Bihari Mutton Curry | बिहारी मटन करी | Spicy Mutton Curry from Bihar State of India | Ravi Sisodiya

Bihari Mutton Curry | बिहारी मटन करी | Spicy Mutton Curry from Bihar State of India | Ravi Sisodiya

Good Evening Friends I, Ravi Sisodiya welcome you all to my channel Holiday Cooking Today’s recipe is from Bihar state of India Bihari Mutton Curry This is a bit Spicy Recipe so those who love spicy food is great for them If you like my videos, please subscribe, press the bell icon like, comment and share the ingredients which I will use are as follows 2 tbsp Red Kashmiri Chilli Powder 1 tbsp Salt and also I have 1/2 tsp Turmeric next I have 1 Kg Mutton which is washed 2-3 times apart from this I have 1/2 tbsp Cumin Seeds 6 Whole Red Chilli 2 Bay Leaf next I have a mix of 10 Garlic 1 inch Ginger and 10 green chilli 4 chopped onions 2 Chopped Tomatoes, 50 gm Coriander apart from these the ingredients which you are seeing will be grinded separately and a paste will be made take 1 tbsp salt, 1/2 tbsp Turmeric 3 small pieces of cinnamon stick 10 cloves, 2 Black Cardamom 4 Green Cardamom 3 piece of Mace 15 Black Pepper 1 Black Cardamom 10-15 Red Chilli and 30 gm whole coriander seeds we make make paste of these spices and then we will cook Bihari Mutton Curry first of all the mutton must be marinated. We have taken 3 things for it. salt turmeric and Kashmiri Red Chilli we will marinate first and leave it for 2 hours If you like you can use hands too rotate them slowly and leave for marination for 2 hours. For this mutton curry we will crush the hot spices on this flat grinder This requires a bit of hard work but this a very nice recipe Take mace too Black Cardamom Black Pepper These are 10-15 add cloves too Now we have coriander seeds add them too and grind it too add a little water if it is wet then it will grind well in this way now we will add salt and turmeric and make a paste of it this paste is now ready and taking out in a separate bowl This heavy bottom vessel of copper is now hot Now add 100 ml mustard oil you can add more also since I am making 1 Kg mutton so this is necessary Let it heat for a while now add cumin seeds next add 2 bay leafs also we have onions 4 cut onions ad whole red chilli also and make onions light golden brown you can see the onions are now light brown now add tomatoes because we cut two tomatoes now add the paste of hot spices and garlic, green chilli and ginger, add it too this is ultimate will give a wonderful flavor and will bring spicyness now mix and heat them well as you can see the gravy is well cooked now looks good oil is floating now the marination done for 2 hours of meat should now be added mix it well as you saw after marination the color of chilli is so good increase the flame of the gas mix the meat well and cook for approx 15 minutes this will be cooked in water of meat only meat will release its water cover the lid for 15 minutes stir in between as you can see 20 minutes has elapsed and is well cooked now the oil is floating on sides and meat is tender 70-80% now add a little bit of water and cook for one more time you can see the gravy is well cooked now this has been cooked for 2nd time now now add water approx 1 glass of water and mix it well now add coriander and cover the lid and cook for 45 minutes on low heat till the meat is not tender 45 minutes has elapsed now switch off the gas and see the color this is ready now this must taste real good because I have tried this before now I want you to try taste and give feedback and if you like, please subscribe and share the video

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  1. Sir dont mind but can you please name the exact place in bihar where they prepair mutton like this bcoz there are many cities and places in bihar just curious bcoz I am from bihar and we don't cook mutton the way you did.

  2. Very nice mutton curry. Can you please post the exact link to purchase this utensil. I can't find it on Indian art villa site.

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