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  1. A BMI over 25 does not necessarily mean OVERWEIGHT, maybe because of more consumption of protein from chicken meat some of the people from the study had more muscle mass resulting in a higher BMI

  2. Now is it the chicken meat per se that makes people eating them obese or couldn't that be these growning factors put in them to grow fast and obese in the first place that tilt with our own physiological mecanisms ?

  3. It would be good to see controls for factory farming versus free range and other factors such as additives found in processed food. But this is a good start.

  4. Some of your videos are great, some are awful… although interesting on the surface, this one is closer to the latter.

    "Controlled"  how?

    How do you eat the same amount of calories, vegetables, fruit, and grain and eat and don't eat meat?  The only way I can see that is if you make up for the meat with sugar (and I mean sugar, not fruit which is supposedly accounted for)?  They don't say they account for diabetics, which tend to loose weight because they're not getting (or getting as strong) an anabolic insulin response.  I guess it could be fat… Oh well, not enough information to draw any useful conclusion.

    Finally, when did we decide that BMI is a good indicator of obesity?  I have a BMI of around 28, I'm 6'4" and 225-230lbs.  I also wear size 32 jeans and have a bodyfat around 10%, both well below average.  Oh, and BTW, I lost about 100lbs over the span of about 3 years and have kept it off for about 8 now (I'm lighter than I was in high school)… Mostly by eating a lot of meat and restricting carbs (mostly sugars) and exercising (nothing crazy on either end, not like doing atkins or paleo and no P90x or anything). 

  5. I have actually gained a considerable amount of weight since I gave up my vegetarian diet. The only meat I eat is chicken.

  6. Chicken is bad mmmkay….  But seriously what about the people who eat chicken who are not overweight.  People who eat chicken and are not overweight can have a higher BMI with most of that being muscle.  If you want to study health you don't sample a huge portion of sick people on the SAD.  

    The thing that annoys me about this channel is the extremism.  What about the people who eat meat and a lot of vegetables and fruit.  Where are the studies to done to see if a balanced diet is better or not that a pure vegan diet.  And why are all meat studies never fully categorised.  Apparently all meat is the same to a vegan, no matter how it was raised and produced.  Vegans aren't interested in finding out about how meat can be produced in the best possible way.  In the same way cooking affects vegetables, vitamins and minerals, I'm sure there are best practices for cooking meat to maximise nutritional content and minimise loss.

    Lets not forget that without cooking meat our two legged ancestors would never have evolved into our present day omnivores selves.  They couldn't exactly order a B12 supplement from amazon.

  7. Meat is thrown under a bus in vegan circles for the wrong reasons imo.  The real issue is the industrialisation of the meat producing system.  The cow or chicken or pig produced today is not the same animal as it was 50 years ago.  Pumped full of antibiotics to protect against disease, genetically modified to grow faster and bigger than ever before.  All these modifications are essentially detrimental to the nutritional value of a process that values quantity and profit over anything else.  

    In the same way Wheat is not the same 50 years ago as it is today.  All of a sudden everyone is gluten intolerant.  Wheat and all nearly all major foods are produced to be more resistant to disease and to grow faster and larger than before.  It makes sense economically but not nutritionally.  

    Are there any studies done of people who eat locally grown or sourced meat?  I'd imagine not, because no company will want to fund a study like that, no incentives. So therein lies my mini thesis, economics is why we are more profitable than ever before and have so much food available to us than ever before but it is also the main cause of our ill health.

  8. I was addicted to Swapna Indian Buffet Butter Chicken. After a while, Id noticed myself getting bigger muscles, without lifting weights much. I think it was the steroids and growth hormones they put in the chickens to make them bigger, thus more profitable. 

    Ive been no meat for a couple years now, but as a protein body type, even with my Chlorella & occasional eggs for protein amino acids, Im still underweight. The thought of eating animal meat disgusts me at this point, but I do miss the growth.

  9. Love all your videos but this one not making sense. How does 20 grams of chicken protein per day equal a chicken nugget or one chicken breast every two weeks?

  10. Did the study control for Lean Body Mass, though? Could be that those that consumed meat etc had greater amounts of muscle mass? It's just the findings seem odd considering energy balance was controlled for.

  11. I don't think your researches cares about the way of which people prepared their chicken. Try to think about the difference between lean boiled chicken breast meat vs any fried fatty chickens pieces. Food science can be a very complex topic and it can be easy to over simplify it.

  12. This is suck fucking bullshit. I've added lean chicken tenderloins to my diet for the past 2 months and have LOST MORE WEIGHT than prior to that when I was eating a nearly 100% plant based diet with more fish.

    The high complete amino acid profile and high protein in chicken and other lean meats increases satiety greatly when compared to carbs or fiber.

  13. so many experts, so many opinions on you toob…
    All George Bushian.. either with us or against us.
    Imposition of "our views" "we feel"…."its so wrong!"
    "how would you like it if"
    Grow up , the Planets dead and doesn't know it yet.
    None of you are going to save it.

  14. stop fucking bullshitting ppl breh. how the fuck can person A increase in weight compared to person B when they both eat the same amount of calories. THIS study is fucking BULLSHIT LOL. A calorie is a calorie. OH YH thats right, everyones BMR/maintenance lvl is different. LOOOOOOOOOOOOL. if u wanna go about promoting veganism I dont think you should talk about the nonexistent health benefits.

  15. Dr Gregor talks about weight gain but he didn't mention or specify if they were gaining fat mass or muscle mass… unless I missed that part.

  16. This is a BAD video! What type of chicken were they eating? I heard him mention "chicken nuggets." Of course, chicken fingers & nuggets and fried chicken…are rather unhealthy. Free-range, hormone/antibiotic-free chicken…cooked properly… is a good source of PROTEIN…which humans MUST have in reasonable amounts. This video relates DIRECTLY to the NWO agenda…lots of wheat, corn, grains, etc…but give up the meat! He's probably against egg consumption, too!

  17. I guess you are in favor of vaccines, too?
    There is so much propaganda, fraudulent data, and BAD SCIENCE…in the U.S., that I now have to go OUTSIDE this country to find legitimate"medical journal" articles on health. I am MORTIFIED over what our government is doing to the public school nutrition program! I would guess that you are in favor of the dietary changes. Anyone with ANY background in Science, Nutrition, or Anatomy & Physiology…should be able to see through this evil agenda. I liked your Aspartame video, but I hated the BS in this one!!

  18. Greger needs to provide better information on these studies before throwing his conclusion out to unassuming viewers. the study doesn't take subjects which eat the same amount of vegetables, do the same amount of exercise etc… it states on the screen that use a linear regression model were adjusted for mean values to obtain similar levels within a confidence interval.

    The difference between the 1st and 5th quintile is only a BMI difference of 1… this might be scientifically significant but it's not a life affecting difference.

    Also it's not clear if there were any vegetarians in the study. I suppose they were in the first quintile? and I agree with a comment below… are we talking muscle or fat… perhaps they are the same shape just the meat eaters generally have more muscle to fat ratio.

  19. 100% true. I dropped chicken in my diet and instead are tons of beef, fish and pork. I lost weight and yet I consumed more calories with all else being the same.

  20. This video made for a great headline but sadly, almost comically Dr Greger leaves out or warps the studies findings to his point of shallow, backwards and fanatical point of view.

    Note: He neglects/purposely does not mention: 1) Study was done on 55-69 year old cohort for 14 years (so 69 to 83 years old at the end) 2) Of the 4280 who started only 2091 finished 3) At all time weight was self reported 4) Even worse they asked "what was your weight at age 20?" in the questionnaire and calculated the BMI from height at BASELINE age (ie55-69)! [Commentary: Sooo, they asked them for their weight from 3 to 5 decades ago then took their shrunken height to get a "calculated" BMI. ] 5) Their "Habitual meat intake at baseline was assessed

    using a self-administered, semiquantitative FFQ consisting of 150 food

    items estimating the average frequency of foods and beverages consumed

    over the previous 12 mo. The questionnaire contained 14 items on the

    consumption of meat with the hot meal (mainly fresh meat, including

    chicken), five items on the consumption of meat products used as

    sandwich fillings, and three items on fish consumption. T"

    These blatant omissions (http://sci-hub.tw/https://doi.org/10.3945/jn.111.146258) are party of Dr Greger's bias and I accept that but it is the reason I quit watching his videos.

    Le Sign.

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