can you be healthy at 600lbs? amberlynn back at the doctors’

can you be healthy at 600lbs? amberlynn back at the doctors’

Hi guys, I hope everyone had a great week and let me tell you how this video will go. This video mainly covers the whole doctor issue that is currently going on in Amberlynn’s land and the healthy and Obese topic. There’s so much I have to include in this video so you should see the time stamps for everything on the screen. If you’re out of the loop on this Doctor story, I’ll try my best to add context to the updates, but I do have very recent videos about it that you can check out either before or after this video. While writing this video I noticed my piece about Obesity and Health was very long, so what we’re going to do is watch Amberlynn’s whole clip, then go into the full discussion after she finishes telling her story. Be prepared for a long video, though, but I ask that you stay with me since this is an important topic. So, our story starts about a month ago on November 13 when Amberlynn posted a video and vlogged about not feeling very well. Things escalated on her next vlog posted the following day, and she rushed to the ER twice in two days with a high fever(?) At the time Amber said she was not going to tell her audience her diagnose and of course, that led to a lot of speculation. A lot of people thought that she was hiding her diagnosis because it was related to her weight or lack of hygiene and quite a lot of people got her diagnosis right, but we’ll get there. She then made a video about her diagnosis in which she didn’t actually reveal her diagnosis, and yet again, a lot of people guessed it right but without confirmation. Then on vlogmas day five, she announced that she was visiting a doctor and that’s where our story picks up again, so we’re going to watch that now. I believe a lot of people expected Amberlynn to visit a weight loss doctor, and so when his feedback was basically that she needed just to treat her cold and wait for exams, many were disappointed. However, this wasn’t a weight loss doctor, and it’s clear to me that she went there with a specific problem in mind that she wanted to check on, which was her recent health scare. There’s nothing I can say about her diagnosis because you already know what those things are. Both are caused by bacteria and in the case of Cellulitis, being obese is an added risk factor. Other factors are swelling and other skin conditions, not only is she obese but she also checks a lot of those boxes, so It’s really not a surprise here. What I want to focus most is in her attempt to distance her weight from any health problem that she has, which are many, and then discuss obesity and health. I believe Amberlynn has a very challenging approach when it comes to doctors, she goes there to listen to what she wants to hear, anything else, and they become the worst doctors ever. A lot of people seemed to be disappointed over the fact that her doctor would consider her to be healthy, but she never says that he did. I think we know enough here to assume that even if the doctor made a comment about her weight and how it might be affecting her health, she wouldn’t share it. One of the most liked comments on her video was that that “Any doctor that tells you that you’re healthy must have their license taken away”. I wanted to discuss this because Amberlynn and her audience are on opposite sides when it comes to obesity and health. I have an opinion, and I want to hear yours too. While Amberlynn continually claims that she is very healthy, her audience believes that it’s impossible to be healthy when you’re morbidly obese. Quite honestly, this is a very controversial topic, so I’ll try to explain my point of view, so you know where I am coming from, but you’re more than free to disagree with me. Can you be obese and healthy? Well, it depends on what you consider to be obese in the first place, and also on who we are talking about, but don’t give up on me just yet. You see, ditching or at least upgrading the BMI as the ruler when it comes to defining someone as obese has been a topic of discussion for so long. This is because the BMI doesn’t consider factors such as the person’s lifestyle and body composition. It only takes into account two things, weight, and heighT. But what if someone has built muscle mass? Muscle weighs more than fat, so it’s easier for a bodybuilder to have a higher BMI since their bodies weight more, but that doesn’t mean that they are obese. Not only that, different body shapes exist and some people are naturally curvier. They can also have a higher BMI, but they might not be obese individuals. Doctors publishing this article on the Annals of Human Biology state that the BMI should be taken into consideration as well as body composition. Ok, you weight a lot, but is it muscle or fat? With that being said, morbidly obese individuals don’t quite fit in this category. And quite honestly, they are the ones that are usually advocating for the “healthy obesity” title. Someone like Amberlynn who weights 600lbs and even someone weighing 400 and 300lbs are not building muscle mass and are also not just naturally curvier. That’s why the same doctors from the same article state that term should be retired for good. They said: “It is undeniable that obesity is bad for health, but there are clear differences between individuals in the extent to which it is bad.” “Johnson explains that the term “healthy obesity” is flawed since people who are obese, even those who are “metabolically” healthy, are still at increased risk for a host of health conditions, including type 2 diabetes, chronic kidney disease, and overall increased risk of mortality.” Not only that, no one healthy can accumulate hundreds and hundreds of pounds. They either have an ED, a secondary mental illness or another health problem, such as a thyroid disorder. It sounds harsh, but you need to have some health problem to gain this much weight, that’s why obesity in itself is considered a disease. In Amberlynn’s specific case, we are talking about someone who admitted to having so many complications due to her weight, and someone who claims to have a variety of mental illnesses. And even if she was a completely functional obese individual without pain, perfect mobility and the absence of health complications, the fact that she has a condition that made her gain this much weight such as an ED is unhealthy enough in itself. So, in my opinion, an obese individual can not possibly be healthy. However, that does not mean that they should hate themselves. I wish the term “Healthy Obesity” was replaced to something alluding self-love and self-worth because these qualities don’t disappear when you are someone obese. Rebecca Scritchfield is a dietitian and she, on the other hand, defends the term “[He said](and she is referring to the doctor we just mentioned) it’s undeniable that obesity is bad for health, but that is an opinion,”, “That is not necessarily true because there’s just as much research out about how weight bias is harmful to health and may even shorten life expectancy.” Rebecca states that not every obese individual is necessarily unhealthy BECAUSE there’s research on how having a negative bias towards obesity is harmful. In my opinion, the second sentence in no way explains her first one. It’s as if saying that maybe telling someone that their smoking habits are unhealthy can also be harmful. This does not make smoking any healthier thought. If not, it just makes smoking overall an even unhealthier habit since it affects you physically and the stigma of being a smoker also affects you mentally. She also mentions the stigma that obese individuals might face in a medical setting, which I agree it’s real. But in my opinion, I would rather have someone go to the doctor and seek help knowing they might be scolded for being obese since they KNOW that it’s unhealthy than having obese individuals avoid medical care, which is a very real possibility when you are telling them that their disease is healthy and offers no harm. The best example I can give is Amberlynn herself. If she wasn’t so stubborn about how her weight is not THAT unhealthy and how “anyone can have these problems” although she IS at a higher risk, maybe she would be able to take medical advice more seriously. I guess at the end of the day there’s a right message about self-love and self-worth being transmitted with the wrong terms, which just ends up causing prejudice for everyone. But I’m curious to hear your opinion so leave it in the comments down below! I personally think this Twinkie situation is quite sad and concerning and I wish there was someone in that house that was concerned about her health. It’s been years since Amberlynn’s audience advised her about Twinkie’s weight and how it could mean complications in the future, Amberlynn never really did anything other than be defensive about it, the same that she does about her weight. Even more recently, she was told by a doctor that Twinkie should lose weight, but she is still worried about buying her treats despite her being in pain. Saying she is scared but going out to tour the city while she stays at home in pain. People also said her location was extremely close to an animal care center. It’s sad that Amberlynn’s defensiveness affects not only herself but others around her too. Times like these remind me of why I have this account, and it is infuriating to see it. I’m not saying Twinkie’s problem is her weight since we don’t know that, but it’s clear that she has been at risk for so many health complications for years now and nothing was ever done to prevent it. She is left alone in pain and Amberlynn is more concerned about buying her food, as someone with many cats and dogs, all rescued and adopted, this makes me more mad than everything that I have seen from Amberlynn, and that says a lot. I’m more than open to hear your opinion if you disagree with mine. Discussions, right? Tell me in the comments down below what do you think about all of this in regards to obesity and health and Amberlynn’s way of dealing with doctors and her own health, as well as the health of those around her. Let me know in the comments down below what do you think. I hope you enjoyed the video, I’ll see you my next one…

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  1. Hi, so… turn your cc on. I also speak extra slowly here for some reason, selecting a higher speed if you're impatient might help. Also, this topic is … complicated. It's close to my heart and I just felt sad while finishing this video. I guess first, you should question everything, including doctors, but you should keep an open mind too. They are not there to tell you what you want to hear. Second, recognizing obesity as disease = admitting is unhealthy, and IT IS important this happens so that people know they can and should seek help for the sake of their health and life. The way I see it, all I need to do is to change obesity with any other health problem that also carries a negative stigma and see if shoving a "blank and healthy" title would sound correct. In most cases, it wouldn't and it would be quite dangerous, as it is here too. Anyway, I hope you find the video interesting!

  2. She contracted the infection because SHE CANNOT physically care for herself!! She is such a delusional person!! SO FRUSTRATING!!

  3. i still dont understand why she makes every meal taste exactly the same w all the same seasonings . . . . . . not everything needs to taste like onion and garlic . . . . . .

  4. Why did she keep going to the ER. She should have just gone to her doctor because the ER will just get her out as fast as they can.

  5. She lies. There is no way she could “take care” of her pinky toe – it would be physically impossible for her to reach. Combined with the fact that Becky “doesn’t do feet” there’s no wonder it got real bad.

    i hate how amberlynn and chantel are those people who always say "it can happen to skinny people too". maybe it can, but are you really gonna deny its weight related at all? you're morbidly obese which limits your practice of hygiene and succumbs you to possible infections. At this point, everything has to do with your weight.

    notice how with twinkie she said "its monday so i need to call tomorrow" are you telling me the vet isn't open all day monday? she would rather talk about how she was bawling her eyes out and vlog than rush to the vet or find another place that she could bring her animal. it's heartbreaking how she treats her pets (even with wasabi's fur not being taken care of and twinkie's nails) because they are the ones in the house that truly have no say. ricky and eric can get out, becky can get out, but the animals are stuck.

    another incredibly well done video

  7. Obesity isn't healthy but they can still do things to reduce their risk of various diseases that they are more at risk for. That being said nearly no obese person thinks being obese is healthy. I am not sure why thin folks are obsessed to the idea they need to tell obese people that being obese is unhealthy. Believe me they know! Curing a serious weight problem is very very difficult which apparently is something that a normal sized person doesn't understand.

  8. I think there is a disconnect when people say you can be obese and healthy. You can be healthy in the moment as an obese person, but the effects of the extra weight WILL catch up with you and you are much more likely to suffer more from diseases and other health conditions. So yes, in a way you can be healthy, but you are a ticking time bomb.

  9. My opinion is that when a Doctor says your healthy, it means no current infections and blood tests are all in the normal ranges. It says nothing about the likelihood of future illness. So yes, I believe a doctor might tell her she's CURRENTLY healthy. So what? That doesn't mean much.

  10. I'm so happy to watch/listen to your videos. You always bring up so great points and arguments, and then base them on facts. It's shame that you don't have anymore subscribers, because the way you talk about calories, foods, eds and health is very simple, so many people could use the info you give out.

  11. I like your point about BMI… my family is descended from Vikings. I'm far too heavy, I know that, but my 'ideal' dress size would likely be a 12 or 14. Take the weight I have and put it on someone the exact same height, but who should be a size 6, and they would look worse and be worse off. I've seen that on weight loss shows…

  12. The bodybuilder and BMI thing is making me laugh every time. Pro bodybuilders are on so many pharmaceutical products, that they're not obese, but still not anywhere near healthy. So many of them die incredibly young.

  13. If she loved her dog she wouldn't put Twinkie in uncomfortable situations, neglect to walk her, and overfeed her treats. She needs that animal taken off her.

  14. A lot of skinny ppl get cellulites. Like A LOT. it’s not just fat ppl.
    Also a lot of skinny ppl break their toenail and bleed profusely getting up out of a bed that is set in the living room floor bc they are too skinny to sit on a sofa n break it bc they are so skinny. Like A LOT! It’s not just fat ppl.

  15. Nope, not possible! She is sooo delusional that she believes when she says that a doctor says that she's healthy…..there's no way in HELL! Guaranteed her blood pressure is good because of the meds she's on for HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE! Can't be thst big without your heart pumping overtime to keep up with the demand your weight is putting on it…..
    Her legs are messed up…..
    There's no way she's able to sufficiently reach all of her nooks and crannies to clean herself so I bet she has skin issues somewhere
    There is no way she's cleaning her ass or twat after going to the bathroom. No way she can reach all of that. So yeah, infections are going to happen.

  16. I did have cellulitis after my tummytuck procedure. So yes, skinny people can get it. But as visceral fat causes an inflammatory reaction in the body all the time, obese people are at higher risk when having it. Usually a wound that has been gushing blood was self cleansing. Loosing the weight helpt my autoimmune diseases a lot and I would like to learn more about that link.

  17. Just a note. Muscle does not “weigh” more than fat. 5 pounds of fat is the same as 5 pounds of muscle. However, muscle is denser than fat is, so someone with 20 pounds of fat will look much different than someone with 20 pounds of muscle because of how it’s distributed.

  18. AL is not only obese, she is super morbidly obese her organs are swimming in grease, she cant take a shower like a normal person but likeley has to get hosed down, she cant walk around for more then a minute like a normal person her neck and back and breasts have fused into this continuous blob that is shaped like the poo emoji. Im sorry but sis is going to die, This has always been a lingering threat to monstrous AL but like right now with the way things are going I'll give her 3 years tops till her cat scratches, bad hygene, horrible sodium and sugar filled diet, laaahs and simple desire to just keep on going the way things are going kills her. Just can't see her living 10 more years at all not even if she lost like 300Lbs her body is on its limit and all the damadge that has been done is going to stay even with that loss. She'd legit have to shed all these 600lbs down at once within a year to save herself and perhaps live an actual normal life expectancy.

  19. As if to answer the question raised, comedian Chris Cotton just passed due to morbid obesity-related complications:

    He was 32 years old.

  20. alternate name for this whole channel is: Dietician in training aims to explain errors of obese woman, instead (or but more importantly) informs herself on the manipulations of people with cluster B personality disorders

  21. I think that being healthy and obese is possible esp is you're only measuring BMI but most ppl that are super morbidly obese like Amber are not healthy or at least not for long. The longer you keep that kind of stress on your body the worse off you will be case in point, the only reason I think Amber doesn't have more health complications is because she is not even 30 yet. My guess would be that as she gets older if the weight stays on then she will start seeing all the stuff her audience has been warning her about. Im glad she seemingly went to a primary care dr bc if she saw someone like that more often there would be less ER trips but she really needs more help than that.

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