Brutal Fat Burning Workout Without Equipment (Anywhere – No Gym needed)

Brutal Fat Burning Workout Without Equipment (Anywhere – No Gym needed)

Fat Burning Workout – Without Equipment
Full Workout Routine Summary, Tips & Info at the End EXAMPLES of Interval Workout/Levels
(Before & after Workout: 5-10 Min Warm Up & 5-10 Min Cool Down)
– Workout Level 1: 5-10 Rounds 1-3 Min Rest between Rounds (Passive/no activity or Active Recovery) Starting easy & gradually adding 1 more Round over Time
– Workout Level 2: 10 Rounds (Round 1-5 X2) 30-60s Rest/Active Recovery between Rounds (And around 1 Minute extra Recovery after full 5-Round Set)
– Workout Level 3: 10-15 Rounds (Round 1-5 X2 X3) 25-45s Rest/Active Recovery between Rounds (And some additional Recovery after full 5-Round Set) Interval Workout full 5-Round Set

1. 10 Burpees – 12 Alt. Split Squat Jumps – 40 Punches
Active Recovery (approx. 30s – 2 Minutes)
2. 10 Burpees – 16 Toe Touches – 40 Mountain Climbers
Active Recovery (approx. 30s – 2 Minutes)
3. 10 Burpees – 12 Cross Knee Plank – 30 Flutter Kicks
Active Recovery (approx. 30s – 2 Minutes)
4. 10 Burpees – 12 Knee Tucks – 12 Alt. Lunges
Active Recovery (approx. 30s – 2 Minutes)
5. 10 Burpees – 15 Jumping Jacks – 30 High Knees
(5-15 Rounds Total depending on Workout Level) More Examples/Challenge:
Increased Intensity – Focus on working harder/faster during Intervals, rather than just adding more. Measure the Time it takes for each Round & the full Workout (to compare between Workouts).

5-10 Min Warm Up before Exercise.
Ex: Jogging/light Cardio, Jumping/Squating, Arm Circles, Push Ups, Kicking/Punching… & Dynamic Stretching 5-10 Min Cool Down after Exercise – Light Jogging and Stretching Always start & train at your Level and Capacity. Do what you can and start from there to make Progress, Step by Step. Don’t attempt Exercises or Workouts that are too intense for you. High Intensity and fat burning workouts can be very challenging. Stop anything that causes Pain or something you feel you can’t manage. Break a Workout whenever you feel you need to. Listen to your Body. THANK YOU ALL for watching, and I appreciate every Comment/Like and everything you do to Support if you like the Videos!
Also BIG THANKS to all who are already following the Channel and to you who are Subscribing.

100 thoughts on “Brutal Fat Burning Workout Without Equipment (Anywhere – No Gym needed)

  1. Caramba mano vc tinha ficado muito tempo sem postar vídeo até tinha parado de entra no canal pô finalmente forte abraço

  2. From Calgary Canada here…Very cool video. I especially liked the workout done in the open air during winter!

  3. Like others say! It is also my favorite channel on YouTube. Although kris, you didn't put any narration for your videos, the demonstration of training and teaching videos is very clear, and always comes with plenty details in the end of sections. More important, here is no any sell product or sponsor ads. I can enjoy these without pressure 😀 Happy New Year! Kris. Oh! By the way, I come for Taiwan.

  4. Round 1:
    Burpees 10
    Alt. Split Squat Jumps 12
    Punches 40
    Active Recovery 30s

    Round 2:
    Burpees 10
    Alt. Toe Touches 16
    Mountain Climbers 40
    Active Recovery 30s

    Round 3:
    Burpees 10
    Cross Knee Plank 12
    Flutter Kicks 30
    Active Recovery 30s

    Round 4:
    Burpees 10
    Knee Tucks 12
    Alt. Lunges 12
    Active Recovery 30s

    Round 5:
    Burpees 10
    Jumping Jacks 15
    High Knees 30
    Active Recovery 30s

  5. The thumbnail for this video is cool as hell! I love the warrior vibe it has…NO EXCUSES!
    Also nice conditioning workout. I've been wanting to input more conditioning into my training for the endurance aspect since I'm a fighter but I also spend a lot of my time training strength. I dont want to overdue volume and hurt my gains but my cardio definitely could use some work. How do you schedule cardio without fucking up your gains? Right now I'm thinking light cardio vs training like hiit. I feel I'm overthinking it tbh Haha. There so many things I want to do to become my own unique elite athlete but programming it is the difficult part.
    Anyways awesome video!

  6. En riktigt burnerworkout ju! =) Nice med utomhusträning i snön! Blev jäkligt taggad att dra ut och köra utomhus nu. =)

  7. Круто💪🏻👍👍очень люблю ваш канал. Спасибо за видео!)))

  8. I followed your home abs routine for one year. It worked really well. But I had to put the workout on halt for last 2 months because of a very important exam. But I'll be back soon.

  9. I am from London, I got to say you are an inspiration. I am hoping to train hard this year and compete either in mma, bjj or boxing, or all three. Thanks for all the amazing work out vids, you have helped a lot of people. ❤

  10. I have done some circuits from your earlier videos and it shows. They are really so awesome and all you need is a mat, that too is optional!

  11. I did this workout it's really amazing and also Iam following your full body workout it's give me good results. Iam really happy that I found your channel thank you so much brother💪💪

  12. Please continue uploading videos for exercise sessions for people. I recommend you that many will follow you. Of all your videos this is the first good. I recommend you if you can do sessions live. Thank you.

  13. Ich trainiere wie folgt :
    1 Tag Training ,2 Tage Pause

    3 x 15 Klimmzüge weit obergriff
    3×15 Neutral Grip (seitlich)Klimmzüge
    3×15 klimmzüge eng untergriff
    3×15 Dips
    3×15 Diamond push ups

    jedoch glaube ich,dass ich möglicherweise zu viele Klimmzugübungen durchführe.
    Könntet ihr mir da bitte helfen 🙂
    Wie viele Übungen bzw.Sätze sollte ich allgemein pro Muskel Gruppe trainieren ?

  14. Hey Kris…Phantastic Fat Burning workout!
    It will be put in practice very soon…with or without snow!
    Giovanni from Rome

  15. Nice sync with the music around 2:40 when the knee touched down.
    Thanks for the inspiration…always!
    -17° F In OHIO USA ❄

  16. Always enjoy watching Kris at work. Very inspiring, especially at present here in the North of England where it's pretty cold…but probably nothing compared to Scandinavia. Hope to see more this year. Thanks.

  17. This ia such a great routine, Kris!
    I tried it and found it fantastic because it targets all the body parts. This routine is now my warmup before every workout. Thanks man.

  18. Definitely a motivational video… just subscribed.
    Need to get rid of the Dad bod, and put some muscle back on that I lost. Awesome video brother!👍🏼

  19. Simply beautiful. This channel is what I strive for my channel to become. Your fitness level is absolutely incredible, the background is equally as epic. Love it man, definitely subscribed.

  20. Obviously, it's the best Channel to reach my 6 pack goal.
    Thank you, not too much speak and more effective exemple. You go straight to what we have to do.
    Congrats from France.

  21. Hi. Could you please tell me how did you become so proficient in burpees? I studied your video multiple times but i can't make them so perfect no matter how hard i try. Your feet barely touch the ground and you land on your hands so smooth…it's like you are weightless, and it's that transition i'm interested in. Me on the other hand i need to land and then explode me feet back…look on the floor etc etc. If i squat first and put me hands on the ground me burpee looks decent but i want to become more efficient. I tried hands outside the knees, hands inside the knees. Not squatting at all seems like the best way to go about it. Maybe you can give me some tips. Thank you

  22. Nice workout! Anybody know the name of the music?? I've been searching a lot and cannot found it …

  23. 87 dislikes ? Why. Great upload simple to the point and working out in the snow so refreshing and great for the lungs too. You've inspired me dude. Amor vincit omnia brother.

  24. hello, im new subscriber from Australia.. thanks a million for producing these videos they are very inspiring and easy to remember when im on the go.

  25. I did this WO today. 3 rounds. It was thug!
    I found r2 and r3 the hardest one.

    I see that in the burpees you don’t go down and do the push-up part. I tried this and I noticed that you need to control the movement with your core and it is much harder on the stomach… it pushes you also to get up faster since the plank position is not a walk in the park. 🙂

    Do you do this intentionally?

    Have a nice day.


  26. like your videos , very helpful bro, keep up the good work. and beautiful places in the video, where is this ? where are you from ? what is your name ?

  27. Человек, спасибо за упорный труд! Ты молодец! Скажи пожалуйста, что за треки ты используешь? Музыка отличная!💪

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