Can SOLIDWORKS Run on a Mac?

Can SOLIDWORKS Run on a Mac?

We’re often asked if it’s
possible to run SOLIDWORKS on a Mac. The good news is you can. But the bad news is it isn’t
supported by SOLIDWORKS. There are no versions of
SOLIDWORKS that directly run on Mac OS but we have several
customers successfully using SOLIDWORKS in either a boot camp
or parallels setup. If you’ve not come across these
before they essentially allow you to run Windows on a Mac.
Once sets up bootcamp simply allows you to start windows
instead of Mac OS when you boot up your machine. In comparison
parallels runs on Mac OS and launches a virtual session of
windows simultaneously. This can be really convenient
but it requires a serious amount of computing power to run Mac
OS, windows and SOLIDWORKS at the same time. Parallels can configure how much
of the CPU and RAM are used by windows so provided that your
Mac has decent specs you can meet this all of its system
requirements in these areas. However where both bootcamp and
parallels fall down in comparison to running on a PC is
graphics performance. You need to be running a
supported graphics card to get the most out SOLIDWORKS. These are usually either from
the NVIDIA Quadro or AMD FirePro ranges. You can find a full list on the
SOLIDWORKS website. Very few Macs come with these
supported cards and unfortunately no MacBooks or
MacBook pros have them. Without a supported card you won’t get some features such
as a real view graphics and your find performance is limited when
it comes to working with assemblies or complex parts. If you run via parallels you
actually run a virtual graphics card driver and there’s
currently no way to install the correct drivers required by
SOLIDWORKS. So even if you have a supported
card you won’t get the most from it when running parallels. There are certain work arounds
to improve graphics performance that require making changes to
the registry, though we don’t officially support these and we
suggest you only attempt them if you’re very familiar with making
registry changes. So to summarize Macs can run
SOLIDWORKS via either bootcamp or parallels, but they’re not
supported and the performance will be limited in some areas. Ultimately for the fastest and
most stable SOLIDWORKS experience we have to recommend
using a PC. If you’re interested in learning
more about how to choose hardware for SOLIDWORKS then
check out our hardware recommendation video from the
link in this description or if you’d like to find out more
about boot camp, parallels and SOLIDWORKS system requirements
then click the link in the description to view the related
blog article on our website.

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  1. Hi there. The new Macbook Pro 15 comes with Radeon Pro 555X with 4GB of GDDR5 memory. Will Solidworks work normally if I install Windows 10 using bootcamp (and not Parallels)?

  2. Компания настолько нищая что некому переписать исходники SW на swift?

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