Can Cellulite Be Treated With Diet?

Can Cellulite Be Treated With Diet?

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  1. I think it is true because it works for me…

    However, if I eat only vegetarian or vegan food (Loving Hut!), my brain still send signals saying that it is hungry, even though I am physically full. Why is that? Is it because my body isn't used to the low sugar intake?

  2. Don't worry about dietary spermine and spermidine – pretty much ALL foods have them, and peas have less than liver or soybeans. See "Polyamines in foods: development of a food database".

    The "meat" of this video is the study about keeping serum adiponectin high by avoiding dietary fat.

  3. D Roy,
    I find it a rather rarity these days to see comments written with intellect and based upon study rather than a personal opinion or emotion. You have done your research and that's great to read for a change.

  4. No – they're not bad for you. Just it is nutritional science which has found just one tiny chemical in a combination of thousands, that gives the researchers an indication to it possibly adding to the cellulite problem. It is not the be all and end all of the humble pea.
    The peas have many health benefits and rarely do we find common plant foods having any major problems with the majority of the population.
    There are other foods that have limited health benefits yet provide many risks.

  5. seriously is not tested?! all those People out there that loose weight, regain health, disolve fat(including cellulite) by eating vegan, or raw vegan…. aren't test enough? or the books written by many including people dr.s I say it's pretty much demonstrated, tested, etc. Now there's Need for a more open mindness from the Standard medical world. peace!!!

  6. It does suck but he has to say that to cover his butt – it's an FDA law. The FDA has to preform the testing in order for it to be "validated", otherwise it's considered anecdotal. The reason for this is that it may work for some but not for all – so the testing is considered necessary in order to inform the majority. Best part it, though, you can look at the anecdotes and try it for yourself!

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  8. I wonder if we could have a list of the papers her referenced in the video. It would be fun to read the studies that he mentioned.

  9. I have got to switch back to vegan… My own personal "findings" support this theory. I spent 3 years eating a vegan diet and while eating roughly the same number of calories, I've gained weight in the past 3 months having switched to a vegetarian diet (now including cheese, eggs and dairy). Also while my measurements have only increased by half an inch per thigh, the texture of my skin has changed! I suddenly have noticeable cellulite! 2000 cals of vegan > 2000 cals including animal products

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  30. An important part to get eliminating cellulite is exercising and proper eating plan. There is no lotion or cream to cure cellulite alone.

  31. I thought I will forever be in this big flabby cellulite attached in my thighs. Good thing I found this program and was able to get rid of it. It used a series of workouts that targeted the areas where my cellulite were. And it can be done at home.

  32. I used to have cellulite but I became a wholefoods plantbased vegan in 2014, lost about 34 pounds and NO MORE CELLULITE !Β  YEAY !!

  33. I feel so sad because I have a small thigh but I'm still having cellulites, when I press it, at the back thigh,especially. Also, I'm underweight and do exercise 3days a weak.

  34. I don't buy this. Nothing except surgery or laser treatments will actually eliminate cellulite — and even then, it is only temporarily.

  35. I've also lost most of my cellulite due to going vegan! I did not lose more than 5 lbs, because I've always been pretty thin. Even when very thin I always had cellulite. It's not really weight related, it's diet related!

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  39. Just noticing that there are now adiponectin supplements for weight loss. Any comments about the efficacy/safety of such products? Thanks

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  41. It has never been tested? Here, I'm the living test πŸ˜€ I'm 26 and I always had a lot of cellulite since very young age; I tried anything I could to cure it, from cosmetics to medicines to diet (still as an omnivore) but nothing changed. Even doing sport and drinking a lot of water didn't change anything, but after some time on a vegan diet, for the first time in my life I noticed so fewer cellulite on my tights! I was finally not ashamed to wear bikini and shorts, and even my female family members were like "Omg what did you do to remove your cellulite??" I'm really glad the solution for this problem IS FREE

  42. polyamines could also potentially increase lifespan. so I rather eat more of it than less… eat your fucking green peas

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  44. Any updated info, I've been looking in spermadine rich foods since the study showing it prevented liver cancer and extended life span of mice by 25%. Wheat germ and nato seem to be highest sources.

  45. I love every thing I have learned for you Dr Greger.. My Q today is " I have been a vegan 9 yr's ".. I never had cellulite until 2 yr's after I started eating this way.. ;-( any thoughts to that..

  46. cellulite does not need to be treated because it is not a disease. it is the normal function of the female connective tissue, which is made to stretch – because of babies.

    almost all women have this trait – regardless of weight.

  47. I had cellulite… Since I cut sugar, milk and gluten out of my diet I don't have cellulite. I am lean and have muscle. Go figure.

  48. I had no cellulite at age 38 as a raw food vegan for 9 years, even after two pregnancies, UNTIL…I started including raw protein powder (pea protein along with hemp)…and the cellulite stayed even though I was 18 percent body fat with a DEXA scan (and plenty muscle) and stopped eating vegan processed protein powder. The only thing that finally rid me of the cellulite was fasting. It took several rounds of 24-40 hour fasting each week over several weeks. Hope that helps ladies! πŸ˜ƒ

  49. How long does it take to see cellulite reduction on a strict WFPB diet? I've been vegan now for 6 months, but strict WFPB vegan for about 8 weeks with no change. I recently heard that poor liver function contributes… I used to be a heavy drinker for about 11 years and gave it up in January, so I'm wondering if my liver isn't working at 100%… will be having my blood tested next week to find out. But other than that, any tips to get rid of this? I've lost 115 pounds and look amazing from the waist up, and from the knees down lol.. but this damn cellulite has taken over my legs and it drives me nuts!!!

  50. Cellulite is cause by women who have sex with men at the same time who are ejaculating in them..this is why skinny women can have and fat women not have it also men dont have it.

  51. Are you a doctor? Then you would know the fat cell membrane grows thicker over years. And that we rancid because of that. Fibrosis develop. No diet would remove this! But normal fat – sure:)

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