Cactus Aloe Smoothie, the SUPER Longevity drink w Aloe Vera & Prickly Pear Nopales

hey everyone today I’m coming it from my front yard in Las Vegas and I thought I’d show you it’s a hundred and twenty degrees here outside in my front yard and look around you’ve got plants growing here that are fine why is that because they have something that’s called chlorophyll no matter how thin their leaves are no matter how hot it is they’re fine it’s nature’s sunscreen anyway there are two plants growing here that are probably the most powerful healing plants on the planet that’s prickly pear cactus and aloe vera you don’t have to be in a desert with 120 degrees to have these things growing people grow these up north where it’s snowing they grow them in their kitchen they grow them in their living room these two plants are truly amazing there’s different varieties of prickly pear cactus but all varieties are edible those of you who watch my free food and medicine DVD set know that these little colorful Easter eggs on top are edible but what a lot of people don’t know is these Mickey Mouse ears are also edible they’re called pads the entire plant is edible it’s been used for centuries it has antiviral properties used for herpes flu HIV obesity gastrointestinal orders cholesterol and skin problems these pink Easter egg type things where which is the fruit they taste like raspberries and they’re super high in antioxidants so here’s the inside of the prickly pear fruit you eat the all the flesh and you can swallow the seeds though you can spit them out just like eating a watermelon the reds mean high antioxidants red mean high hide these flat green pads contain a full range of amino acids the building blocks of protein it’s an extremely rare for a plant source to have this many amino acids it’s very high in dietary soluble fiber pectin usage studies have shown that the prickly pear cactus has been very effective against diabetes even type-2 apparently it helps the pancreas create insulin it’s amazed aloe vera is one of the most amazing plants you can imagine if you cut it it heals itself it actually heals itself you can store it for months it’s a smart plan it can tell the difference between the healthy cells which it stimulates and the bad cells which don’t belong like cancer and things like that it helps stop the viruses from spreading it’s antibacterial antiviral it’s used for Candida parasite fatigue syndromes fibromyalgia allergies arthritis skin conditions like eczema psoriasis it eliminates toxic waste has essential fatty acids it’s a powerful anti-inflammatory which helps the colon in the stomach it helps every part of the body cleanse itself and since it helps clean out the bowel so well it really helps cut down on bloating and gas and indigestion and all kinds of digestive problems it’s very popular for conditions like nasod reflux and irritable bowel syndrome colitis Crohn’s disease you name it you can grow this indoor-outdoor pretty much anywhere in the world you can grow this it’s actually been shown to reduce ulcers by up to 80% it reduces cholesterol and triglycerides and helps metabolize fat and it’s great for everything from adult diabetes to asthma and China blood sugar cholesterol acne AIDS anemia arteries athlete’s foot bad breath hair loss bladder infections bronchitis bruises burns cataracts cold sores call it colitis depression epilepsy multiple sclerosis precise glaucoma and vision problems there’s really nothing better than this it’s really silly to run to the health food store to the grocery store to the pharmacy it has all kinds of natural steroids antibiotics amino acids minerals enzymes and stuff that I can’t even get into yet so anyway I’m going to show you how to make something real quick and easy with this thing it’s just so easy it’s unbelievable so a low chop the thing into your Vitamix then you get your prickly pear I’m walking now there’s prickles on here and you can burn them off with a match or a lighter or something I won’t deal with that I just get right to it so you hold it with the tongs just cut it cut it into pieces stick it in the Vitamix so now you’ve got bits and pieces of aloe and cactus in the Vitamix this is really bitter because of all the power that it has and the sulfur and everything so you need to sweeten it up a little bit so we just get some orange juice here now I never suggest that anybody drink orange juice or any fruit juice straight it concentrates the sugars too much and feeds the little critters the yeast the bacteria the parasites inside you do not drink fruit juice straight now the aloe and the cactus are really high in fiber so that will help slow down the absorption of the sugar so I’m not too worried about using this orange juice with the cactus just a couple oranges is all you need and here we go with the magic Vitamix once again later run tool it’s a little bit warm that way you kind of know you you liquefied everything because I know a lot of you are thinking oh no we’re about the needles and those little sharp things that the cactus have well the Vitamix seems to just like liquefy literally anything you put in there but just to be safe a really fine mesh nut milk bag which gives you peace of mind when you pour it out look how rich that is that is super super super rich that is green as heck so now we pour our magic elixir into the nut milk bag squeeze it look all that foam coming out of there just take your time squeezing it till it’s all out and that’s it now what’s kind of interesting is when you look at the pulp there’s no needles there’s no sharp anything look all the foam on top of this that means there’s a serious amount of enzymes a life force in this stuff Wow that tastes so good and you just you can taste how good this is for you if you want to know a real health is you got to drink some of this I drink it almost every day can I have it’s like a fountain this is the Fountain of Youth if you want to say goodbye to your problems whatever they are if you want longevity here it is I love you all I’ll see you next time [Music]

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