Casper vs Purple Mattress Comparison – Which Mattress Is Right For You?

Casper vs Purple Mattress Comparison – Which Mattress Is Right For You?

Joe: The original Casper and Purple mattresses
are very popular and for good reason, but which one should you choose? That’s exactly what I’m going to be telling
you about today. I’ll be telling you what the key differences
and key similarities are between the two mattresses, going over the construction differences, and
I’m going to give my take on who should get one over the other, so stay tuned. [music] Joe: What’s similar between these two mattresses? Not a ton. They’re about 9.5-10 inches thick. They are at roughly the same exact price point. They both have a pretty similar base layer
and a transition layer, and that’s about it, to be honest. What are the differences between these two
mattresses. Well, there are a number of pretty important
differences. Number one is just the construction. Casper has a latex-like layer, a memory foam
layer, transition layer, then a base layer. Whereas, Purple uses its unique hyper-elastic
polymer gel material on top, then a transition layer, then a base layer. It’s also firmness differences, I put the
Purple at about a 7 out of 10, Casper at about a 6 out of 10. I think most people would agree that Purple
is a little bit firmer. Because of the construction differences, there
are feel differences as well. You get more of a standard foam feel from
the Casper, and this unique kind of squishy, pressure-relieving yet firm, at the same time,
feel from the Purple. Last thing to note is that, Casper also has
zone construction. It’s a little bit softer underneath your shoulders
and also a little bit firmer underneath the heavier parts of your body. Let’s talk about the construction of each
mattress and what the differences are. Starting with the Purple. We have a roughly 9.5-inch mattress. It has a pretty standard base layer, then
a transition layer that transitions you from the top to the bottom. Then the hyper-elastic polymer comfort layer,
it’s two inches. Let’s say, you have a foam mattress and you
put your hand into the foam, it will compress a little bit, but a little bit more pressure,
it will compress even more. This gel-like material works a little bit
different. It stays flat and supportive until a certain
pressure threshold is reached. You push your hand in and it will stay flat
then all of a sudden, it’ll collapse. The way it works is, let’s say you’re sleeping
on your back, it will actually collapse underneath your butt, and then just stay flat over the
rest of the mattress, so it’ll be very supportive in that position. If you’re on your side, it’ll collapse underneath
your shoulders and your hips, so you’ll feel like a pressure relief and support across
the rest of your body. It’s a very unique feel that you don’t really
see in any other type of mattress. Moving on to the Casper now. It has a pretty standard base layer, a transition
layer, a memory foam layer, and then a latex-like, pretty soft layer on top there. This resembles a more traditional, just general
foam, balanced foam feel in this mattress. The transition layer is actually zoned, which
means it’s firmer in the middle part of the mattress, underneath the heavier parts of
your body. That’s nice in that when you’re sleeping on
your side, it’s going to be softer underneath your shoulders, so you get the pressure relief
there. If you’re sitting on your stomach or back,
it’s going to be firmer and be able to be a little bit more supportive. These are actually similar in that they are
good for all three sleeping positions. In my opinion, because of the gel where it’s
firm yet pressure-relieving at the same time and then the zone construction here. The feel is different. The unique feel of the Purple, you won’t really
see anywhere else, but you’ll see the Casper feel in many more other foam mattresses. Pretty similar in that they’re pretty good
for all three sleeping positions but the feel is definitely going to be different. I want to talk through on how I feel on different
sleeping positions on both mattresses. Starting with the Purple, when I lie down
on my back, first thing I notice is my hips do sink in. The gel material does collapse underneath
my butt, but then it stays flat across the rest of my body. For that reason, it’s a very good match for
me on my back. I think people of really any weight will find
it to be a good match for them. On the Casper, it was also a good match for
me. It is firmer underneath my butt, which is
great. It’s because of that zone construction, that
something you can actually feel. I feel like on my back, it’s a good match
for me and should be a good match for most people as well. I would give the slight support advantage
to Purple in this case, however. I just thought it was a little bit more supportive
overall. Switching on to the side here, I can feel
on the Purple the gel collapsing underneath my shoulders and my hips. It’s pretty pressure-relieving. I do feel just a tiny bit of firmness there. Switching to the Casper now on my side, I
feel like it’s a little bit softer. Because of that zone construction, you get
that extra softness underneath your shoulders. I found it to be really, really good match,
very pressure-relieving on my side. Switching to my stomach, on the Purple, I
felt very, very good support overall. I thought it was a really good match for me
on my stomach. I think most people would agree as well. In Casper, it was also a good match but I
would probably give Purple the advantage here with the support overall. We’ve been talking about construction differences
and I’ve given my subjective opinion about firmness and feel. Now, we want to give you an objective test
that shows exactly how well each mattress relieves pressure. We do that with a pressure map test. I get down on my back, side, and stomach on
a pressure map and you’ll see anywhere from blue, no pressure, all the way up to red,
the high pressure. What’s most important is really just the side
sleeping results. When we throw that up here, you’ll see that
Casper has less pressure underneath the shoulders, a little bit more pressure underneath the
hips. Purple has a little bit more pressure, a little
bit of red underneath the shoulders and less pressure underneath the hips. That makes sense given its zone construction. It’s firmer with the Casper underneath your
hips, so it makes sense that there’s a little bit more pressure there. Overall, I would say that the Casper is a
little bit softer. In this particular case, it relieves pressure
a little bit better. Martin: Hey guys, Martin here to offer different
perspective. Joe is 5’9”, 160. I’m 6’7”, 230. I’ve a different body type and you should
think about your body type when you’re comparing mattresses. Today, we’re looking at the Purple original
mattress and the Casper original mattress. Talking about firmness, I said the Purple
was a 6.5 out of 10, and I said the Casper here was a 7 out of 10. On both these mattresses, I felt good support
on my back and stomach, and decent pressure relief on my side. That being said, I felt better support on
the Purple when I was on my back and my stomach. I felt better pressure relief when I was on
my side on the Casper. That being said, if you’re my size, a heavier
sleeper, and you sleep primarily on your back and your stomach, I lean towards the Purple. If you’re my size and you’re mostly a side
sleeper, I would lean more towards the Casper. Joe: If you sleep with a partner, there’s
two additional things you may want to consider when looking at a mattress. that’s motion isolation and edge support. Motion isolation is basically, if your partner’s
moving around on that side of the bed, is that motion be isolated or is going to transfer
over to you and potentially wake you up at night? Edge support is basically, can you tie your
shoes while sitting on the edge of the bed without feeling like you’re going to fall
off? Can you sleep towards the very edge of the
bed without feeling like you’re going to fall off, as well? So this particular case, I would give Casper
the slight advantage on motion isolation. I think that the foam layers do a pretty good
job of isolating motion in general. Now, I actually give them the slight advantage
on edge support, as well. I don’t really get that falling-off-the-bed
sensation when I’m like tying my shoes or sleeping towards the edge of the bed. You get that just a little bit with the Purple. Let’s talk about who should get the Casper
over the Purple, and who should get the Purple over the Casper. The thing to note here is that these two mattresses
are very popular for a very good reason. I found them to be a really great fit for
me in all three sleeping positions. As far as who should get the Purple, if you’re
looking for something a little bit firmer, I put it at about a 7 out of 10 compared to
6 out of 10 for the Casper, this might be the better choice for you. If you’re just a back and stomach sleeper,
I found it to be a little bit more supportive for me and I think most people would agree. That’s a little bit more supportive. If you’re just a back and stomach sleeper,
this might be the better choice. Then for the Casper, if you want something
that’s just a little bit softer, I found it to be very nice on my side, for example. Side sleepers might find this to be a better
match. That’s a little bit softer given that zone
construction underneath your shoulders. Then if you’ve had success with foam mattresses
before, this is more of a standard balanced foam feel. This might be the better choice for you. All right. To wrap up, while these two mattresses are
very popular and for a good reason, I think the differences between the two are pretty
vast. The choice should be pretty clear. There’s firmness differences. Purple’s little bit firmer feeling yet still
pressure-relieving at same time. It’s also feel differences. The differences should be pretty clear and
if that’s not the case, you can simply leave a comment below. I can give you a personal recommendation,
or really answer any question that you might have. If you’re just getting started with your mattress
research, definitely check out Do you want to see a list of our top picks? You can simply Google mattress clarity best
mattress. Once again, let me know if you have any questions.

34 thoughts on “Casper vs Purple Mattress Comparison – Which Mattress Is Right For You?

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  13. Purple, tried both and the Purple is hands down better. Firmness, and making whoopie reaction which is super important, go with the Purple. Plus the Purple sleeps cool.

  14. I have been using one of those cheap off-brand mattresses with cotton and springs inside, and the weird flower designs on it. I hear people complain that Purple is firm, but it can't be worse than what I'm sleeping on, which is a glorified floor board (it's actually kind of comfortable, but it's all I've ever known).

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