Hey YouTube family! It’s Lola from Lola’s Life Lessons and I’m back today to do a another weight loss video… update sort of. Actually what this video is about is. I’ve decided to do a challenge. Another challenge and this challenge is called the carnivore diet. Now many of you guys know that I lost over 35 pounds doing taking black seed oil. Doing intermittent fasting also using apple cider vinegar and of course drinking lots of water and some movement not a lot of exercise just a little bit, maybe walking. So I ended up, I lost my weight doing that and then I started to do a keto diet-ketogenic diet. So I basically. I saw this guy by the name of Shawn Baker. He is actually a doctor and I follow him on Instagram now. I started following Shawn when he was… Dr. Shawn I should say when he was like under a thousand. Had had under a thousand followers on Instagram and now he has over 25,000. So he’s his work is really starting to catch on and he talks about the carnivore diet. He lives a carnivore lifestyle, and what the kind of a carnivore lifestyle is…is basically all he eats is meat. He eats meat for breakfast, lunch, dinner. He basically eats when he’s hungry, and he drinks water. That’s it. So anyways on his Instagram he shares pictures of people’s before and after and the some of these images are so inspiring. So I’ve attempted to do a couple times, but I haven’t done it for a long period of time, but when I did do it. I did it. The longest I did it for was for five days and what I noticed was that my skin improved. My acne cleared up. I did lose a little bit of weight on it. What else I had no bloating. My mood changed. So I had a really good. I had a good experience with it. But the one thing that maybe not continue with it was just the variety. I kind of got bored by just eating meat every day, but anyways. Today I start decided that I would. Well not today, but I’ve been wanting to do this. I decided that I wanted to actually commit to it and do it for 30 days. But I know that when I speak things into existence when I come on here and talk to you guys and tell you guys I’m going to do something for some reason I feel like I’m I need to do it. And I feel like maybe that energy from you guys kind of makes me follow through with it. So I said I’m gonna come on here and declare that I’m gonna do this when I do it for 30 days and I’m doing it for you guys too because maybe this…maybe this will help you. Maybe there’s. Maybe you guys are out there. Some of you are struggling with your weight. And you’ve tried everything and nothing’s working. Maybe this carnivore diet will work for you but I will be the little guinea pig in this. And I’ll show you guys the before and after so that you don’t have to go through the whole 30 days. I’ll do it for you, and then you can just kind of go from there and see if it’s something that you’d like to do. Now again, if…please don’t do this… check with your doctor if you’re going to do this. [check with your doctor first] Because again, I’m not a doctor. I’m not a medical professional. I’m just so just the person that likes to do challenges, and I’m a person that likes to kind of just try new things and I’ve done the keto diet, but this one this carnivore diet is a step up from the ketogenic diet. And if you don’t know what the ketogenic diet is I would strongly suggest you google keto keto diet and as I’ve mentioned before what the carnivore diet is. It’s basically just. It’s pretty easy. It’s just you eat meat and the when I did the five days of it. I notice that when I ate the steak I felt better when I had chicken and other things. Not so much. So when I I’m planning to that when I do this when I do this carnivore diet. I’m gonna eat meat… steak every day. So I’m gonna have one steak every day with something else… with eggs or with bacon. You know something else, but I feel like I need to have that steak. So anyways I’ve already started. So this is day one for me. I just had my dinner. I had steak and bacon, and I’m gonna show picture of it. So you guys cant see it and I’m not going to be doing like a video every day as a diary for you guys. But I will be posting everything that I eat on Instagram. So please follow me on instagram at LolasLifeLessons. And there’s I’m gonna put a link down below for you guys to follow me and I’ll also show that the Instagram icon with the names so that you guys can go follow me and so you can see what I’m eating everyday, if you want to follow along. Also please if you’re doing it, if you’re doing this on with me. Please let me know so that we can you know support each other? There’s nothing like having that support. It really really helps. So what else do I want to tell you guys about this carnivore diet? Hmm Well, I mean. I’m looking forward to the benefits of it. I’m looking forward to clear my skin up even more. To get rid of the bloating bloating that I’ve had in my stomach and also, just to keep my mood settled and if I lose a few more pounds on it. I’ll be that would be great too. So I’m going to show you guys my before now because it’s kind of pointless if you don’t see what I look like now. I’d say that I’m probably around anywhere between 130, 135 right now because my weight does fluctuate fluctuate and if you’re gonna do this with me. What I suggest that you do is go out and buy a pair jeans that’s one size smaller. That’s what I did. So currently I’m a size 5 but I went out and bought a pair of jeans that’s a size three-four. So I’m going to show you guys my before now. So the jeans. It’s looking a little tight but at least then you guys will see the difference when I do that after because I’m gonna be wearing the same jeans okay? So this is me now. So I’ve seen a lot of people on Instagram where they’ve said that they’ve actually seen. It actually leans them out..the carnivore diet. So I’m hoping that it will actually lean me out as well. Especially in the stomach area here. So this is the front. This is the side. I know my weight loss. I’ve lost some booty. But I hope to get that back as well and I am NOT going to be doing any exercise during this challenge. I want to see what what would happen if I don’t exercise for a month and and I’m doing this kind of carnivore diet. Now I’m going to be sticking with my omad. So I… Many of you guys know I do intermittent fasting. I fast for. Now I fast for about 20 hours, 21 hours day. And then I have an eating window of two hours. Sometimes three hours. Sometimes depends depending on the length of my eating window and so on that’s what I’m gonna be eating my carnivore a carnivore food. So I will. I’m gonna extend my window a little bit. So it’s gonna be a maybe about three hours, maybe four because I my one thing about the carnivore diet is I want to make sure that I’m eating enough. So if you guys are doing it, and you haven’t you’re not an intermittent faster. I would suggest. Just eating meat throughout the day and just eat it until you’re full. Don’t count your calories and just go for there, but again, you don’t have to take my suggestions. You know just do your research yourself and if you want to do. If you want to just have like breakfast, lunch, dinner, and it’s just all meat. Go ahead and do that and but just remember that just you know if you’re gonna have coffee or whatever just no sugar no no no sugar. No, sweeteners. No processed food. Just try to stick with your red meat and try to have a steak a day. That’s what I’m going to do. That’s what I’m doing. I’m gonna have steak plus you know another meat form. Alright, so I hope I didn’t ramble too much. That’s the thing I do a lot in my videos. I ramble on. Also yeah my skin I wanted to. I forgot about that. This is gonna be for my skin too. So I’m going to come up close. I have no makeup on and I do have some swelling my face usually this eye here. So I’m hoping that this carnivore diet will help with that. So we’ll see in a month what it looks like. So I’m gonna go up close to show you. So see this eye here and I’m probably gonna do like a little screenshot here of my face. So I can do with a before and after. Okay, oh my god guys. I’m so all over the place. The other thing that I’ve seen and I’ve experienced myself beside it has helped with hair makes hair fuller. If you have dry scalp. I’ve noticed that my hair my scalp is not as dry and it’s it’s just seen – I just have noticed the difference in my hair. Okay, so anyway, so that’s it. Thank you guys so much for watching. I appreciate it. Please follow me on Twitter and Instagram so that we can support each other and most of all all guys. Please subscribe. I hope that every person that watches this video subscribers. I really appreciate that and if you are doing this carnivore diet or you have some experience or you have any tips. Please comment down below. And also with all the nonsense that’s going on with YouTube lately. I’ve I have signed up for a Patreon account. So if you guys would like to support me. I would really appreciate that so I’m going to like put that link down below as well, so you can go check that out. I’ve written like a little blurb on that Patreon about why I’m doing this. Why am I even signing up for Patreon. So that’s about it guys and again, thank you for watching and stay healthy and stay healthy. Bye!

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