Best Rapid Weight Loss Diet | Weight Loss Journey [Day 69]

Best Rapid Weight Loss Diet | Weight Loss Journey [Day 69]

hi everyone it is December 5th 3:28am
and I’m gonna talk about my weight loss journey my rapid weight loss journey of
30 days and I’m gonna tell people that have not seen me before the best diet
for rapid weight loss is fasting it could be intermittent fasting where
you choose a certain amount of hours to eat in fast the rest of the time it
could be Oh mad one meal a day where you eat one meal or it could be extended
fasting where you fast for more than 24 hours like for instance the weekend I
did note food and then Monday No yeah Monday I did 20-hour fast and for hours
eating Windom and I don’t know where I put my board mm-hmm I’m losing 49 46
pounds and 30 days God willing that is my goal for rapid weight loss so I will
be doing a mixture of those three fasting methods yesterday which is my
30-day weight loss challenge day 4 I did first of all I don’t know where my board
is I don’t know how I lost that but I did I was supposed to have an 18 hour
fast and a six hour eating window I ended up eating I didn’t eat at work
because I wanted to extend it I wanted to eat when my kids eat so I kind of
timed it and played with it so I finished work at 10 a.m. and when I went
to my car that’s when I had my first meal which was a bag of the snack honey
roasted peanuts and a pepper jack individual cheese stick that was my
first meal so I’m also making a low-carb decisions like
if you want to have rapid weight loss you must cut the sugar the carbs the
starchy food proteins vegetables that should be the basis of most of your
meals if you really want to do this fast do you want to do this fast you don’t
have to but people like that instant gratification the problem with that is
you’ll be extreme and then you gain it back that’s why I’m this size I’ve lost
60 pounds before I gained it all back plus some I probably lost 500 pounds by
losing gained in losing gaining at least 500 pounds and probably a thousand
pounds because I’m 41 and I’ve been doing you know yo-yo dieting sense
probably I was 20 that’s the first diet I remember is when I was 20 I did Atkins
one month which is low carb C 21 years ago it was still low carb like that’s
the best just it burns your fat as fuel and I fell in love with it since back
then but I haven’t been studying consistent because of that dang sugar
sugar is my personal enemy but I’m not cutting out of my diet forever but I
want to have it one to two times a month okay so I was supposed to do the 18 six
I ended up doing 10 a.m. and then I came home I cooked and I finished eating by
2:45 so let’s just say I did a five-hour class so 5 5 hour eating window 19 hour
5 that’s aggressive compared to what I have to do I chopped off an hour like
for me personally I believe rapid weight loss will be enhanced the smaller your
window is the smaller your meal is and the better food choices you make and I
personally don’t make the best choices always
I’m working on that and it’s reflective in each day each day in this channel I
post what I eat and exercises I do and really what I do if I have a plus
I usually didn’t do good if I’m the – I did good because I lost weight and
that’s the goal after a water fast you’re gonna see a game so that that’s
excellent but I’m haven’t messed up yet okay so
that’s it the best diet for rapid weight loss is fasting so if you really want to
lose weight fast that’s what you need to do create a schedule subscribe to my
channel and tomorrow I will have have my board I don’t know how in the world
disappear that’s crazy um okay what else so exercise I did
yesterday was five hours of the post office warehouse John where I walk and
lift that was five hours what else what did I eat so I told you what I had for
my first meal and then my second meal Wow it was huge so huge oh so huge but
it was good choices good choices so I gotta tell you up in this video I’m
gonna tell you my weight also before I tell you my weight loss I’m gonna tell
you about my perfume giveaway today’s the last day
now this meal I made my egg muffins again but I made it healthier I put six
I was gonna have six cuz I was gonna make it healthier so I put six muffin
tins um at least almost half will cauliflower rice the same one from
yesterday so cauliflower rice is like 20 calories pour 3/4 cup like I go man I
kept banjo cauliflower cuz I get out the whole bag and that’s only 80 calories
and it’s eaten a lot but it’s guilt free eating
ok so I think I’m gonna be a cauliflower eating fool right now because that’s my
problem I like large portions and I’m excited just thinking about the
cauliflower cuz I’m about to have it again today
so today’s fast on schedule is the same as yesterday it’s a 20 hour um 18 hour
fast and six hour eating window okay that’s an intermittent fasting so and
that’s like what’s most popular is intermittent fasting different probably
18 hours of eating six hours of 18 hour fast six hours of eating or 16 hour fast
eight hours of eating because that’s so doable
okay so cauliflower most on the man half that muffin and this is the small muffin
once can silicone containers muffin things okay I put chopped onions I put
it one to one and a half teaspoon table spoonfuls of ground beef they might have
all ended up with two at the end because I layered it then I play in three of
them some General Tso’s sauce which is a little bit of carbs I’m good I feel I’m
extremely from like 70 no 50 and below plus exercise for the day I feel like
I’m trying to do extreme weight loss because that’s aggressive for me
personally most people like to get 20 or less out of carbs okay so now I put it
did have cream cheese and I wanted it so bad so I couldn’t put that which was
good cuz that’s calories and I’m not counting calories but I’m mindful okay
so I’m counting carbs in my mind I’m not reading packages that much because I
kinda already know what sweat from doing this for 69 days and I’ve done it before
like since for 21 years I’ve been aware of course okay
so then I put pepperoni turkey pepperoni I put it at
the bottom of some of them and then I cut it up and put it around and then I
put it in the oven for ten minutes took it out and put pepper jack cheese
on them put it back in for another ten minutes and then I had the chili what is
it it’s that red sauce garlic chili sauce zero carbs zero calories buy that
at the grocery store that is gonna be a staple in my journey and in my
maintenance my lifestyle because of zero calories that has flavor and zero carbs
like I’m happy about that that was my sauce then I had half a cup
to 3/4 of cup of cottage cheese I like creamy stuff Oh sour cream cream cheese
cottage cheese I love that stuff so I had that that was my meal now that would
have been great if that only that was my meal because it just was great but I was
it was so good that I went and made three more I had nine egg muffins but
most of it was cauliflower and I wasn’t happy that I was going to make the horn
I was like okay Mika you’re not gonna be able to eat these each day because
they’re so good but I’m going to have more today I think that Willa so now for
the weight I woke up this morning after my nine egg muffins which I ate before
three o’clock so my body I guess had time to do stuff with it yeah so this
morning oh exercise I did ten I did ten wall push-ups too I was like you’re
gonna do more exercise today because someone in my comments yesterday told me
I should push harder and someone said do them work as you can or something like
that which I loved what they said I loved what everyone says
I think I’m not pushing hard enough as far as exercise so I need to step it up
today and I’m too mm-hmm 32.0 that’s – point – and that’s
awesome because that’s a loss I didn’t gain again and tomorrow is dry fasting
which is gonna give me a big ol weight loss I believe so I’ll see you tomorrow
thank you for watching this long video and I hope you’re doing the best you
could do and I forgot to talk about this I’ll talk about it another time
bu-but being the best you and push harder every day right

11 thoughts on “Best Rapid Weight Loss Diet | Weight Loss Journey [Day 69]

  1. Failure is not an option. Trying to really motivate others by doing better! WAY better haha. ๐Ÿ˜€Please share about how you are doing. I LOVE reading your daily progress, stats, and plan that you are doing. Let's get it!

  2. Even if you don't hit your goal which you will (I have faith in you). Think about all you will have accomplished. NO SUGAR, sugar in the smallest amount can destroy what you are doing. If you quit smoking crack and then take a hit once, you can instantly become an addict again.

  3. Sis much respect to you, you are not playing with this weight loss journey, good for you๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ

  4. Mieka. I have a question. How do u fast when u have kids? I feel that Iโ€™m always cooking for my kids, then Iโ€™m tempted to eat.
    So I always start the day planning to do a 48-hr then get home to cook then Iโ€™m doing OMAD. Any ideas?

  5. Hi Mieka! Checking in! So.. I did 19/5 since you did 5. Couldn't figure out how long you went tho so I just went with that. Went to 4 pm instead of 3. Had eggs and little smokies with cheese and cream cheese at 4:20 then I just finished meal 2 – cauliflower pizza w/pepperoni, black olives and mushrooms. Crust is Dr. Bergs – it's always perfect. 1 c cauliflower, 1 c shredded motz cheese and 1 egg plus seasoning. OMG so good. I am so full. My family will eat it too so double win!

    Got the Christmas cards and some house addresses to drop them off in the morning, did 6 mins elliptical. My asthma was bad this morning and I couldn't breathe. I feel bad but It will go away soon I think. Will do it again tomorrow. So far i've had 32x 3 oz water and I did have a coffee with espresso in it but no additions to it. Kinda of yuk, but good too. :/ Not weighing yet. maybe after the next fasting phase. Tomorrow is another 18/6 or.. whatever you did today and then Dry fast.

    Glad you are doing low carb now. I believe in low carb. Found Atkins back in 1998 and That's how I got down from almost 300 to low and mid 200's. See you tomorrow!

  6. New subscriber here! ๐Ÿค— Excited to follow your channel! Getting back active on my channel… would love the support as well.. ๐Ÿ’—

  7. Each time we succeed and I am talking about really win, at any time we rise above we become even more formidable as human beings, we enter an exciting new phase and then we could transform. This change regardless of what it could be and for reasons yet unknown, is exactly what causes you to become better as a human. Accept the improvement and letโ€™s collectively try to make 2018 the most excellent year of our lives!

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