23 thoughts on “Causes of Obesity | Obesity

  1. There's a genetic component to everything, even shitting. People who use the genetic thing are lazy losers.

  2. Genetics is also the cause for your ability to understand this comment. What's the point? People really need to exercise more.

  3. How to cure obesity: makeout with anyone 24/7. Kissing burns a few calories per minute. (this is a troll so don't take it seriously).

  4. Plain and simple – anything told us in this video has been propagated for the last 30-40 years but it did shit to stop "Diabesity" and heart disease. What dieticians do then is covering their asses with "lack of willpower". Their shit doesn't work, and it never worked.

  5. I have things are just as bad as the obesity epidemic:

    Nonstop tiredness issues especially during the day which caused me to almost lose my job and nearly lose my drivers license

    Eating issues which involves having to take 2 to 3 hours to finish my meals or got burps, tiredness, yawns and even throwing up the food

    Back pain especially when I try to use the computer to do anything

    Finally nonstop yawning during the day

  6. Worst video I have watched in a long time. What a boring voice!! She only has a few things to say but she needs to read them from a script!! And the real cause of obesity is not addressed 🙁

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