to aknowledge the risk of child labor.

  30. From someone who use to work on a farm as a child I would like to say your wrong. Not about having child labor laws. About being against this law. The only difference between work and play is the attitude. I loved helping my family around the house. More children need to. Especially if they live in a rural community. I love TYT but not on this issue. Just make sure they do not allow facilities or corporations to hire kids.

  31. How much more likely to die are kids who ride in automobiles than those who don't?. I would imagine very few Amish kids have died in car accidents compared to mainstream kids. So why don't we ban children from riding in cars? It's safer.

  32. @antonio3p1 Like I said, you can think past your own experience. You should really shut up at this point because you're coming across as a rather ignorant person.

  33. Of course it about cheap labor for farmers. Hell "kids" raised on the family farm don't go to work for other farmers,they go find jobs that pair a fair wage, and where they don't have to listen to pissin & moanin farmer all the time. My experience in the oilfield has shown me there is nobody more dangerous to work around than a farmer who learned bad habits on the family farm. Being part of a much cater & coddled to sector in America, there's no teaching them anything

  34. @sarawer Oh, I think that is absolutely a great idea, but with parental, not governmental, consent. And the jobs that Newt wants kids to work are ones that they would get no pay for–they'd be "doing their part" to support themelves. I worked at 14 for money to buy clothes, shoes, etc. He wants kids to work for no money, since poor kids are apparently reaping all sorts of gov't benefits and need to pay back what they have "taken." So, heck, work away at 14, but EARN, I say! 🙂

  35. Our education system is shitty enough without haing 13 year olds exhausted in school from a 40 hour work week! Seriously people, how do you expect our kids to compete for the jobs of the future that will require an educated workforce if we are distracting them from their main job at that age which is gaining an education! This seems like more of the same class warfare that the GOP has been waging for the past century. Their hope is to keep the middle class poor and stupid and labor cheap!

  36. @IAMdgfoxstar I see your point. Kids should be taught to have more independence and learn how to deal with real-life situations. What I don't agree with is returning to the days where children from poor families were forced by necessity to work in factories, often losing limbs or dying.

  37. back to the golden age of the constitution and free market… where kids would get maimed on the job!

    Thatll teach em better than book learnin!

  38. @antonio3p1 no offense, but you are pretty stupid, probably because you were working as a kid when you should have been educated.

    Nobody gets smarter than stephen hawking by working in a factory.

  39. @WolfsStorm When I was a kid I enjoyed having money, you dick! Until I was 15 years old and able to get an actual job, working on a farm during the summer was the only way I could make any money as a kid!

  40. @WolfsStorm My allowence was pretty worthless and I still had to do chores to earn it. My hostility is justified. I am sick of people who think they know what is best for others. I know what is in my own best interest and what is not! You should just mind your own business…

  41. @antonio3p1 The sad thing is, you think this is a liberal vs conservative argument. It isn't. It's a corporatist vs human being argument. You don't understand what child labor laws they're looking to repeal and the "unintended" consequences of loosening those child labor laws.

    You're simply proving yourself an idiot with every comment.

  42. @Theroha The problem with well intended laws is there are almost always unintended consequences! Life is very complicated. Here's a good example. My dad and I have to put up plywood ring bins. We need a couple extra people just to stand there and hold up the plywood sheet while we bolt it. Easy. The neighbours kids help out. Say there 14 or something. And for helping you give them something, that's only proper. That means it would violate your law! That would be a criminal offence to pay them.

  43. @phreak1983 Then you understand my point, Having a job is up to you and only you. What these people want to do is force you into a job no questions asked. Surely you can understand how that is bad, right? You had your job, and I didn't, everyone is happy.

  44. Children who live in houses with swimming pools are far more likely to die than children who don't live in houses with swimming pools.

    That doesn't mean we should make it illegal for parent's to own swimming pools.

  45. @antonio3p1 We had laws against slavery at the turn of the century as well, and yet,many children were pretty much enslaved workers with no education and more than half the population couldn't read or write. India currently has laws against slavery and yet many children are enslaved workers for manual labor and large sections of the population cannot read or write.

    But you keep defending the repeal of sensible existing child labor laws.

  46. @ShatterNWO kids are going to get forced into working, and most of them won't even get to see their money. That's not power. I admit some will get a great freeing chance with something like this, but most will just have harder lives when life is hard enough as it is.

  47. @52000rightwing
    The law is not against having farms, so your metaphor doesn't really make sense. People who do own pools run a risk of being libel for injuries that occur in or around them or any of their property for that matter, perhaps we should scrap those laws?

  48. kids shouldnt have to work, obesity is due to all the fucking mcdonald's on every street corner…. and then i dunnoo….. burn the country down and start over, they did it wrong

  49. do u know many young kids want to work because theyre parents arnt making it and they want to help out . its a whole new group of kids out there now theyre not the spoiled 80s generation. I worked with many people who grew up on farms and they are the best workers you will ever find. there is nothing wrong with working on a farm teaches kids a lot.

  50. So its not ok to force kids to work, but its ok to FORCE kids NOT to work? i understand school and such, but if they dont want to and they just want to work and can do that, whats the problem with letting them? its called Freedom of choice, STOP TELLING THE KIDS WHAT THEY CAN DO WITH THEIR FUTURE! just because you might have had a rich childhood doesnt mean every kid had it, some might need to work if they want to be able to buy that phone or that game, or to be able to go out with their friend

  51. @jiiub
    Are you suggesting kids should be able to quit school to have that minimum wage job (if they're lucky enough to be in a state w/ a minimum wage) in order to buy a phone, game or go out w/ friends?
    You really want to compete w/ Asia's slave wages don't you?
    And you don't care how stupid our nation is becoming due to a lack of education – which is becoming too expensive for the average American family – just let them all drop out because it's *freedom of choice*.
    WTF Conservatives!?

  52. @Candyliz2003 if they dont have parents to pay for food why should they not be allowed to work a real job and not tax free illegal work? and if the parents cant demand they dont then there is other problems with them.

    Bringing in Asia.. what that got to do with the US? are you saying its as bad in the US?

    Freedom no matter what, and abit of common sense and a freaking brain will help make the right decision

  53. It's as if the entirety of the GOP are in some secret contest to see who can be the bigger ignorant asshole.

    and I for one don't know who's winning.

  54. @House1Mouse0 I think that in the schools its ok to do, but when the process is privatized it opens up a completely different can of worms. 13 hour shifts, no pay for little work, paying the children less and taking away jobs from adults. That type of life is .ok. for adults but children don't deserve that kind of duress.

  55. @House1Mouse0 I think we can agree on that :). But the schools are so underfunded and understaffed I wonder how they'd come up with the funds for that.

  56. You know what else would help children lose weight? Smoking. Let children smoke and the won't want to eat as much.

  57. there,s more to this that what is being presented under osha laws kids under 18 still can,t operate equipment there only allowed to do manual labor at 16 they can drive vehicles under 10000# GVW ore GCW not just at a farm that is,t family but any job

  58. I guess according to the Young Turks, a work ethic is ok as long as it isn't in agriculture. These people are truly ridiculous. But what do you expect from someone who believes government should wipe your ass. Citiods.

  59. You didn't pay attention to a word that was said, obviously. Would you want your son or daughter working in a profession where there's a high chance of severe injury or even death? Would you want your kid working such a job if they're minors? If you are a farmer who runs a family-owned farm it can be excused since everyone has to pull their weight. But why should kids have to slave away like this in other jobs which require a great deal of education and training to do safely? Let kids be kids.

  60. they weren't making fun of farm accidents, they were mocking republicans for not taking farm accidents into account on this as well as other occupational hazards.

  61. Your a fucking moron. AND after reading your post I know damn well you have never worked on a farm. It is dangerous work and a kid working on his parnents farm is one thing but "farming out" the kid to work for a corporate farmer is an insult tot he our way of life. It is very third world.

  62. Ah yes, the proof you hold citing I have never worked in the agricultural world is inaccurate. I am not sure I understand your meaning between corporate and family farming, other than the fact corporate places, most from my experience require you to be 18. Also, it is obvious that this work can be dangerous, and accidents will always happen, but parenting and common sense will injuries low, like it is now. A vast amount of mispellings and intellect are missing from your rebuttle.

  63. We had child labor laws when I was a kid and I wasn't obese. When I was a kid I was always playing outside unlike the kids today who just play video games.

  64. FUCK YOU YOU FUCKERS EVER THINK ITS FUN TO DIVE A 120.000 tractor at 14 like i did in iowa n minnesota ,with stereo cranked up listening to black sabbath talking to youn cusin on cb radio at two am in america having your 15 yr old gril do a round or two with hell i love workin for farmer making five an hr under table love it

  65. I am entirely too late to respond, but here goes. I grew up in Iowa and I had summer jobs as a minor on farms (family owned). It is pretty standard in Iowa. That statement is more powerful in the community it was said in. I would like to see the small family farms come back which would put more kids helping out their family and neighbors. That is how Iowa was in the past, but Monsanto destroyed that culture. Farming now is big business which changes the issue perception. 4H is a youth program that teaches kids about animal husbandry and farming. It is a culture. If Corporations didn't GM the corn and take over, I would be farming with my dad today. The truth lies somewhere in the middle here.

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