Bestselling cookbook lists 7 foods for losing weight and gaining energy   여름맞이 뱃

Bestselling cookbook lists 7 foods for losing weight and gaining energy 여름맞이 뱃

Summer is just around the corner here in Korea,
meaning sun, the beach and swimsuits…. and a rush to get into better shape.
To give you a helping hand, our Connie Kim offers some tips from a bestselling cookbook
that will help you eat well and slim down. Eating right can help you lose weight and
gain energy, but it′s often difficult to know where to start.
Scottish nutritionist Gillian McKeith, in her bestselling ″You Are What You Eat Cookbook,″
offers some tips for simple changes readers can make that will begin to take effect almost
immediately. The book, based on her hit BBC show of the
same name, features over 200 recipes and includes a list of seven foods that can help
readers lose belly fat. From bottom to top, here you go:
Number seven is chicory a leafy vegetable usually found in salads.
Next is parsley, which is said to have a diuretic effect,
and pineapple, said to help with digestion. Fourth on the list is bananas, which balance
the sodium in the body and prevent gas from building up in the stomach.
Brown rice and mixed grains, both high in fiber, tied for third.
At number two is ginger, said to help with digestion.
Though it may not be something you eat on a daily basis, you can slice it up and add
a little honey and hot water for a nice warm cup of ginger tea.
Curious about what′s first on the list? Warm water, which stokes metabolism and
increases the absorption of food. It also reduces gas and bloating.
So ditch the ice water and keep some warm water on hand, and be sure to drink plenty
of it. Healthy eating isn′t the only ingredient
for weight loss and living well. Trainers say regular exercise is essential
for both. Connie Kim, Arirang News.

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